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While many people prefer the comfort of modern means of life, some like the challenge and comfort nature bring. However, the ever-expanding concrete jungle has instilled a new appreciation in people for nature. Following this yearning, many people take to the wilderness. Over the years, reality TV has increasingly featured stories of such men. Mountain Men is one of those reality TV series that revolves around the lives of those who prefer to live in the wilderness. Jake Herak is one of those people who has a penchant for hunting and fishing. Unlike some outdoorsmen who completely forfeit relationships in the quest for nature bliss, Jake has maintained a relationship side by side. In fact, he has accepted the marriage bond and the lady in the picture is none other than his girlfriend Anika Ward. In this article, we will bring everything to know about this mountain man.

Early Life:

Jake Herak was born on February 28, 1989, in Montana, United States. Born to parents John Herak and Alisa Smith, Jake moved with his mom to Twin Bridges, Montana during his teenage years.  Jake attended Twin Bridges High School. Residing at the foot of the Tobacco Root Mountains, Jake was exposed to hunting and fishing cultures. In those years he was also intrigued by the outdoors and explored the area. While Jake learned the trick of trades of a hunter he participated in sports needing physical strength. Jake played in several inter-college football competitions.

Mountain Men star Jake Herak
Jake Herek

A new generation:

There is a new wave of young generations who are seeking to enjoy life in the wilderness. A professional lion hunter, Jake resides at the foot of Montana’s Tobacco Root Mountain. Backed by his trusted team of hounds, Jake makes sure that the mountain lions stay away from the ranches. As his History TV bio reads, “The next generation of balls-to-the-wall lion hunters.” And while Jake may be young, he has a decade-long experience in hunting lions. He has been living in the mountains right from his teen years and has continued to sharpen his skills.

A hunter by trade:

While Jake’s primary job is to chase mountain lions and even kill them, it is not his calling. Jake is a professional hunter who just happens to be good at killing mountain lions. When he is not trying to drill a bullet into a lion, Jake is busy hunting with his hounds. He is also an avid fisher, and as Jake puts it,

“I got an empty freezer, and I definitely need to get some real good, clean meat”.

Reality TV:

While Jake has been hunting mountain lions since his teenage years, he made his first TV appearance in the seventh season of Mountain Men. Jake is one of the young blood to join the series. In his first professional season as a lion hunter, Jake hunted down nineteen mountain lions. While Jake is good at what he does, he is still learning the tricks of the trade and makes sure he doesn’t overstay his welcome. He understands the perils of the jungle and makes sure that he is back home by nightfall.

“We don’t want to be out here after dark with fresh meat on our back. There’s bears and mountain lions and out here. It’s a wild place with wild animals. It’s their home and meat’s what they eat.”

Rich Lewis Replacement:

The timing of Jake’s introduction as a Mountain Man could justify him as a replacement for veteran Lion hunter Rich Lewis. Rich Lewis made his departure from the show in 2017 with his last appearance coming in season 6 episode 13 titled “High and Dry.”

Jake Herak

Viewers had no idea of Jake Herak prior to his debut in 2018 during Season  7 Episode 2  “Time and Tide” and Jake being a Lion Hunter can not come as a coincidence. It was as if he was filling in the void left by Rich Lewis also not to mention a similar way of tracking Lions using hounds.

Since the first appearance, Jake has cemented himself as a regular cast member making 39 episodes appearances until 2021. The latest season eleventh of  “Mountain Men” premiered on September 1, 2022, and as expected of him, Jake finds his hands full chasing lions with his trusted hound dogs and even gets in a confrontation with a black bear on Kodiak Island.

Personal Life:

Jake Herak is married:

Jake is active on social media and time to time shares glimpses of his personal life. Back in 2019, Jake was dating Anika Ward and the pair had been living together for some time. Jake is not the one to hesitate to profess his love for her and came up with a long Instagram post on Valentine’s day of 2019. Talking about her Jake wrote;

“Happy Valentine’s Day to this dime, she puts up with a lot.. I’m always gone working or hunting and she’s always by my side supporting me in everything I do… thanks babe for all you do.”

Taking the momentum of love a notch further the pair decided to get married. Jake and his girlfriend Anika had their wedding ceremony on July 2, 2022, at Clover Meadows, Sheridan, Montanna. 

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The newly married couple is yet to give birth to their biological children. Like Jake, Anika shows her love for the outdoors and enjoys fishing and hunting.

Body Measurement and other traits:

The lion hunter stands at 5 feet 8 inches(approx) tall and has brown eyes. Born with dark brown hair, Jake’s fit body shows how serious he is about his muscles, and for obvious reasons, if somehow he steps down from hunting it won’t be because of his health. Jake was born under the Pisces zodiac sign and if you believe in astrology people with the sign have qualities such as flirtatious, charming, romantic, also introverted, and emotional.

Net Worth:

Jake makes his money as a hunter and reality television actor reported to have a net worth of $200,000.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Full Name:Jake Herak
Birth Date:February 28, 1989
Birth Place:Montana, United States
Marital Status:Married
Wife:Anika Ward
High School:Twin Bridges High School
College degree:N/A
Profession:Reality Television actor, Outdoorsman, Hunter
Net Worth:$200,000
Father’s Name:John Herak
Mother’s Name:Alisa Smith
Height:5 feet 8 inches (approx)
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Social Media:Instagram

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