What happened to Rebecca Romney from Pawn Stars? Her bio & Net Worth.

Rebecca Romney is a bonafide nerd, so much so that she managed to build an entire career out of it. A rare books expert, Romney is the person you would want to go to if you need your old books evaluated. Her incredible knowledge in the field has brought Romney several appearances in the reality TV series, Pawn Stars. But not only is Rebecca an authority on English books, she knows more than a thing or two about multilingual stories. The talented reality TV star is well-versed in Japanese, Ancient Greek, Latin, and French. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Rebecca Romney.

Early Life

Rebecca Romney was born Rebecca Angeline Engeat in Las Vegas in 1985 to a family of scientists. She has not revealed much about her parents or siblings, but it is known that she grew up with an interest in learning and exploring different cultures. She learned different languages so that she could read original texts and appreciate their nuances. She also studied Classics and Linguistics at university, adding a double major in Classical Studies and a minor in Philosophy later on.

Pawn Stars cast Rebecca Romney
Pawn Stars cast Rebecca Romney

Professional Career

After finishing her degree in Classics and Linguistics, Rebecca went to Japan for teaching. After a one-year stay in the country, Rebecca returned to Las Vegas and was still trying to piece what it is that she wanted to do. Around the same time, Rebecca discovered the rare books shop ‘Bauman Rare Books’ and was hired by the shop in 2007. She rose was promoted to a store manager position in 2010. This proved vital for Rebecca who gained a host of new information in the field of literature and books.


In 2011, Rebecca was spotted by the executive producers of the reality TV series, Pawn Stars. When she was approached with an offer to work as a Rare Books Expert, Rebecca was more than happy to comply. She accepted the offer and became a regular guest on the show from season four onwards. She impressed the viewers with her expertise, professionalism, and charisma. She also gained recognition as one of the few female experts on the show. She left the Pawn Stars In 2016 also moved to Philadelphia to run another Bauman store, and later to Brooklyn to work for Honey & Wax Booksellers. She also founded the Honey & Wax Prize, a book-collecting contest for women under 30.

Life After

In 2017, she published her first book with Harper Collins, titled Printer’s Error: Irreverent Stories from Book History, co-written with her husband. In 2018, Rebecca decided to start her own business and chose Washington DC as her new home. She had relatives in the area and liked the cultural diversity and vibrancy of the city. She partnered with Brian Cassidy, another rare book dealer who had a business in Silver Spring, Maryland. Together, they launched Type Punch Matrix in the summer of 2019.

Rebecca and Brian currently operate Type Punch Matrix from their office in Silver Spring, but they have plans to open a gallery in downtown DC in the near future. They also travel to various book fairs and events around the country and the world, where they showcase their treasures and meet other book lovers. Rebecca also writes and speaks about books on various platforms, such as her website, podcasts and magazines. She also hosts a podcast called Biblioclast, where she discusses books and book history with her co-host Isaac Zolotarevsky.

When Rebecca is not selling books or trying to find the value of one, she is reading them. She is a huge fan of Sir Arthur Conan Dyle’s universe. She is also the creator of The Newsletter for Book Enthusiasts, where she talks about her experiences with different books.

Personal Life:

Rebecca Romney is married to J.P. Romney a historical researcher and a young adult novelist, best known for his book The Monster on the Road is Me. He is also the brother of Mitt Romney, the former presidential candidate and senator of Utah.

J.P. and Rebecca share a passion for books and writing and often collaborate on their projects. They do not have any children, but they have a large collection of rare books that they cherish and care for. They are a happy and successful couple who enjoy their work and each other’s company.

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