American paranormal investigator, Ryan Buell: Wiki-Bio, Career, Arrested.

Ryan Buell is a firm believer in second chances. Even though he hasn’t had the best track record in the past, Ryan is looking to shake things up. The main host of the reality TV series, Paranormal State, which aired from 2007 to 2011, Ryan’s career took a downfall when he was arrested in 2014 for theft, and in 2017 for harassment. While Ryan did not spend a long time in prison and was quickly released in bail, his stock in the entertainment industry sharply fell and the man was left without a job. But of late, Ryan seems to be changing his ways to start again. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Ryan Buell.

Early Life:

Ryan Buell was born on the 8th of July 1982, in Corry, Pennsylvania. Born to Tim Buell and Shelly Bonavita Lundburg, Ryan is one of the six siblings. He was preceded by four elder sisters and had a younger brother. Ryan comes from a middle-class family where his father worked as a state police officer and his mother owned an accountancy firm. As far as his education goes, Ryan graduated from a local high school and enrolled at Penn State University. He graduated with a BA degree in Anthropology and Journalism. From a young age, Ryan was interested in journalism and had also served as the editor of both his high school magazine and University papers.

American paranormal investigator, Ryan Buell.
American paranormal investigator, Ryan Buell.

Paranormal Research Society:

During his University years, Ryan started being interested in the paranormal and wanted to explore more on the subject. To bring like minds together, Ryan established the Paranormal Research Society (PRS). While Ryan officially began the PRS during his University years, his interest in paranormal began way back in high school. After exploring the legend of the Salem Black River Church, Ryan’s interest in paranormal only grew, which led him to establish PRS.

“Once I moved to the Penn State Campus, where I realized I wanted to pursue this more seriously. At first, I was hoping there was already an organization I could join, where I could learn about paranormal investigation from someone who had experience in it and be able to work my way up, but there wasn’t anything here. So, I had to start it.”

Paranormal State:

Right after his graduation, Ryan was spotted and invited by the producers from the Go Go Luckey Productions, who wanted to work with him on a new project. Ryan was quickly announced as the host of the new series, Paranormal State which began airing from on the A&E Network from the 10th December 2007, until May of 2011. Apart from his acting credits, Ryan has also worked as a producer in movies including American Ghost Hunter, Paranormal State, and The Ghost Prophecies.

Cancer Controversy and Getting arrested:

In July of 2012, Ryan announced that he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was near remission. Ryan even went on to give a candid interview with People Magazine explaining his condition. However, his mother later revealed that those claims were fake.

In July of 2014, Ryan’s career took another hit when he was arrested for theft. He announced his new show Conversations with the Dead Tour and started selling tickets which amounted to USD 80,000. However, he never booked any venues and never returned the money. Even though Ryan was released on bail after a month in prison, he was arrested once again in April of 2017. He was charged with harassment of his then-boyfriend.

Ryan has been quite open about his sexuality and even released a self-titled memoir, Paranormal State: My Journey Into The Unknown. He currently lives with his boyfriend, Sergey Poberezhny, and the pair have been together since 2014.

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