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Susan Slaughter is a real-life witch, or that’s what she calls herself. For all the times Susan has identified herself as a witch, she is quick to point out the wrong portrayal of witches in TV and Movies. One of the leading stars of Ghost Hunters International Back in the day, Susan is a full-time paranormal investigator. Unlike most of her castmates who abandoned paranormal investigations after wrapping up the series, Susan has continued to study paranormal occurrences. Over the years, Susan has made notable appearances in several movies and TV series. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Susan Slaughter.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameSusan Noelle Utermark
Date of birthMay 1, 1987
Age36 years old
Place of birthMiami, Florida, USA
EthnicityGerman, Nicaraguan
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish
OccupationActress, model, paranormal investigator, TV host
Years active2009-present
Known forGhost Hunters International, Ghost Hunters Academy, The Dawn, Slay Belles
Net Worth$1.5 Million (estimated)
Height5’ 4″ (1.63 m)
TattooA phoenix across the right side of her torso
ReligionNone (leans towards magic and energy workings)
EducationDegree in Costume Design/Theatre from Miami Dade College
FamilyMother (a devout Catholic), biological father (a Wiccan), stepfather (a Buddhist)
BoyfriendCarlos Ramirez (a guitarist for the band Headcrusher)
First TV appearanceGhost Hunters Academy (2009)
First movie appearanceParty Monster (2015)
Awards and nominationsNone
Favorite colorBlack
Favorite animalCat
Favorite movie genreHorror
Favorite music genreUnknown
Favorite TV showAmerican Horror Story
Favorite bookUnknwon
Favorite foodUnknown
Favorite drinkUnknown
Hobbies and interestsReading, writing, painting, traveling, hiking, yoga, meditation, tarot reading, astrology, witchcraft
PetsCats, Snake
Zodiac signTaurus
Susan Slaughter Ghost Hunters International
Ghost Hunters International cast Susan Slaughter 

Upbringing & Family

Susan Slaughter was born as Susan Noelle Utermark on May 1, 1990, in Miami, Florida. She is of mixed ethnicity, with German ancestry from her father’s side and Nicaraguan heritage from her mother’s side. She is fluent in Spanish because of her Latin roots. Her parents had different religious beliefs. Her mother was a devout Catholic, while her father was a Wiccan. They got divorced when Susan was young, and her mother remarried a Buddhist man. Susan grew up around various belief systems and learned to respect different perspectives.

Susan Slaughter also had a supernatural gift since childhood. She could see visions, orbs, and shadows that others could not. She wanted to understand what these phenomena were and how they related to her. Her family was aware of her gift and supported her curiosity. In an interview with Trainwreck’d Society, Susan revealed,

“I was experiencing phenomena pretty regularly as a child, through my teen years, and even now as an adult. But when I was younger, I needed to understand what these visions, orbs, and shadows were.”

Susan was interested in zoology and herpetology unit she was 15 years old but she forfeit to pursue other interests. She joined a local paranormal society called “League of Paranormal Investigators” at the age of 19 and was glad to find people who shared similar experiences. When asked about her early days, Susan fondly recalls,

“Most members on the team were either sensitive like myself, or have had paranormal experiences too!”


As a young kid, Susan always had a flair for theatre and drama. During her high school days, Susan was always joining drama clubs and even started a few of her own. Like most parents, Susan’s mother tried to shield Susan from ghost movies, which made the genre even more appealing to her.

Joining Ghost Hunters

During her University years, Susan had some run-ins with the drama department. She revealed that even though she did most of the work by herself, she was never credited for it.

“I was in school running costumes, makeup, stage, and lighting pretty much all by myself and getting ZERO recognition for all my efforts”.

She quit college and sent a video to SyFy when she heard they were looking for a new lead investigator. SyFy wanted Susan to compete in Ghost Hunters Academy and Susan was crowned the winner of the very first season. But instead of joining the main Ghost Hunters cast, Susan decided to join Ghost Hunters International. Even though the end of the series marked her time with the Ghost Hunters Crew, Susan continued to work as a paranormal investigator.

Other Works

Susan Slaughter is a versatile actress who has explored various genres and roles in her film and television career. She is best known for her involvement in the paranormal field, but she has also shown her talent in horror, comedy, and fantasy projects. Some of her notable works are:

  • The Dawn (2019): A psychological thriller set in the 1930s, where Susan plays Sister Isabel, a young nun who is haunted by visions of a demonic presence in her convent.
  • Bliss (2019): A dark and twisted tale of a brilliant painter who resorts to using a hallucinogenic drug to overcome her creative block, but soon spirals into madness and violence.
  • Slay Belles (2018): A festive horror comedy where Susan portrays Dahlia, one of the three cosplaying women who accidentally unleash Krampus, the Christmas demon, and have to team up with Santa Claus to save the holiday.
  • Cynthia (2018): A horror comedy where Susan appears as a forensic tech who investigates a series of murders caused by a couple’s deformed baby.
  • Ouija House (2018): A supernatural horror where Susan plays Sophia the Evil Witch, a vengeful spirit who possesses a young woman during a séance at a haunted house.
  • Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival (2016): A musical horror where Susan is an evil carney who works for Lucifer in his twisted amusement park.
  • Party Monsters (2015): A reality TV movie where Susan plays a dominatrix who hosts a wild party for celebrities and socialites.
  • Social Medium (2014-2015): A web series where Susan stars as herself, a paranormal investigator who uses social media to document her ghost-hunting adventures.

Other than her acting exploits, Susan also works as a fashion model. She has also participated in various conventions and events related to the paranormal, such as Stan Lee’s Comikazee, Utah Halloween Expo, Scarefest, and Comic-Con. She has been featured on various media outlets such as The Nerdist, Bizarre States, Dread Central, and Sinful Celluloid.

Net Worth

Susan Slaughter’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 Million USD. She has earned this amount from her various roles in movies and TV shows, such as The Dawn, Slay Belles, Ouija House, Ghost Hunters Academy, and Social Medium. She is also a producer of the death metal band Headcrusher’s Blood Red Sands.

Physical Traits

Physical TraitFact
Hair colorBlack (dyed blonde, silver)
Eye colorHazel
Height5′ 4″ (1.63 m)
Weight108 lbs -130 lbs (49 – 59 kg )
TattoosHas a tattoo of a phoenix across the right side of her torso
Body TypeCurvy
Face Oval

Relationship Status

Susan Slaughter is a talented and versatile personality who has achieved success in both the paranormal and entertainment fields. She is an inspiration for many young people who are passionate about exploring the unknown and expressing their creativity. Susan Slaughter is living her dream life with her boyfriend and her career. She is currently in a relationship with Carlos Ramirez, a guitarist for the bands Headcrusher and Internal Suffering. They have been together since 2018 but are yet to tie the knot. Susan also does not have any children.

Interesting Facts

  • Does Susan Slaughter like to read horror novels? Yes
  • Does Susan Slaughter believe in the paranormal? Yes
  • Is Susan Slaughter afraid of the dark? No
  • Has Susan Slaughter ever played with Ouija board? Yes
  • Does Susan Slaughter enjoy watching scary movies? Yes
  • Has Susan Slaughter ever visited a haunted house? Yes
  • Does Susan Slaughter have any superstitions? Unknown
  • Has Susan Slaughter ever had a nightmare that felt real? Yes
  • Does Susan Slaughter own any creepy dolls? No
  • Has Susan Slaughter ever heard strange noises at night? Yes
  • Does Susan Slaughter know any urban legends? Yes
  • Has Susan Slaughter ever experienced sleep paralysis? No
  • Does Susan Slaughter like to dress up for Halloween? Yes
  • Has Susan Slaughter ever performed a séance? No
  • Does Susan Slaughter know how to read tarot cards? Yes
  • Has Susan Slaughter ever been to a cemetery at night? Yes
  • Does Susan Slaughter have any phobias? No
  • Does Susan Slaughter think zombies are real? No

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