Dr. Michelle Oakley: Yukon Vet, Wiki-Bio, Age, husband, kids, net worth.

Dr. Michelle Oakley is a wildlife veterinarian  and a TV actor known for Nat Geo Wild reality series “Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet.” She performs vet practice in all kind of animal species and is only such vet available for hundreds of miles in the Yukon Territory in Northern Canada. She lives in a village of Haines Junction, Yukon Territory sharing home with her husband and three daughters.

Dr. Oakley runs animal veterinary service out of the home where her teenager daughters often provide helping hands. Additional, she finds herself busy running weekly clinical sessions 148 miles away in Haines, Alaska, and 96 miles away in Whitehorse, Yukon. In this article, we will bring everything about this TV star and veterinary doctor including her married life, family, and net worth.

Dr Michelle Oakley Yukon Vet

Dr. Michelle Oakley Yukon Vet reality show star

Dr. Michelle Oakley Birthdate/Age, Childhood

Dr. Oakley was born in September 1969 in Munster, Indiana, United States to Steve Plantinga and Georgia Plantinga. Her birthdate currently makes her 48 years of age. As far as her ethnicity is concerned, she is white. Oakley has a brother sibling.

Growing up on a creek in Munster, Indiana she developed a strong bond with animals. She would build fort and rescue animals she thought needed rescue. She raised pug cross and a snake as pets and loved riding horses. Through her uncle’s farm, she got familiar with most of the large animals and would spend a lot of time there.

Dr. Oakley married to longtime husband and mother of three daughters

When Dr. Oakley first came to study wildlife in Yukon not only she did fall in love with the place but also a young local firefighter Shane Oakley who is her husband now. In her first Yukon Trip, she met Shane and fell in love with him. Back then Shane would refer her “Squirrel Girl”.

Young Love birds Michelle and Shane Oakley

The two got married in Hawaii on December 10, 1992, and since been living together in Haines, Yukon. Dr. Oakley and her husband mostly find themselves traveling in Yukon while tending to the job, Shane as a firefighter and Deputy Conservation Officer and no need to explain about Dr. Oakley job as Veterinarian. At home, they make the most of the family time.

Dr. Michelle Oakley and her husband Shane Oakley not so young now

Among the three daughters between them, Sierra Oakley is eldest currently aged 19, second Maya is 18, and the last born Willow Oakley is 12 now. Dr. Oakley raised them teaching how to fend against the inherent cold of Yukon and the danger that might come from wild creatures inhabiting in the area. Their youngest one, Willow is still learning the trade.

All three girls love animals and when free provides helping hand in her Veterinary. Despite the evident love and caring for animals Dr. Oakley has no answer whether they will follow her path.

For vacation, the family head up to a little cabin in the mountains where they usually spend a week ice fishing and just hanging out. During the occasion of 20th wedding anniversary, the Mr. and Mrs. Oakley alongside three girls went to Hawaii, to the Big Island the very place they got married. The family is used to Scuba diving and love snorkeling.

Dr. Oakley Career/Profession and Education

What began as the love for animals at childhood several years later Dr. Oakley finds herself indulged in the profession helping and rescuing them. Not a coincidence, right?

Dr. Oakley graduated high school in 1984 from her hometown Munster High School. She continued her education at the University of Michigan where she studied B.S.C  in Animal Biology (1988-1992). While studying there, she took her first trip to the Yukon as a field assistant on an arctic ground squirrel ecology study.

Dr Michelle Oakley and Dr Jan pol

Nat Geo Wild TV shows Veterinary stars, Dr.Michelle Oakley and Dr. Jan Pol

Dr. Oakley has been practicing veterinary medicine after she got her M.D degree in Veterinary medicine from Atlantic Veterinary College, UPEI in 2000. She began practice at Yukon Wildlife Preserve in 2001 and continues to work there as an on-call veterinarian at Whitehorse, Canada. She worked as Wildlife Veterinarian and regional biologist for Yukon Government from October of 2001 to January of 2009.

Dr. Oakely fined her medical skills on Zoo animals with an internship program with Calgary Zoo in 2008. Later she worked there for less than a year in 2011.

She currently operates a veterinary service out of her home in Haines, a pace with inhabitant of barely 800. This veteran lady has performed her skill in pets as well as wild animals including sled dogs, horses, cows, lap dogs, and snakes. Also, Dr.Oakley works on-call at the All Paws animal clinic. Sometimes she has to travel hours in the freezing cold to attain the emergencies at patient home.

Dr. Oakley operates her satellite clinic in Haines while sharing it with with the American Bald Eagle Foundation which houses injured birds unable to survive in the wild.

Dr. Oakley Salary and Net Worth

Dr. Michelle Oakley Net worth

Dr. Oakley collects her salary as the Veterinary doctor and  TV star of Nat Geo Wild reality show “Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet.” She is the main cast of the show. After making her debut in the first season from the very first episode of the show on April 4, 2014, she has continuously been part of it with its fifth season completed. Dr. Oakley receives a reported salary of $15, 000 per episode of the show. She has an estimated net worth of $700,000.


Dr. Oakley Wiki/Bio

Name:Michelle Oakley
Place of Birth Munster, Indiana, United States
Age48 years
BirthdateSeptember 1969
OccupationReality TV actor, Veterinary Doctor
ResidentHaines, Yukon
Net worth$700,000
HusbandShane Oakley


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