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History Channel show “Mountain Men” has made us familiar with various people living an adventurous life in remote mountain terrains of the USA. Just like the “Houndsman” of Ruby Valley, Rich Lewis, who is a great Lion hunter to more subtle Tom Oar who manages to live off the grid near Yaak River in northwestern Montana. In this article, we are focusing on Tom Oar who left modern day convenience for the hardship of woods around 70’s joined by his wife.

Who is Tom Oar?

Tom Oar is a reality TV actor of History channel show “Mountain Men.”  The white bushy beard and the grey-haired man was born in 1943 in Illinois,  USA. That makes his age around 76. American by nationality Tom is of Caucasian origin. The information about his family and siblings has not come out much in media. However, we can say there was another person in the family who knew how to deal with public fame. His father Chike Oar performed in  US Wild West show, the shows ran between 1870 and 1920.


Tom is a cowboy turned a Mountain man. He spent half of his life in rodeo career- 25 years with buckin’ horses, and rode bulls for 18 years. At the age of 41 was his last ride on saddle bronc.

Even as grown-up Tom was appealed by living in the woods. Around 1970s Tom and his wife moved to remote of Montana. There they settled in a cabin about 50 miles away from nearest groceries. The couple lived hunting and collecting foods in the heart of wood aided by Yaak River as the source for water.

Mountain Men Star Tom Oar

Mountain Men Star Tom Oar

Over the years Tom did not have any kind of real job besides fur trapping which was enough to sustain the couple. The freezing winters have its toll but it is a blessing in disguise for Tom and his wife. Winters after winters Tom has worked as trapper the time of the year when snow in mountains slows down the animals and makes it easy to set trap and hunt.

Tom Oar and his wife Nancy Oar

Tom and his wife Nancy Oar

During summer Tom and his wife visit towns to sell the clothes they work all year which is basically made up of buckskin. They put on sale items such as brain tanned buckskin to custom clothing such as moccasins, shirts, trousers.

The couple quietly lived in the mountain terrains of Montana for more than 30 years when an opportunity came presenting at their doors Tom took the chance to be part of the new reality show “Mountain Men”. The series premiered on 31st May 2012 in History channel. Tom is original cast member alongside other major characters  Eustace Conway and Marty Meierotto with Rich Lewis, Morgan Beasley, Jason Hawk and other joining in subsequent seasons. So far Tom has appeared in 104 episodes from 2012 through 2018.

Net Worth

In the remotes of Montana money does not mean much especially the way  Tom and his wife Nancy have maintained their lifestyle. They hunt, grow and collect their own food. The couple has been fur trapping for years which has aided in their net worth. Obviously, the couple is hardworking and at 76 years of age, it is impressive from Tom. So what is their net worth? As of 2019, Tom has a net worth of $200,000, surprisingly high for being a mountain men, right? Well, no need, the majority of net worth comes from Tom’s earning from the TV show “Mountain Men.”

Tom Oar Family, Wife, Children

The hardworking mountain man is married to his longtime wife Nancy Oar. The impressive couple has been together for over 40 years from the days of rodeo to moving together in the wilderness of Montana. They have three children Chad, Jack, and Keelie Oar. There is not much information available besides they live in Chicago, Illinois. Nancy and children have appeared in the show as well.

More About Tom Oar

  • Tom Oar is not active on the social media platform.
  • He began brain tanning as a hobby which later turned out to be a profession.
  • Despite the fact, Tom and his wife Nancy seems isolated they have cable at home.
  • Tom stepped down from rodeo career due to health issues.

Tom Oar Wiki/Bio details

NameTom Oar
BirthplaceIllinois,  USA
ParentsChike Oar (father)
CareerTV personality
Net worth$200,000
WifeNancy Lewis
ChildrenChad, Jack, and Keelie Oar

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