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Updated: September 17, 2022

Even before Sierra Oakley set foot in veterinary medicine she had a wide world open in front of her. Thanks to her mother Michelle Oakley, who exposed her to the world of animals and veterinary care from the early days. Several years later now, Sierra Oakley completed her pre-med program and aspires to follow in the footsteps of her mother as a successful veterinarian. In this article, we will explore Sierra Oakley’s biography.

Early Life

Sierra Oakley was born on July 15, 1997, in Yukon, Canada. Standing with the frame of 5ft 7 in, Sierra is the eldest daughter of Michelle Oakley and Shane Oakley. Sierra grew up in Haines Junction along with her younger siblings Maya and Willow Oakley. And while her father worked as a firefighter, Sierra looked up to her mother who is a wildlife veterinarian. Learning the ropes, she would help her mother taking care of animals and sometimes joined in as her sidekick.

Sierra Oakley playing hockey in high school
Dr. Michelle Oakley daughter Sierra Oakley

High School and Hockey

Sierra enrolled in high school in Yukon and played the left-wing forward position in the female hockey team. She was selected to play for Team B.C  at the 2012 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships held in Saskatoon, Canada. Her rise in the sport seen her achieve the captain band of the Yukon female hockey team and represented at Canada Winter Games in 2015. While she led the team from the front her younger sister Maya Oakley guarded the net as goalie.

Medical Career

One step at a time, Sierra is taking the stride towards her ambition. She gained her pre-med bachelor of science degree from St. Francis Xavier University in May 2019. During her off days from school, she would find time to participate in her mother’s TV projects. She has appeared in several episodes of ” Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet” alongside Dr. Michelle Oakley. The show began 0n April 4, 2014, and has completed 10 seasons as of 2022. Since Sierra has completed her pre-med education she can now join veterinary medicine school and can be certified as a designated veterinarian. As for her mother, Dr. Oakley, she received her veterinary medicine degree from Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, Canada back in 2000. 

Sierra Oakley
Sierra Oakley appears alongside her mother in Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet

Her Siblings Maya and Willow Oakley

Sierra has two younger sisters, Maya Oakley is a middle child, born on December 02, 1998.  And Willow Oakley is the youngest one. Like Sierra, her sisters including youngest Willow is passionate about helping their mother. From a young age, Maya and Sierra have been a sidekick to their mother’s veterinarian works.  During summers, the two utilize most of their time working behind the scene and for the camera alongside Dr. Michelle Oakley. Both daughters have appeared in Nat Geo Wild show “Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet.”

Dr. Michelle Oakley daughters
Maya Oakley (L), Willow Oakley (M) and Sierra Oakley (R)

Evidently, Maya likes to care and treat animals however she finds her career passion elsewhere. She studied criminal justice at the University of Western Ontario. Unlike Sierra who sees herself working in Yukon, Maya is critical of cold and wants to move to a hotter place. During high school, Maya and Sierra shared the same hockey team (GCDS Mustangs) where she guarded the net.

It is an early call to judge Willow whether or not she will follow in her mother’s footsteps. So far signs are good, she gets along and helps her mother with animals.

“Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet” and controversy:

Sierra Oakley and her siblings literally grew in front of camera. But being the eldest of three, Sierra was pushed into limelight earlier. While the show mostly focus on Dr. Oakley’s veterinary works- nursing the need of animals in Haines Junction, tending to remote calls and even running satellite clinic 150 miles away. The inclusion of family time with her daughters and husband make it possible for viewers to have a peek on her family life. However, not everything comes with welcoming hands and Oakley family has faced first hand. Sierra Oakley had her first hunt, a male Caribou during a family excursion. The part was documented in Season 1, episode 3 entitled “One angry muskox.” In the episode, as a passage of rite from father to daughter, Shane Oakley teaches Sierra to track and shoot her first kill. And, her mother and sisters were there for a moral boost. Sierra Oakley indeed track and shoot, securing the hunt of a Buck. However it was not received well among viewers, especially since Dr. Oakley work so hard in clinic to save animal. Viewers were critical about how she could encourage and participate in the hunt. And some were quick to question if her tears were real when she wouldn’t be able to save animal lives.

Sierra Oakley Married ?Or dating someone? Who is her boyfriend in 2022? 

Sierra has shared almost nothing about her personal affairs and she sticks to professional matters during interviews. A quick scroll through her social media accounts won’t give any  answers on her boyfriend. Nonetheless, we can confirm she is yet to marry and has no children of own.



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To our best knowledge and research, Sierra is single. And delving into other possibilities, the reality tv star likes to keep the identity of her boyfriend hidden, if she has one. In one of her Instagram post, although Sierra has shared a photo with a man named Chevy Fowler a resident of Anchorage, AK, we came to find out he is just a friend.

Sierra Oakley Net Worth

Fame found Sierra Oakley at an young age, all thanks to her involvement on reality TV show “Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet,” which follows her mother’s work as veterinarian and some part of the show has captured her family life too. It is a Nat Geo Wild original series but the increasing popularity of the show led Disneyplus to come up with cash and acquire the streaming right in its platform. We can say, it will only further boost popularity of cast members . So, has Sierra benefited from fame and turned it into cash cow? What is her net worth?  Although Sierra doesn’t sell merchandise she has financially gained from her involvement on the show. As of 2022, Sierra Oakley has a reported net worth of $80,000.

Wiki/Bio Facts

NameSierra Oakley
Place of Birth Yukon, Canada
Age25 years
BirthdateJuly 15, 1997
Height5ft 7in
ResidentHaines, Yukon
Net worth$80,000
SiblingsMaya Oakley, Willow Oakley
ParentsMichelle Oakley, Shane Oakley
GrandparentsSteve Plantinga(died 2018), Georgia Plantinga

Social Media presence:

Reality Tv star, Sierra Oakley is available in different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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