What happened to Barry Weiss from Storage Wars? His wife, kids, bio.

Barry Weiss doesn’t seem to care much for auction. A collector by trade, Barry is big on collecting antiques. Since the age of 15, Barry has made a name for himself as an antique collector and has followed the passion ever since. A larger than life character, Barry made a fortune out of collecting antiques. One of the best characters on the reality TV series Storage Wars, Barry joined the series at the bequest of his friend. While Barry rose to fame following his appearances, he did not stay for the long-run and left the series after four seasons. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Barry Weiss.

Early Life:

Barry Weiss is presumed to be in his late 60s and has revealed very little about his early life. As a young kid, Barry developed a passion for collecting and soon moved towards collecting antiques. He began collecting stuff since the age of 15 and made a name for himself in the later years. Weiss owned a production company alongside his brother but retired from his administrative duties. However, for all his time collecting antiques, Barry had never bought a storage unit until his friend and Storage Wars executive producer and narrator Thom Beers suggested he join the show.

Barry Weiss
Storage Wars star Barry Weiss

Storage Wars:

Barry Weiss joined the cast of the reality TV series Storage Wars on December 1, 2010. He was cast in the first season and was given the nickname, The Collector. However, Weiss had a short run on the show and left the series after the fourth season. On June 25, 2013, the channel announced that Weiss had left the series. However, in February of 2014, Weiss announced that he would star in a spin-off series, Barry’d Treasure Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back. However, the series lasted for only 8-episodes and Barry parted ways from the Storage Wars franchise. Weiss explained his departure from the series stating his desire to leave the series while it was in its peak. Talking to the entertainment photographer Ferry de Kok in April 2017, Weiss revealed,

“I had a blast [on Storage Wars]. It was fun, but I had enough and I kind of wanted to leave while it was still popular.”

In his own words, Weiss is back to being a “world-class slacker … a bum, an underachiever.”

Near-death experience:

While many fans thought that Weiss had died following his departure from the series, the man is very much alive and kicking. However, in 2019 Weiss had a near-death experience. He and his friend Jamie had suffered from a motorcycle accident. According to a report published in TMZ, Weiss and his friend Jamie were on their bikes when a car suddenly pulled in front of the pair. The men crashed head front into the car which left Weiss with some serious injuries. Weiss was placed in the ICU following the accident but has since healed from his injuries.

Barry Weiss Storage Wars

After leaving the hospital, Weiss became the new face of Sherwood Valley Casino and has been doing voiceover work for the casino. While Storage Wars has wrapped up since Weiss’s last episode, the reality star would love to feature in a motorsport series someday.

“I’d like to do like a motorsport show really. I’m really knowledgeable in all types. I’d really like to do that and travel the world, ’cause that’s what I like.”

Personal Life: Barry Weiss wife & Kids

Although Barry Weiss is currently single he indeed was a married man. Long before the TV  fame, Barry tied the knot and had two children with his wife. Both Jack and Jill are grown up now. Weiss family line further extends with a grandchildren Oliver born in 2015. Other than this little information on his family Barry has managed to keep under the wraps. As such the identity of wife, how long the two were together or cause of separation has not come to the grasp of media.

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