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Ron Methvin has all the skills required to succeed as a gator hunter. A military veteran, Ron is a sharpshooter who doesn’t seem to miss. Ron served his country for quite a while and was also in the regiment sent to Afghanistan. During his time in the military, Ron was taught self-discipline, strategy, and survival skills. Not only did his skills serve him well in the military, but it has also helped him to become one of the best gator hunters in the business. On the show, there are a few people who could match Ron’s accuracy when it comes to the gun. The man can snipe gators from several dozen miles and in hunting season that could make the world of difference.¬†

Early Life:

Akin to most of the casts on Swamp people, Ron has revealed little about himself. Born and raised in Pineville, Louisiana, Ron spent much of his early life tailing his father. Ron attended Pineville High School and following his high school studies Ron joined the military at 17 years old. 

Swamp People cast Ron Methvin
Swamp People cast Ron Methvin

From 1999 to 2005, Ron was a part of the Louisiana National Guard. Ron climbed to the rank of E-5 and was deported to Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2003. In 2004, he became a Lafourche sheriff’s deputy and was later promoted to sergeant. Two years later, Ron was offered a chance to join the SWAT team. During his stay with SWAT, Ron continued his training as a sniper and was one of their best recruits. 

A career in reality television:

Done with his service, Ron made the journey back to his hometown of Louisianna. A distinguished war veteran, Ron was sought out by Bruce Mitchell to accompany him during the gator hunting season. He joined the series in 2012 and while Ron always dreamt of having his very own show, he was satisfied with his involvement in Swamp People. 

An outdoorsman by nature, hunting comes naturally to Ron. Combining this with his immaculate skills with a gun, Ron is one of the best shooters around. Time and again, he has proved his skills in the series. His most outstanding feat on-screen was shooting an eleven-foot-alligator and dragging it to the boat on his own. According to IMDB records, Ron appeared in 75 episodes from 2012-2018. After seven seasons Ron left the show.  

Ron Methvin wife kids

Over the years, Ron has also made numerous appearances in several other reality series including Rumble in the Swamp, End of the line, Gambin Man, Home Stretch, Blood and Guts, and Cajun Cartel.

Reason for his exit from the Swamp People:

In 2018, Ron took the 22-week police training program at Louisiana State Police Training Academy in Baton Rouge. During his learning period, Ron went through different courses including crash investigation, emergency vehicle operations, impaired driving detection, traffic incident management, leadership, and physical training. He was one of the five graduates from the program appointed to Louisiana State Police Trooper in October 2018.

Alligator hunting season in Louisiana typically takes place during the months of September and October. Although a licensed alligator hunter, Ron finds it hard to manage time for the occasion from his other work. At this point, it is unlikely for Ron to return as a cast member of Swamp People. Swamp People most recent season 14 premiered on February 5, 2023. 

Personal Life

Wife & Kids:

Ron Methvin is married to Nicole Methvin. The pair shares two lovely children a boy and a girl. Both of the children, Raylee and Braedon Methvin are students attending Mississippi College. The family of four are residents of Thibodaux, Louisiana. Nicole is a homemaker and in addition, according to her Facebook, she works at Magnolia Family Services. She is a graduate of Nicholls State University in the class of 2005. 

Ron Methvin alongside his wife Nicole and their children

Net Worth

Ron has an estimated net worth of USD 300,000. 

Age, Nationality, Ethnicity

Ron Methvin was born in Pineville, Louisiana, United States on June 15, 1982. The birthdate makes his age 40 years old. He holds American citizenship and belongs to the caucasian ethnicity.

Full name Ronald James Methvin
Age 40 years old
Date of Birth June 15, 1982
Place of Birth Pineville, Louisiana, U.S
Profession Army Veteran, Television Personality, Gator Hunter
Net worth $300,000
Marital Status Married
Wife Nicole Methvin
Kids Raylee Methvin, Braedon Methvin
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Parents N/A

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