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Moonshine is a thing of the past. They came into existence after the Whiskey Revolution in the 1970s but were quickly declared illegal by the law. Even though moonshine has been illegalized, moonshiners continue to exist even to this date. Mark Ramsey is one of those moonshiners. The disciple of the legendary Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton, Mark is devoted to preserving the traditional practices of creating moonshine. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Mark Ramsey.

How Old is Mark Ramsey?

Mark Ramsey, the star of the popular reality show Moonshiners, has never revealed his exact date of birth to the public. However, judging by his appearance and demeanor, one could estimate that he is in his fifth decade of life. He has a rugged and weathered look that reflects his experience and expertise in the craft of moonshine making. He also has a youthful and adventurous spirit that keeps him motivated and curious about new flavors and techniques. Mark Ramsey is a man of mystery and mastery, whose age is not a matter of concern, but rather a source of wonder.

Moonshiner Mark Ramsey
Moonshiner Mark Ramsey

Upbringing & Education

Mark Ramsey was raised in East Tennessee, where he learned to love nature and adventure from an early age. Mark had a happy and simple childhood, surrounded by his siblings and cousins. He learned to hunt, fish, and survive in the wilderness, while his mother taught him how to cook, clean, and care for the animals.

When Mark was young, he met a local moonshine legend named Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton, who took him under his wing and showed him the secrets of the trade. Popcorn was a master distiller, who had a reputation for making the best and strongest moonshine in the region. He also had a colorful personality, with a long beard, a floppy hat, and a penchant for mischief. Mark was fascinated by Popcorn’s stories and skills, and soon became his apprentice and friend.

Working with the Legendary Maker

For the longest time, Mark Ramsey worked with Marvin and made stills for him. Mark learned everything he could from Popcorn, from how to build a still, to how to ferment corn mash, to how to flavor and age the liquor. He also learned how to avoid the law, the rivals, and the dangers of the moonshine world. Mark developed a passion and a talent for making moonshine and decided to follow in Popcorn’s footsteps. He partnered up with another young moonshiner named Digger Manes, who had also been mentored by Popcorn. Together, they formed a dynamic duo of distillers, who carried on the tradition of craft whiskey with their own unique recipes.

Mixing Tradition with Modern Cultures

Even though moonshiners are hell-bent on preserving the ancient techniques of making moonshine, many acknowledge that the process needs to be modernized. Mark Ramsey is one of the new generations of moonshiners who are finding new ways to improve the brewing process. Mark is now looking to roll out a host of new flavors while also innovating the brewing practices. True to his way of things, Mark has already built a new two-pot still with his friend Digger. They have also collaborated with Sugarlands Distilling Company, where they produce their own branded moonshine flavors.

In 2015, Mark and Digger paired up with East Tennesse’s legal Sugarlands Distilling Company and has since released two brews, Digger Mane’s Rye Apple Shine and Mark & Digger’s Hazel Nut Rum. The pair joined their fellow co-stars Mark Rogers, Steven Tickle, and Jim Tom Hedrick in Sugarland’s Legend Series.

Appearance in the Reality TV Series

Mark Ramsey’s moonshine career took off when he joined the cast of ‘Moonshiners,’ a reality television series that follows the lives and adventures of a group of people who make and sell their own moonshine, a high-proof distilled spirit that is illegal in most states. The show documents their challenges, risks, and rewards as they evade the law, compete with rivals, and perfect their recipes.

Mark Ramsey joined the show in 2013, in its third season, along with his longtime friend and partner, Digger Manes. Even though Mark first got the part thanks to his involvement with Marvin, he is now one of the finest brew makers on the show. Mark and Digger quickly became fan favorites for their humor, chemistry, and expertise. They operate in East Tennessee, where they have a loyal customer base and a reputation for quality.

In addition to Moonshiners, Mark is a judge and a contestant in the spin-off series Master Distiller, where he competes with other Moonshiners to create the best spirits. In 2022, he participated in the Master Distiller Tournament of Champions, where he faced off against the winners of previous seasons. He also appeared in an episode of Expedition X in 2021, where he shared his knowledge of moonshine and the Appalachian culture with the hosts. 

Net Worth- How Rich is Mark Ramsey?

Mark Ramsey is a well-known television personality who rose to prominence after appearing in the film “Moonshiners.” He is also a skilled moonshiner who has partnered with a legal distillery to produce spirits. His net worth is estimated to be around $350,000, which he earns from his television appearances and his moonshine business.

Wife and Kids

Mark Ramsey is married to Sally Jane Clark. The pair celebrates their anniversary every year on April 19 however the information about the wedding year is unavailable. In the years of togetherness, they are not known to have any biological children together.

Mark Ramsey’s wife, Sally Jane Clark, is more than just his supportive spouse. She is also his partner in crime, helping him with his moonshine business and appearing on the show ‘Moonshiners’ with him. She has her own signature flavor of moonshine, called Sally Jane’s Apple Pie Shine, which is a hit among customers and fans. She is also a savvy marketer, promoting their products on social media and at events. She is always by Mark’s side, whether it’s in the stillhouse or on the road.

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