Ghost Hunters International Susan Slaughter: Wiki-Bio, ethnicity, career.

Susan Slaughter is a real-life witch, or that’s what she calls herself. For all the times Susan has identified herself as a witch, she is quick to point out the wrong portrayal of witches in TV and Movies. One of the leading stars of Ghost Hunters International Back in the day, Susan is a full-time paranormal investigator. Unlike most of her castmates who abandoned paranormal investigations after wrapping up the series, Susan has continued to study paranormal occurrences. Over the years, Susan has made notable appearances in several movies and TV series. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Susan Slaughter.

Early Life:

Susan Noelle Utermark was born and raised in Miami, Florida. The reality star is part Nicaraguan, which is why she is fluent in Spanish. As a young kid, Susan had her fair share of paranormal encounters. She began her paranormal adventures from the age of fifteen and joined a paranormal group that she met by chance. In an interview with Trainwreck’d Society, Susan revealed that she has always had visions as a child and wanted to get behind the meaning of those visions.

“I was experiencing phenomena pretty regularly as a child, through my teen years, and even now as an adult. But when I was younger, I needed to understand what these visions, orbs, and shadows were.”

Susan Slaughter Ghost Hunters International
Ghost Hunters International cast Susan Slaughter 

Susan joined a local paranormal society and was glad to find people who shared similar experiences. When asked about her early days, Susan fondly recalls,

“Most members on the team were either sensitive like myself, or have had paranormal experiences too!”


As a young kid, Susan always had a flair for theatre and drama. During her high school days, Susan was always joining drama clubs and even started a few of her own. Like most parents, Susan’s mother tried to shield Susan from ghost movies, which made the genre even more appealing for her.

Joining Ghost Hunters:

During her University years, Susan had some run-ins with the drama department. She revealed that even though she did most of the work by herself, she was never credited for it.

“I was in school running costumes, makeup, stage, and lighting pretty much all by myself and getting ZERO recognition for all my efforts”.

She quit college and sent a video to SyFy when she heard they were looking for a new lead investigator. SyFy wanted Susan to compete in Ghost Hunters Academy and Susan was crowned the winner of the very first season. But instead of joining the main Ghost Hunters cast, Susan decided to join Ghost Hunters International. Even though the end of the series marked her time with the Ghost Hunters Crew, Susan continued to work as a paranormal investigator.

Over the years, Susan has starred in several movies including The Dawn (2019), Bliss (2019), Slay Belles (2018), Cynthia (2018), Ouija House (2018), Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival (2016), Party Monsters (2015), and Social Medium (2015). Susan is also a part of The Dark Zone and is one of their lead researchers.

Susan currently lives in Los Angles with her pet snake, Clementine. During her early years, Susan pursued Zoology studies but left to work as a paranormal researcher. Other than her acting exploits, Susan also works as a fashion model.

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