Jason Hawk Wiki/Bio shows cancer & stepping down from TV. His net worth, wife, and kids.

Jason Hawk is a real-life cowboy who not only dresses like one but also looks the part. And while Jason doesn’t carry guns in his holder, he is no stranger when it comes to knives. One may say that Jason is a modern cowboy who wields knives as opposed to guns. With his trusted horse by his side, Jason navigates the sandy terrain of the Arizona Desert. Jason rose to fame following his numerous appearances in the reality television show which featured people living in some of the most remote regions around the United States. In due course, Jason was selected to be one of the main cast members of the reality series, Mountain Men.

Early Life:

Jason Hawk was born in June 1975 in Arkansas, USA. Due to Jason’s obvious disdain for the modern way of life, there is very little information about his early life. Jason grew up in Arkansas and idolized his father Jim Hawk who was a craftsman. Jason would spend time around his father’s shop where he learned handcrafting. He was particularly fascinated by knife-making and devoted most of his time to the craft. Following his interest, Jason obtained a hunting license when he was just 15 years of age. After finishing high school in Arkansas, Jason left for Montana to study metal fabrication and welding. He attended Montana State University.

Mountain Men star Jason Hawk
Mountain Men star Jason Hawk

Career & Progression:

Jason began his career as a knife craftsman and set up shop alongside his father. He later moved to the Ozark Mountains in Montana and started living in remote areas. After a few years, Jason came back to the mainland and started working as a chef. Deciding that the culinary world wasn’t for him, Jason set up another blade-wielding store by the name of Outlaw Forge Works. His stay in Montana was shortened as he returned to the Ozark Mountains.

His unique way of life attracted interest from several fields including several production houses. In 2014, Jason was invited to become a part of the show, No Man’s Land. He was featured in all eight episodes of the series which documented the lifestyle of people living in remote areas.

Mountain Men:

One thing led to another and Jason was selected to be a part of the critically acclaimed series, Mountain Men. He made his debut in 2016 (season 5 episode 4 ” No Man Is an Island”)  and appeared in 49 episodes until 2021. Mountain Men season 11 premiered on September 1, 2022, however, Jason left the show as his contract was not renewed following the conclusion of season 10. The timing of his exit coincides with his health issue as Jason was diagnosed with cancer and evidently, he left the show to focus on treatment.

During his stay, Jason displayed his exceptional skills as a hunter, blacksmith, and homesteader. And while on the show Jason shared the television screen with other Mountain Men such as  Eustace ConwayMorgan BeasleyTom OarMarty Meierotto, Mike Horstman, and Jake Herak.


The reality television star had been involved in knife craftsmanship long before the world came to know him as a Mountain Man. Jason was into crafting starting from childhood whereas got into forging blades in 1999. And over the years of working as a bladesmith, Jason got recognition in the forging community and got the title of “Master Smith” from Neo Tribal Metalsmith founder and knife-making legend Tai Goo.

Jason put emphasis on traditional craftsmanship and makes hand-crafted items. Taking his business online, Jason has set up the website jasonhawkknives.com where he sells his knives under the business name  “Outlaw Forge Works.” 

Health Struggle:

At the age of 45, Jason Hawk was diagnosed with Cancer. He had been suffering from pain for about a year before he finally went to visit the doctor. After the initial suspicion of Cancer, Jason went through multiple tests in a span of a few months in the latter part of 2020, and the condition was found to be Malignant Cancer.

On January 3, 2021, Jason Hawk and Andrea Baldwin organized a team fundraiser. By that time Jason was left out of the Mountain Men cast list and to raise funds, he sought donations. The fundraiser’s goal was to collect $130,000 of which $36, 870 came from 414 donations.

After multiple chemo sessions and therapy, Jason Hawk finally went through surgery on November 7, 2022.

Losing father and a partner:

From learning craftsmanship in his early years to running a business together, Jason shared a close bond with his father Jim Hawk. Jim appeared alongside him in the history channel show No Man’s Land in 2014. For 20 years father-son duo ran their shop together. Sadly Jim Hawk passed away in May 2016.

Personal Life:

Wife & Children:

Jason is a married man and the woman in the picture is Mary Fricchione. The pair met at a campfire around 2007 and Mary was instantly captivated by his storytelling. Since the pair have been together. On December 29, 2008, the pair had birth to their first child River Hawk.

jason hawk wife and children
Jason Hawk’s wife Mary Fricchione and daughter River Hawk

Although they had been together for a long time, a Facebook post from his wife Mary suggests the pair completed nuptials several years later. On October 5, 2022, Mary wished Jason Hawk a “Happy eight-year anniversary” suggesting the pair tied the knot in October 2014.

The pair welcomed their second child Madeline Rose Hawk in 2017. Jason Hawk alongside his wife and daughter resided in Mountainburg, Arkansas. As Mary suffered prolonged pain during her second pregnancy, the pair went to the mainland to make sure she gets the best medical attention.

Past Relationship & Children:

Jason Hawk is not just the father of two but three. He had the birth of his son Kamui “Kai” Hawk from his relationship with a previous woman. However, the name of the mother has not come out to the media as the tv star has kept it that way. It is also unknown how long Jason was together with his former partner.

Net Worth

Jason Hawk primarily makes his money as a bladesmith, he also made significant money as the cast of Mountain Men following many appearances. Taking various sources into consideration, Jason Hawk has a net worth of $200,000.

Jason Hawk Wiki/Bio Facts:

Full name Jason Hawk
Age 47
Date of Birth June 1975
Place of Birth Arkansas, USA
Education Montana State University
Profession Hunter, Bladesmith, Reality-TV Personality
Net worth $400,000
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Relationship Status Married
Former spouse/partner N/A
Wife Mary Hawk
Children River Hawk, Madeline Rose Hawk, Kamui “Kai” Hawk
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign N/A
Jim Hawk
Social media handle

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