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Like all good doctors, James Love knows what he is doing, but only when the patient is cars. The man knows the parts of a car better than he knows his own body, which is also why he goes by the name Doc. A diesel engineer by trade, James Love is one of the best street racers around. He is always tinkering around with his car and is constantly innovating. Even though James loves spending more time with cars than people, his skills are admired by many. James is a fierce competitor who drives a 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo nicknamed “The Street Beast”. He has won many races and even claimed the title of “The King of the Streets” after defeating his rivals Shawn “Murder Nova” and Justin “Big Chief” . However, in 2020, James faced a major setback when he was involved in a serious car crash that totaled his Street Beast . He suffered some injuries and a concussion, but fortunately survived the accident. He then decided to rebuild his car and return to the racing scene with a new ride: a 1974 Nova called “Heavy Metal”. Doc is determined to prove himself again and reclaim his glory on the streets.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameJames Love
Date of birthFebruary 19, 1969
Place of birthOklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
zodiac signPisces
Marital statusDivorced
Wedding dateIn April,1990
ChildrenTwo daughters, Ashtyn and Haley
OccupationRacer, TV personality, mechanic, business owner
Net worthEstimated at $600,000 as of 2023
Car nameThe Street Beast (1970 Chevy Monte Carlo), Stunt Double (1998 Pontiac Firebird), Heavy Metal (1974 Chevy Nova)
Racing seriesStreet Outlaws / No Prep Kings (NPK)
Racing recordWon the title of “King of the Streets” after defeating Murder Nova and Big Chief.
Racing rivalsMurder Nova, Big Chief, Daddy Dave, Ryan Martin, etc.
Racing accidentInvolved in a serious crash in 2020 that totaled his Monte Carlo and caused him injuries.
Racing comebackRecovered from his injuries and debuted his Firebird in 2021.
Racing upgradePurchased Flamholc’s Nova in 2022 to compete in the NPK series.
Racing motto“Set on kill”
Social mediaFacebook: [Street Beast “Doc”] / Twitter: [@StreetOutlawsDoc] / Instagram: [@streetoutlawsdoc]
Street Outlaws Doc James Love
Street Outlaws Doc James Love

Early Life

James Love was born on the 19th of February 1969 in Moore, Oklahoma. Born and raised in Oklahoma, James spent much of his early childhood with his younger brother and sister. His father worked as a construction worker, and things wouldn’t often go according to plan. James had a tough upbringing and the family had to go for weeks with just beans and cornbread. James often worked during his summer breaks while still attending school. Remembering his first car, James says, 

My first actual car was a ’77 Monte Carlo given to me by my parents. We were dirt poor; I was given mom’s car to help my brother and sister to school and to go to work so I could afford gas to get my brother and sister to school.

Realizing his love for cars

James continued to drive the ’77 Monte Carlo but wanted an upgrade. So, he chose the ’72 Monte Carlo and modified it quite a bit. After finishing high school, James attended the Universal Technical Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona and began working as a diesel mechanic. After working as a foreman at the town’s Peterbilt dealership, James decided to set out on his own. He opened a repair shop by the name of Southwest Diesel Service in 2003. Since 2003, James is the sole owner of the shop.

Street Racing

Standing on the platform of Financial stability, James decided it was time for an upgrade. So, he bought The Street Beast, on eBay in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2003. And while it is unclear as to how James got into street racing, it is safe to say that he is damn good at it.

Street Outlaws, Accident, Recovery

Doc made his debut on Street Outlaws in 2013, driving his 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo, nicknamed “The Street Beast”. Doc quickly rose to the top of the 405’s list, challenging and beating some of the biggest names in the game, such as Murder Nova, Big Chief, Daddy Dave, and Ryan Martin. In 2016, he won the title of “King of the Streets” after defeating Murder Nova and Big Chief in a grudge race.

Doc also joined the No Prep Kings series in 2018, representing Team 405 along with his fellow street racers. He brought his Monte Carlo to the track, hoping to prove himself against some of the best no-prep racers in the country. However, he faced some difficulties and setbacks along the way, as his car was not as consistent or reliable as he wanted it to be. He also had to deal with some mechanical issues and crashes that damaged his car and his confidence.

In 2020, Doc was involved in a serious accident while filming for Street Outlaws in Nebraska. His Monte Carlo barrel-rolled five or six times and hit some trees, totaling his car and causing him injuries. He suffered from a concussion and bruises all over his body, and had to take some time off from racing to recover. He also had to say goodbye to his beloved Street Beast, which he had built and raced for over a decade.

Doc did not give up on his passion for racing, though. He came back stronger and more determined than ever in 2021, debuting his new car, a 1998 Pontiac Firebird called “Stunt Double”. The car was similar to his Monte Carlo in terms of engine and horsepower, but had a more aerodynamic and lightweight body. Doc hoped that his new car would help him regain his position on the list and compete for the No Prep Kings championship.

However, Doc soon realized that his Firebird was not enough to keep up with the competition, as he faced some tough losses and struggles on both the street and the track. He decided that he needed to upgrade his game even more, and made a bold move in 2022. He purchased Flamholc’s 1974 Chevy Nova, which was a proven no-prep winner and a former NPK champion car. Doc renamed the car “Heavy Metal”. Doc is currently testing and tuning his new car, preparing for the upcoming NPK season. He is confident that Heavy Metal will give him an edge over his rivals, and that he will be able to reclaim his glory as one of the fastest racers in the street outlaws: No Prep Kings.

Personal Relationships

James Love is a long-time married to his high school girlfriend, Judy. The pair tied the knot in April of 1990 and are nearing 30 years as a married couple. In their time as a married couple, the pair gave two daughters, Ashtyn and Haley.  

DOC James Love wife Judy Love
DOC James Love wife Judy Love

On the road to recovery

James suffered from a heart attack in 2018, just before the No Prep Kings event at Summit Motorsports Park. The event was not good for Love who suffered from quite a few accidents. His official statement of Facebook read,

Well, definitely not how I wanted to spend my weekend in Ohio. One heart attack, surgery, and three big stints. Thanks to some great doctors and my stubborn ass, I am doing well. Sorry to all my fans who wanted to see me race. If they release me tomorrow, I will come to the track and say hi.

Net Worth

As of 2023, James has a net worth estimated to be around $600,000. His main sources of income are his appearances on the hit show Street Outlaws and its spin-off series Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings, where he competes with his custom-built cars against some of the fastest racers in the nation. He also owns and operates a diesel repair shop in Oklahoma City, where he works as a mechanic and a business owner. He also sells merchandises through his website https://thestreetbeast.com.

Physical Traits

Height5 feet 7 inches or 1.7m (approx.)
Weight90-105 Kg
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBrown white
Facial hairBeard and mustache
Skin toneFair
Body typeMuscular and fit
TattoosSeveral on his hands
PiercingsNone visible
ScarsSeveral on his body
Clothing styleCasual and sporty
AccessoriesSunglasses, hat, watch, necklace, ring
VoiceDeep and confident
AccentAmerican (Oklahoma)
PersonalityCompetitive, passionate, determined, loyal, friendly

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