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Dr. Michelle Oakley’s veterinarian job is not just a walk in the park. Her dedication comes from her deep love for animals. Living in the adversity of nature, Dr.Oakley does not shy away from making house calls in the far reaches of Northern Canada. Her job includes driving for long stretches in the wilderness and sometimes lack of proper roads leads her on-foot journey. And while Dr.Oakley can avoid all the hardship, she is passionate about her job and has come a long way to suddenly change her way of life. In this article, we will explore  Dr. Oakley’s biography.

Who is Michelle Oakley?

A veterinarian by profession, Dr. Oakley stars in Nat Geo Wild reality series “Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet.” She specializes in wildlife veterinary medicine. She operates a vet clinic out of her home in Haines Junction, Yukon Territory. Her patients are not just wildlife, catering to the need in her hometown she has mastered her skill in all kinds of animals and treats accordingly.

Dr Michelle Oakley Yukon Vet
Yukon Vet  Dr. Michelle Oakley 

Dr. Michelle Oakley Birthdate, Age, Ethnicity

Dr. Oakley was born on September 16, 1969, in Munster, Indiana. She was born to Steve Plantinga and Georgia Plantinga and has a brother sibling. Although her roots tie her to America she gained Canadian citizenship after her marriage. If ethnicity is concerned she belongs to white.

Dr. Oakley married to longtime husband and mother of three daughters

When Dr. Oakley first came to study wildlife in Yukon not only she did fall in love with the place but also a young local firefighter Shane Oakley who is her husband now. In her first Yukon Trip, she met Shane and fell in love with him. Back then Shane would refer her “Squirrel Girl”.

Young Love birds Michelle and Shane Oakley

The two got married in Hawaii on December 10, 1992, and since been living together in Haines, Yukon. Dr. Oakley and her husband mostly find themselves traveling in Yukon while tending to the job, Shane as a firefighter and Deputy Conservation Officer and no need to explain about Dr. Oakley’s job as Veterinarian. At home, they make the most of the family time.

In their years together, the couple has given birth to three daughters. Sierra Oakley is their eldest who looks up to her mother and has completed pre-med education. Then came Maya, and the youngest is Willow Oakley. All three are raised in the remotes of Yukon against cold and wilderness. The girls have grown liking animals and often joined their mother helping around in the clinic.

Dr. Michelle Oakley and her husband Shane Oakley now

Dr. Oakley and her husband use vacations as family time and we can see why Oakley’s are close-knit. In their 20th anniversary,  Mr. and Mrs. Oakley went to Hawaii, to the Big Island the very place they got married. They were joined by their girls. The family is used to Scuba diving and love snorkeling.

Dr.Oakley Early Life

Growing up in Munster, Indiana she had a strong affinity towards animals. Spending her time by the creek she would build fort and rescue animals. She loved riding horses and raised pets such as pug cross and a snake. Her uncle owned a farm and she would take her time learning there.

She attended Munster High School and graduated in 1987. She then enrolled for pre-med studies at the University of Michigan in 1988. During her time at the university, she took her first trip to the Yukon as a field assistant on an arctic ground squirrel ecology study. In 1992, She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology.

Dr. Oakley Career Progression

What began as the love for animals in childhood several years later Dr. Oakley finds herself indulged in the profession helping and rescuing them. Not a coincidence, right?

After the pre-med,  Dr. Oakley joined Atlantic Veterinary College in Canada. There she received her degree in veterinary medicine in 2000. She worked as Wildlife Veterinarian and regional biologist for the Yukon Government from October of 2001 to January of 2009. Around the time she also worked as a contract veterinarian at Yukon Wildlife Preserve in Whitehorse Canada and continue to do so to the day.


Dr Michelle Oakley and Dr Jan pol
Nat Geo Wild TV Veterinary stars, Dr.Michelle Oakley and Dr. Jan Pol

Always a student of learning, in 2008, Dr. Oakely joined a zoo medicine internship program hosted by the University of Calgary. There she learned about zoo and wildlife health. In 2011 She worked for Calgary Zoo less than a year.

She currently operates a veterinary service out of her home in Haines Junction a village with barely 800 inhabitants. This veteran lady has performed her skill in pets as well as wild animals including sled dogs, horses, cows, lap dogs, and snakes. Also, Dr.Oakley works on-call at the All Paws animal clinic. Sometimes she has to travel hours in the freezing cold to attain the emergencies at the patient home.

Dr. Oakley operates her satellite clinic in Haines while sharing it with the American Bald Eagle Foundation which houses injured birds unable to survive in the wild.

Dr. Oakley Salary and Net Worth

Dr. Michelle Oakley Net worth

Dr. Oakley collects her salary as the Veterinary doctor and  cast of “Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet.” After making her debut in the first season first episode on April 4, 2014, she has been ever-present. The show has gone onto make eight seasons as of 2020. Dr. Oakley receives a reported salary of $15, 000 per episode of the show. She has a net worth over $700,000.

Dr. Oakley Wiki/Bio

Name:Michelle Oakley
Place of Birth Munster, Indiana, United States
Age50 years
BirthdateSeptember 16, 1969
OccupationReality TV actor, Veterinary Doctor
ResidentHaines, Yukon
Net worthOver $700,000
HusbandShane Oakley
ChildrenSierra Oakley, Maya Oakley, Willow Oakley
ParentsSteve Plantinga, Georgia Plantinga
Social Media HandleFacebook, Instagram, Twitter


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