Street Outlaws “Kamikaze” Chris Day: wiki, bio, net worth, wife, family.

Chris Day is one of the calmest guys behind the wheel unless you decide to mess with him, then you will find out why they call the man Kamikaze. A childhood friend of Big Chief, Chris is also the one who gave Big Chief his nickname. One of the veterans in Oklahoma street racing, Chris took a break from racing after Big Chief took his car off the list, and also because Chris could no longer be bothered to deal with driver’s and their egos. But with the Chief putting his car back on the list, Chris is back behind the wheel.

But who is Kamikaze Chris really? How did he get into racing? What are his secrets and challenges? And what is his net worth and source of income? In this article, we will explore the life and career of Kamikaze Chris, the kamikaze spirit of street racing.

Wiki/Bio Facts

NameChris Day
Agelikely in his 40s
BirthplaceOklahoma City
Marital statusUnmarried
Relationship statuspresumed to be a single
OccupationStreet racer, reality TV star
YouTubeKamiKaze Life
Net worth$300000 (approx.)
ShowStreet Outlaws
First car71 Chevy LUV
CarThe ElCo, a 1981 Chevrolet El Camino
New carA black C5 Corvette with parts from The ElCo’s engine and drivetrain
Street Outlaws Kamikaze Chris Day
Street Outlaws Kamikaze Chris Day

Early Life

Chris has revealed very little information about his early life. Born and raised in a blue-collar household in Oklahoma City, Chris didn’t have the best of beginnings. His family was broke and Chris often had to make do with worn and stained clothes from use last year, and the year before. 

Getting into racing

Due to his family circumstances, Chris had to think for himself if he wanted to have some fun. For Chris, this meant racing. In between mowing lawns, chopping trees, pumping gas and providing weekend help with his father’s heating and air business, Chris found a way to pay for his first dirt bike. When asked about it Chris says,

I’ve always been an extremely competitive person. Being frankly honest, I wouldn’t even say I’m necessarily a car guy. I’m just a racing guy. I’ll race a damn shopping cart! I don’t care what it is.

Life on the Streets

Growing up Chris attended a local high school and most of his friends had cars. He struck a friendship with Big Chief and the pair were together most of the time. The pair bonded while working on Justin’s now-infamous, Pontiac LeMans. When asked about his friendship with the chief, Chris recalls,

Me and Chief — we went to school, we went to work, and we’d be in the driveway until three or four in the morning, every single day, every single weekend, working on [the Crow]. That was the car me and him grew up working together on.

On the wheel

Chris’s first car was a ’71 Chevy LUV. Over the years, Chris has sat behind the wheel of many cars and is now on the wheel of a black C5 Corvette. 

A part of the OKC racers, Chris took racing seriously which also matched with the groups’ motto. It was during this time that he met Daddy Dave and formed a trio alongside Big Chief. Recalling their early days, Chris mentions,

Most people go out there, and they hang out and drive around in their cars, and it’s just something to do. And with me and Chief, and Dave [Comstock] and the other guys, for some reason this stuff was serious.

Street Outlaws Kamikaze Chris El Camino
Street Outlaws Kamikaze Chris El Camino

This was especially true for Chris who was aggressive down the lane. His aggression behind the wheel and skills to back up his aggression, there is no one more worthy of the name, Kamikaze. 

Street Outlaws

Kamikaze Chris Day is one of the original cast members of Street Outlaws, a reality TV show that follows the lives and challenges of illegal street racers in Oklahoma City. He made his first appearance on the show in 2014, when he inherited a 1981 Chevrolet El Camino from his late friend Tyler “Flip” Priddy. He nicknamed his car “Elco”, and has modified it to make it faster and more powerful.

Kamikaze Chris has faced many challenges and difficulties on the show, such as crashes, injuries, mechanical failures, and rivalries. One of the most devastating moments for him was when he lost control of the Elco and crashed it in front of the cameras in 2020. The car was severely damaged, and Kamikaze Chris had to rebuild it from scratch. He revealed his new car, a black C5 Corvette in February, 2021.

Besides being a street racer and TV personality, he is also active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, where he posts updates about his races and his car. He also sells merchandise through his website, where he offers official Kamikaze Chris apparel, accessories, stickers, posters, and more.

Personal Life

Chris has devoted all his life to street racing. The man is presumed to be currently single and often refrains from talking about his love life. Chris wears his passion for racing on his sleeve and is proud of it. According to the man himself,

I’m an all-or-nothing guy. I’m either gonna’ really make it in my life, or I’m gonna’ be nothing. There’s no ‘middle’ for me. It’s something I tried to fight for a long time, but I’ve accepted that’s how I am. And I can’t fake that.

Net Worth

Kamikaze Chris has reportedly a net worth of approximately $300,000. His main source of income is his appearance on Street Outlaws. He also makes money from his expertise with cars and his background in street racing. He is also an entrepreneur who sells merchandise through his website

Physical Traits

HeightAppears to be around 6 feet tall
Hair colorBrown, often shaved or buzzed
Eye colorGrey
Facial hairUsually has a goatee or a stubble
TattoosNone visible
PiercingNone visible
Clothing styleTypically wears casual clothes, such as T-shirts, jeans, hoodies, and hats.
AccessoriesOften wears sunglasses, earrings, and a necklace.
Driving styleFearless and aggressive, willing to take risks and challenge himself. 
PersonalityLoyal, friendly, secretive, passionate, and competitive. Has a strong bond with his friends and fellow racers, especially Big Chief. Does not share much about his personal life or relationships.

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