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Bear Brown is a reality TV star who lives up to his name. He is wild, adventurous, and extreme. He is one of the nine members of the Brown family, who are featured on the Discovery Channel show Alaskan Bush People. The show follows the Browns as they live off the grid in the wilderness of Alaska and Washington. Bear is known for his energetic and fearless personality, as well as his love for nature and animals. He is known for often climbing trees, running on all fours, and howling at the moon.

Bear has also faced many challenges and hardships in his life. He lost his father, Billy Brown, to a seizure in February 2021. He also had a tumultuous relationship with his ex-fiancée, Raiven Adams, who gave birth to their son, River, in March 2020. The couple had a custody battle and a domestic violence charge against Bear, which he denied and took a plea deal for. However, they eventually reconciled and got married in January 2022. Bear is now a devoted husband and father, who hopes to raise his children in the bush lifestyle.

Alaskan Bush People Star Bear Brown

Bear Brown is a unique and charismatic individual, who has a passion for living on the edge. He is always ready for a new adventure and a challenge. He is proud of his family and their way of life. He is an Alaskan Bush person at heart.

Early Life & Education:

Bear Brown was born as Solomon Isaiah Freedom Brown on June 10, 1987. He is the third son of Billy and Ami Brown and is the first child to have been born and raised in Alaska. He was raised alongside his six siblings in the wilderness. He grew up learning how to hunt, fish, build shelters, and survive in harsh conditions. He also developed a love for adventure and extreme sports, earning him the nickname “King of Extreme”. He attended school at home with his brothers and sisters, using books and nature as his teachers. He never went to a formal school or college, but he learned a lot from his parents and his own curiosity. He also enjoyed reading comic books and watching movies on a generator-powered TV. He dreamed of becoming a superhero or a movie star someday. 

Alaskan Bush People:

Bear Brown began his television career in 2014 when he joined the cast of Alaskan Bush People. And over the years he has shown his adventurous side and lived up to his nickname “King of Extreme.” Here are some of Bear Brown’s moments from Alaskan Bush People:

  • He showed his skills in tracking bush wildlife by dressing up as a wolf and following deer tracks.
  • He gave a tour of his treehouse that he built himself, complete with a bed, a fireplace, a trapdoor, and a zip line.
  • He opened up about his relationship troubles with his ex-fiancée Raiven Adams and his feelings about becoming a father to his son River.
  • He helped his family survive a harsh winter storm, a cabin fire, and the coronavirus pandemic.
  • He performed various stunts such as jumping off cliffs, running through the woods, and shooting arrows.

Bear’s journey has not been easy, though. He faced the devastating loss of his father Billy in February 2021, after he suffered a seizure. He also saw his family’s ranch go up in flames during the 2020 wildfires. Through it all, Bear has remained loyal to the Alaskan Bush People show, which has 14 seasons. He has also kept in touch with his fans on social media, where he posts updates on his family, his son, and his escapades in the wild.

Net Worth:

Bear Brown has an estimated net worth of $200,000 as of 2023. His main source of earnings is attributed to his decade-long television career. Alaskan Bush People cast members are reportedly paid $6,000 to $15,000 per episode of the show. He does not have any other business endeavors that are publicly known. 

Personal Life

Meeting Raiven & Engagement:

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams met for the first time in 2018 at their brother Noah’s wedding. At the time, Raiven was assisting her mom, Kassidy, who was in charge of photography. The pair had quite the first meeting and felt an instant connection to each other. Talking to People, Bear revealed that Raiven was the complete package.

“I would definitely say what I like most about Raiven would simply be Raiven herself. She is truly the full package. She is like, beauty in every sense of the word, inside and out. And she is the most awesome and extreme woman I’ve ever met! I adore her, honestly.”

Raiven reciprocated the feelings and the pair decided to get engaged after a year of dating. In August 2019, the pair announced their engagement via an Instagram post but split up after just two weeks of getting engaged.


Following the pair’s split, Raiven took to Instagram to announce that she and Bear were no longer together but would always be in each other live’s. While many thought that the duo was on amicable terms, they ensued in a long drawn-out custody battle. Raiven accused Bear of mentally and physically abusing her. In February 2019, Raivn revealed that Bear held her at gunpoint and would withhold food from her if she spoke against his alleged drug abuse.

In response, Bear revealed that he had never abused Raiven and it was Raiven who withheld the information of the birth of his child from him. In an Instagram post, Bear revealed,

“Raiven who was abusive toward me and she continues to be so, by constantly lying about me. I will not stand by and do nothing! I never did any drugs I never threatened her with a gun or anything else she has said I did! She didn’t even tell me until two days after River was born! It’s sad that someone I loved would treat me such a way! It’s heart breaking!”

Birth of the first child:

The pair’s first child, River Adams, was born on the 9th of March 2020. Regardless of whose version of the story is right, Bear was not present for the child’s birth. Following the birth of their child, Raiven and Bear engaged in a custody battle which ultimately gave custody to Raiven. Raiven has also filed for a restricted visitation order against Bear. The court documents read,

“It is in the best interests of the minor child that defendant Raiven Adams have sole legal custody of the minor child.”

Despite the tumultuous past the pair reconciled and Bear met his first son in person for the first time in September 2020, after being separated by the coronavirus pandemic. He said it was an “unbelievable feeling” to hold his son and that he looked forward to building a life with Raiven. Raiven said she was “very grateful” for the family they had made and that seeing Bear hold River was “very surreal.”


Bear and Raiven tied the know on January 16, 2022, in an intimate wedding ceremony near the family ranch in Washington State. Bear donned the red suit with a black shirt while Raiven wore a white lace gown and a beautiful veil.

The pair welcomed their second child following the marriage. The baby boy Cove Brown was born on January 20, 2023, and weighed 7 pounds and 15 ounces. The couple with their family lives near the family ranch in Washington State with their children.

Physical Traits:

Bear Brown has the following physical traits and dressing style:

  • He has a slim and muscular build, with six-pack abs and several tattoos on his chest, arms and back.
  • He has a stature of about 5 feet 4 inches.
  • He has dark brown hair, which he sometimes wears in a ponytail or a bun, and blue eyes.
  • He often goes shirtless or wears tank tops, vests, jackets or hoodies. He also wears jeans, cargo pants, shorts or overalls.
  • He accessorizes with sunglasses, hats, bandanas, gloves, belts, boots and necklaces. He sometimes paints his face with black stripes or other designs.
  • He has a signature claw gesture that he makes with his hand to show his wild side.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

FactBear Brown
Full nameSolomon Isaiah Freedom Brown
Date of birthJune 10, 1987
Age35 years old (as of May 2023)
Place of birthAlaska, USA
Height (approx)5 feet 4 inches or 162 cm
WeightAround 60 Kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye colorBlue
TattoosYes, on chest, arms and back
Claw gestureYes, to show his wild side
Shirtless photosYes, often posts on Instagram
Family membersBilly and Ami (parents), Matt, Bam Bam, Gabe, Noah, Birdy and Rainy (siblings)
Children2 (River Brown, Cove Brown)
TV showAlaskan Bush People on Discovery Channel
Profession Television Personality
Net Worth$200,000 (estimated)
ResidenceWashington state (currently)
Fun fact 1He met Raiven at his brother Noah’s wedding in 2018.
Fun fact 2He is the first of Billy and Ami’s children who was born and raised in Alaska.
Fun fact 3He is known for his adventurous and extreme personality.
Fun fact 4He was engaged to Raiven for two weeks before they split up in 2019.
Fun fact 5He filed a petition to establish himself as River’s father after Raiven tried to disestablish him.
Fun fact 6He was accused of abusing Raiven physically and mentally, which he denied.
Fun fact 7He paints his face with black stripes or other designs sometimes.
Fun fact 8He loves animals and has a pet dog named Cupcake.
Fun fact 9He likes to climb trees and do backflips.
Fun fact 10He calls himself the King of Extreme.

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