Dr. Elizabeth Grammer wiki/bio shows the death of her husband. Where is she now?

Changes are often hard to cope especially when you lose a near and dear one. For some, death has a tendency to alter the course of life in a worse way. Meet Elizabeth Grammer, a veterinarian by profession, she had it all but lost more than she bargained due to the death of her husband. You may as well know her from the Nat Geo Wild show  “The Incredible Dr. Pol.” Following the death of her husband she opted for a low-key life. So, what actually happened to Dr. Elizabeth Grammer, where is she now? Why did she leave “The Incredible Dr. Pol?” In this biography, we will bring everything to know about her.

Who indeed is Dr. Elizabeth Grammer?

Elizabeth Morris Grammer is an American veterinary doctor and a former reality television actor. She worked at Pol Veterinary Service under Dr. Jan Harm Pol during which she also appeared in the television show “The Incredible Dr.Pol.”

Dr Elizabeth Grammar
Dr. Elizabeth Grammar

Early Life & Education:

Elizabeth Grammer was born in 1973, in Lamar County, Georgia, United States. As a kid, she would spend time on her parent’s farm, this is also the place where her interaction with farm animals began. She enrolled at a local school in her hometown. And after high school, she did four years of Bachelor in Science and then completed her DVM degree from the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine.


She began her journey as a veterinary doctor as a technician at a large animal veterinary clinic. Her work endeavors made her relocate places. She worked at Southside Animal Hospital in Griffin, Georgia. At some point, she moved to Weidman, Michigan, and started working at the Pol Veterinary Service. In 2015, She was working alongside Dr. Jan Harm Pol including lady veterinarian Dr. Brenda Grettenberger.

The Incredible Dr. Pol:

Dr. Elizabeth Grammer joined the cast of “The Incredible Dr. Pol” as a DVM, staff veterinarian in 2016 during season 8 episode 5 titled “Un-Bee-livable.” She regularly appeared in 2016 gaining 7 episode credits. Although she left the show following her husband’s death the episodes are tapped in advance as a result she was seen in two episodes in season  10.

The tragedy made her live a low-key life.

Dr. Elizabeth was married to Robert Jason Grammer who worked as a welder for many years. On Christmas Eve (December 24) of 2016, Robert met with an unfortunate accident resulting in his death.

Like any typical family, Elizabeth and her husband were in the Christmas mood, and Robert had been drinking alcohol and vodka all day. After one conversation between the pair escalated, Elizabeth handed Grammer  .5 ml. of butorphanol, a Schedule IV narcotic. Robert injected in his vein making him unresponsive almost immediately. Elizabeth later regretted her action and said that she should not have handed him the medication.

Dr Elizabeth and her late husband  Robert Grammar
Elizabeth Grammer & her late husband Robert Jason Grammer

After paramedics could not revive him, Mr. Grammer was taken to Monroe County Hospital. He was then transferred and put on life support with no improvement at Macon Medical Center. Robert passed away at the age of 48 on December 30, 2016, when he was taken off life support.

A suicide attempt of own:

Unable to cope with reality, Elizabeth tried to take her own life. She was found unresponsive at her residence on December 28, 2016. Deputy Sheriff Cynthia Patten found her on a couch with an IV in her arm and the IV bag hanging from the ceiling. Elizabeth was taken to Monroe County Hospital for emergency medical. After the revival, Elizabeth was put in a psychiatric ward in Macon, Georgia for a while.

Returning to work:

Elizabeth Grammer battled with mental health following the death of her husband. In order to take personal care, she kept herself away from her veterinary work for some time and resided in Georgia. She made her career comeback as a DVM staff veterinarian at “Animal Amour Veterinary Hospital and Pet Lodge” in Georgia, Hampton.

Personal Life:

Marriage & Children:

Elizabeth Grammer was married to Robert Jason Grammer for the longest time. In the years as a couple, the pair raised children together. The family line further extends with her grandkids.

Elizabeth & Robert Grammer alongside their children

There is not much information available about the children save for the fact all of them are grown up and have been married. They are ( Nick Grammar,  Nelson Grammar, Kourtney Jones, and Kaeli  Gibson) are residents of Georgia.

Wiki/bio Facts:

Full Name Elizabeth Morris Grammer
Birthdate 1973
Age 50 years old
Birth Place Lamar County, Georgia, United States
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian
Zodiac N/A
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Sexuality Straight
Gender Female
Marital Status Widowed
Husband Robert Jason Grammer
Children Nick Grammar, Nelson Grammar, Kourtney Jones, Kaeli  Gibson.
Relationship Status Single
Education University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine
Profession Former Reality Television actor, Veterinary Doctor
Net worth N/A
Height Feet & Inches
Wight N/A
Social Media Inactive


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