Getting to know Texicanas Cast, their partner, kids, family, facts.

It is safe to say that Bravo TV has perfected the formula for creating amazing reality TV shows. From absolute popular series like ‘The Real Housewives’ franchise to cult hits like ‘Below Deck’, the network knows what it is doing with its series. Texicanas is the latest product of Bravo TV. The series focuses on a group of Latina women who share Mexican heritage. And while the premise of the show is not new in itself, the execution is. Instead of objectifying the Mexican women, Texicanas presents them as they are, flaws and all.

Penny Ayarzagoitia:

The nucleus of the group, Penny is never too far away from the gossip. Born in the US, Penny spent most of her life in Mexico. After working to build a successful real estate empire with her husband, Raul, Penny is back in the US to emulate her success. The pair have two lovely children and can often be seen taking turns to take care of them. While Penny does seem like an ordinary lady, she does have a stripper pole in the middle of her living room.

Getting to know Texicanas Cast

Mayra Farret:

Mayra Farret is a perfectionist. For Mayra, if a thing is not done to a tee, then there is no point in doing it at all. Unlike most of the group, Mayra was born in Mexico and graduated with a finance degree. After working at a high-profile job in Monterrey, Mexico, Mayra moved to San Antonio with her husband, Fernando. As she didn’t have citizenship at the time, Mayra shifted her focus on raising her two sons.

Lorena Martinez:

Ever the social butterfly of the group, Lorena knows everyone and everything. Limitations do not apply to her social networks, and Lorena just about knows a guy for every task. Born in Texas but raised in Reynosa, Mexico, Lorena got married to her husband, Ignacio, at just 19-years of age. Her husband runs a successful construction company while Lorena runs the house. Lorena may be the youngest of the lot but she knows a fair share of things to get by.

Anayancy Nolasco:

As her Bravo TV Bio puts it, “Anayancy is as unique as her name.” Born and raised in Mexico, Nolasco is the only one in the group who doesn’t have a US citizenship, yet. Nolasco is a single mother who moved to San Antonio for college. Unlike most of the group, Nolasco regularly goes to visit her father who lives in Mexico.

Karla Ramirez:

Born and raised in Brownsville, Texas, Karla is the only one in the group who has not spent a lot of time in Mexico. She is married to an entrepreneur, Manoli Zacharias, and the pair own a series of business around the States including the Hotel Discotheque. The pair have two lovely boys and share a mutual feeling of respect in their marriage.

Luz Ortiz:

Luz Ortiz had seen her fair share of struggles. Born in Arizona, Luz spent much of her early life in Sonora, Mexico. Raised in a highly conservative environment, Luz married when she was 23 and went on to have three children. Unable to handle the traditional expectations of her husband, Luz divorced her husband and rejected the traditional Mexican norms. Luz is a successful entrepreneur and owns a successful boxing gym.

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