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At a glance, an auction looks like one of the most civilized places to be. People dressed up in elegant suits bidding for items on display. And while one may get outbid by the other, at the end of the day it’s all smiles. That is what an auction looks like to an outsider. To those involved in it, an auction is a place where people are constantly trying to outwit each other. Such is the pretense presented by the reality TV series, Storage Wars. The cameras follow a group of bidders as they try to assess the value of a storage locker at a glance. Darrell Sheets is one of those investors who is constantly on the lookout for bigger margins. 

How Rich is Darrell Sheets?

Darrell Sheets is a man who knows how to gamble and win. He is a star of the hit reality show “Storage Wars”, where he bids on abandoned storage units hoping to find hidden treasures inside. He is known as “The Gambler” for his bold and risky moves, sometimes spending thousands of dollars on a single locker. But his gambles have paid off big time, as he has found some of the most valuable items ever seen on the show, such as a collection of paintings worth $300,000, a letter from Abraham Lincoln worth $15,000, and rare comic books worth $90,000.

Storage Wars star Darrell Sheets

Darrell has been in the storage hunting business for over 30 years, and he has amassed a fortune of $5 million from his successful finds and his salary from the show. He earns $25,000 per episode, making him one of the highest-paid cast members of “Storage Wars”. He has also appeared on other shows like “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “Rachael Ray”, increasing his fame and popularity.

Wife and Kids?

Darrell Sheets is a gambler who likes to take risks and win big. But his life is not all about money and fame. He also has a heart that beats for love. Darrell met his wife Kimber Wuerfel in a serendipitous way. They were driving on a highway in California when they caught each other’s eye. Darrell quickly wrote his phone number on a piece of paper then followed her and put it on her car window. Kimber decided to call him and they hit it off right away.

They got engaged in March 2012 and soon tied the knot. Kimber, a real estate agent from Orange County, was Darrell’s second wife. He had a son named Brandon from his previous marriage, who also appeared on Storage Wars with him. Darrell also had another child from his past relationship, but not much is known about them.

Darrell and Kimber seemed to have a happy marriage for a few years. They supported each other through thick and thin. Kimber even helped Darrell lose over 100 pounds by motivating him to join Nutrisystem and eat healthier.

But their relationship hit a rough patch in 2016, when they reportedly divorced. The reason for their split was not clear, but some speculated that it had something to do with Darrell’s addiction to storage unit bidding or his personality clashes with Kimber.

Darrel met Romney Synde in 2016 and got engaged in the same year. Darrell also thanked her for being by his side when he suffered a mild heart attack in 2019. However, in 2021, Darrell surprised his fans by posting pictures of him and Kimber together on Instagram. He revealed that they had rekindled their love and celebrated their 10th dating anniversary. He also thanked her for a beautiful birthday surprise and said that he loved her. They are now enjoying their life as a couple and sharing their happiness with their followers. Darrell has also hinted that they have some exciting projects in the works.

How Darrel Became a Storage Hunter?

Darrell was born on May 13, 1958, in Covina, California, USA. He started his career as a sanitation worker, but soon realized that he had a knack for finding valuable things in other people’s trash. He decided to pursue his passion and became a full-time storage hunter. He mainly sold his finds at swap meets and online stores, but he also kept some of the rare and interesting items for his personal collection. Since, Darrell has been in the storage hunting business for over 30 years, and has made some incredible finds over the years.


Darrell’s television career began in 2010 when he joined Storage Wars as one of the original cast members. Since then, he has appeared in over 100 episodes of the show and has become one of its most popular personalities. Darrell has amassed a large online following as well, with over 100k followers on Twitter and over 50k followers on Instagram.

Darrell is known as “The Gambler” on “Storage Wars”, a show that follows a group of buyers who bid on unclaimed storage lockers hoping to strike gold. Darrell’s personality and charisma have made him a fan favorite on Storage Wars. He is witty, humorous, and confident, but also humble and generous. He often jokes around with his fellow bidders, especially Dave Hester, who is his main rival on the show. Darrell does not back down from a challenge, and he always tries to outbid Dave whenever he can. He also has a soft spot for his friends and colleagues, such as Barry Weiss and Jarrod Schulz. He sometimes helps them out with their lockers or gives them advice on how to improve their business. Darrell is one of the most experienced and successful bidders on the show, and he is not afraid to take risks or challenge his rivals. He has a powerful personality and a sharp eye for spotting hidden gems.

Some of the most amazing finds that Darrell has made on the show include four drawings by Pablo Picasso, a letter written by Abraham Lincoln, and several pieces of original artwork by Frank Gutierrez worth $300,000. This last find was the biggest profit in the show’s history, and it earned Darrell and Brandon much fame and admiration. Darrell has also found some bizarre and creepy items, such as a human corpse wrapped in plastic, which he promptly reported to the authorities.

Darrell has also appeared on other TV shows mainly as a guest, such as “Rachael Ray” (2013) and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” (2011).

Health Scare:

Sheets has had several health scares over the years, including two heart attacks in 2019 that required surgery. He also suffered from congestive heart failure and a severe lung issue. He blamed himself for his poor health and urged his fans to take care of themselves.

Physical Traits and Dressing Style:

Darrell Sheets is a man who also knows how to gamble with style. He has a muscular physique and a confident posture, standing at 5 ft 8 inches tall. He has short brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard that gives him a rugged look. He often wears sunglasses to shield his eyes from the sun and to hide his emotions from his competitors. His dressing style is casual and comfortable, reflecting his laid-back personality. He likes to wear T-shirts, jeans, jackets, and baseball caps, sometimes with logos or slogans related to his profession. He also wears accessories such as watches, rings, and necklaces, adding some flair to his outfit. He is not afraid to show off his tattoos, which are symbols of his life experiences and passions. Darrell Sheets is a man who dresses for success, but also for fun.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Full nameDarrell Sheets
NicknameThe Gambler
Date of birthMay 13, 1958
Place of birthCovina, California, USA
Zodiac signTaurus
Height5 ft 8 in (1.72 m)
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBrown
OccupationReality TV star, Storage hunter
Net worth$5 million
Famous forAppearing on Storage Wars
Catchphrase“This is the WOW factor!”
Ex-girlfriend/ FianceeRomney Snyder
WivesKimber Wuerfel, unknown first wife
ChildrenBrandon Sheets
GrandchildrenTwo granddaughters
HobbiesFishing, golfing, traveling
Favorite sports teamSan Diego Chargers
Favorite movieScarface
Favorite music genreRock and roll
Favorite bandAC/DC
Favorite singerElvis Presley
Favorite foodSteak and potatoes
Favorite drinkBeer
Favorite animalDog
Biggest find in storage lockerOriginal artwork by Frank Gutierrez worth $300,000
Scariest find in storage lockerHuman corpse wrapped in plastic
Most interesting finds in storage lockerFour drawings by Pablo Picasso, a letter written by Abraham Lincoln, a comic book collection worth $90,000, a pile of cash worth $750,000
Biggest loss in storage locker$2,600 for a locker full of trash and broken furniture
Biggest rival in Storage WarsDave Hester
Health issuesHeart attack due to congestive heart failure, underwent surgery and lost over 100 pounds; currently healthy and fit

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