Salvage Dawgs Tay Whiteside married? His net worth, biography.

Slowly but definitely the Whiteside family are creating a name for themselves in the reality TV industry. And Tay Whiteside is the latest person to carry the torch. The son of Mike Whiteside, Tay can be seen alongside his father in operations of the Black Dawg Salvage Company. A familiar face in NTV’s Salvage Dawgs, Tay has enjoyed an amazing career on the show. In spite of his age, Tay is a respected figure around the members of the staff. He shares an amazing on-screen and off-screen chemistry with his dad Mike Whiteside, Godfather Robert Kulp, and Grayson Goldsmith.

Early Life

For a celebrity kid, there exists very little information on Taylor Whiteside. While we do know that Tay was born in Roanoke, Virginia, U.S, there is no information on his date of birth. Tay shares his parents Mike Whiteside and Sussie Faris with his sibling sister Grace Whiteside. Finishing his high school from the Hidden Valley High School, Tay attended the Virginia Western Community College. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Tay accompanied his father in his exploits.

Salvage dawgs Taylor Whiteside
Salvage dawgs Taylor Whiteside

TV appearance and Net Worth

Fresh out of college, Tay joined the Black Dawgs salvage company and has been there ever since. Alongside his father, Tay makes regular appearances on the reality TV series Salvage Dawgs as well. His breakthrough TV show debut came back in 2012 and has appeared in over 46 episodes until now.

Taylor Whiteside family: Parents & siblings
Taylor Whiteside family: Parents Mike, Sussie (R) & siblingĀ Grace WhitesideĀ 

Although relatively young Taylor is making all the right moves in his professional career. First joining his father in the family business and then reaping further rewards with a part in a reality TV show. Also, Taylor is involved in the project of his own. He is the owner and Executive Producer of Life Arc Studios LLC,Ā a multimedia production company based in Roanoke,Ā Virginia. Everything seems well off on and off the screen. While Tay’s net worth is not known his fatherĀ Mike Whiteside has an estimated net worth of $1M as of 2020.

A happy married life??

Even though there is very little information about Tay’s relationships, we do know that he is dating Caroline Gallagher. A scroll through Tay’s Instagram profile reveals details on the women he seems to be currently dating. Tay shared a photo of Caroline on 22nd September 2019 and said she was his favorite human. Ever since then, the pair can be seen smiling on Tay’s Instagram profile. It remains unclear if Tay and Caroline are currently engaged, or married. But one thing is for sure, the pair are happy in love.

Taylor Whiteside girlfriend Caroline Gallagher
Taylor Whiteside girlfriend Caroline Gallagher

Meanwhile, when the media mentions happy marriage and relationship Mike Whiteside and his wife Sussie Faris leave their juniors to the inspiration. The couple is currently married for a whopping 29 years and going strong with the relationship. As in professional life, we are sure Tay would like to pick up the traits from his parents to make a relationship last long and happy.

An animal lover

Tay is a softie at heart. He currently has a pet named Stella who just passed her fifth birthday. The reality star took to Facebook to share his happiness. He has said in the past that he adopted Stella as she was abandoned on the side of the road.

Tay and Grayson Goldsmith??

Following her appearance in 2013, Grayson Goldsmith quickly hit it off with Tay. The pair enjoyed an amazing chemistry on-screen and fans were left wondering if they were dating. As they actively worked on the Q&A sessions for the series, fans would often ask about their relationship. Both Tay and Grayson stated they were only friends. The rumors were put to rest following the marriage of Grayson Goldsmith to Garrett Hollingsworth.

Quick facts

Name Taylor Whiteside
Age Not Known
Birthdate Not Known
Birthplace Roanoke, Virginia, U.S
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession A Reality TV star, Entrepreneur
Girlfriend Caroline Gallagher
Net Worth N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Martial Status Single
Children None
Social Media Instagram


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