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Travis Lane Stork is not your average doctor. While he is good at what he does, he managed to make a name for himself in a somewhat different way. Travis first rose to fame following his appearance in the reality TV series, The Bachelor. The series follows a bachelor as he dates more than a couple of women to find the one he is most compatible with. On the other hand, women compete against a series of challenges to prove their compatibility with the bachelor. Travis was the bachelor in the 8th season of the reality series. In this article, we take a closer look at the Wiki bio of Travis Lane Stork.

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Early Life

Travis Lane Stork was born on the 9th of March 1972 in Fort Collins, Colorado, United States. He is the only child of Roger Stork and Donna Stork. He grew up in Missouri, where his parents were hardworking Midwestern farmers. He is the first doctor in his family and showed an early interest in science and medicine.

Travis Lane Stork
Travis Lane Stork

He attended Parkway West High School in Ballwin, Missouri, where he excelled academically and athletically. He graduated magna cum laude from Duke University with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. He then pursued his medical degree at the University of Virginia, where he graduated with honors and was a member of the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha honor society.

Professional Career

Travis began his medical career with an emergency medical residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. He also worked as an attending physician in a private hospital system in Colorado, before returning to Vanderbilt as a faculty physician. During his residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Travis met the producers of¬†The Bachelor¬†by chance. They invited Travis to audition for the series and in 2006 he was cast as the bachelor. The 8th season of The Bachelors ended with Travis choosing school teacher, Sarah Stone. Coincidentally, Sarah lived only two blocks away from Travis’s residency. But instead of getting married as the winners usually do, Travis proposed a relationship. Although their relationship did not last beyond the show, Stork continued to pursue his love for television and medicine as the host of The Doctors, a syndicated daytime talk show that won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Informative in 2010. The series featured Travis and three other physicians from different fields, as they brainstormed several medical issues. Dr. Stork hosted the show for 12 seasons from 2008 until 2020 when it switched to a single-host format.


Alongside his contribution to reality TV and his field, Travis is also a recognized author. He released his first book  Don’t Be That Girl: A Guide to Finding the Confident, Rational Girl Within, on the 7th of October, 2008. Over the years, Travis has released several other books including The Doctor Is In: A 7-Step Prescription for Optimal Wellness (April 27, 2010), and  The Lean Belly Prescription: The fast and foolproof diet and weight-loss plan from America’s top urgent-care doctor (December 7, 2010).

Net Worth

Travis Lane Stork has an estimated net worth of $12 million as of 2023. He has multiple sources of income that contribute to his wealth and lifestyle. One of his main sources of income is his television career. 

Another source of income for Dr. Stork is his¬†authorship. He has written several books on health and wellness, and became New York Times best sellers in the “Advice, How-to & Miscellaneous” category. Dr. Stork also makes money from his¬†medical practice.¬†He is an emergency physician who has practiced medicine at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee, and hospital in Colorado. He has also invested in some¬†telehealth companies, such as MDLIVE, where he served as the chairman of its Medical Advisory Board from 2013 to 2015.

Dr. Stork lives a comfortable and luxurious life with his wife and two children in Nashville, Tennessee where he owns a house.

Dr. Stork does not flaunt his wealth or properties on social media, but he occasionally shares glimpses of his family and hobbies. He enjoys traveling, hiking, biking, skiing and playing golf.

Rumors & Controversy

Behind his successful career and charming smile, Dr. Stork has also faced some challenges and controversies in his personal and professional life. Here are some of the rumors and scandals that have surrounded him over the years:

  • His breakup with Sarah Stone: Despite their apparent chemistry on The Bachelor, Dr. Stork and Stone did not last long as a couple. They announced their split shortly after the show‚Äôs finale aired, citing the difficulties of maintaining a relationship due to the rules of the show and the media scrutiny that came with their fame. Some fans speculated that their romance was staged for the show, while others blamed Dr. Stork for being too busy with his medical career to commit to Stone.
  • His divorce from Charlotte Brown: In 2012, Dr. Stork married his longtime girlfriend, pediatrician Charlotte Brown, in a ceremony in Colorado. However, after three years of marriage, they decided to call it quits and filed for divorce in 2015. The reason for their separation was not disclosed, but some sources claimed that they had grown apart due to their hectic schedules and different priorities.
  • His chronic pain and anti-inflammatory diet: In 2020, Dr. Stork revealed that he had been suffering from chronic pain for years, stemming from a toe injury he sustained in his 20s while playing basketball. He said that the injury led to arthritis in his toe joints, which affected his gait and caused pain in his knees, hips, and spine.¬†He also admitted that he had difficulty getting out of bed in the morning and moving normally. To cope with his condition, he adopted an anti-inflammatory diet that consists of foods rich in antioxidants, and fiber.¬†He also endorsed a supplement called Qunol turmeric, which he claimed helped him reduce inflammation and improve his joint function.

Social Media Presence

Travis Lane Stork has a strong social media presence and posts regularly on various platforms. He uses his social media accounts to share his personal and professional life, as well as to promote his books and health-related topics.

On Instagram, he has over 57,000 followers, and where he posts with more emphasis on photos and videos. He also uses Instagram stories to share behind-the-scenes moments from his work and personal life. He often posts pictures of his wife, Parris, and their children.

On Twitter, he has over 149,000 followers and posts mostly about health-related topics, such as COVID-19, nutrition, fitness, mental health, and wellness. He also retweets articles and videos from reputable sources, such as The New York Times, The Doctors, and WebMD. He occasionally posts about his family and personal life, but less frequently than on other platforms.

Personal Life

Renowned television personality and emergency physician Travis Lane Stork rose to fame as the star of the eighth season of The Bachelor. He is also known for hosting the popular talk show The Doctors, where he shares his medical expertise and advice with millions of viewers. But what about his personal life? Who is the woman who captured his heart and became his wife?

First Marriage & Divorce

Travis Lane Stork married Dr. Charlotte Brown, a pediatrician, on June 30, 2012, in a romantic ceremony in Colorado. The couple had met through mutual friends and after dating for two years Dr. Strok asked for Dr. Charlotte’s hands in marriage and celebrated their engagement in May 2011. They seemed to have a lot in common, both being passionate about their careers and helping others. They also shared a love for nature and outdoor activities.

However, their marriage did not last long. After less than three years of wedded bliss, they decided to end their relationship and filed for divorce on March 25, 2015. The reason for their split remains unknown, but they reportedly parted ways amicably and respectfully. They did not have any children together.

Second Marriage & Children

Travis Lane Stork did not give up on love after his divorce. He found happiness again with Parris Bell, a lawyer. The couple got married on August 3, 2019, in a low-key ceremony in Nashville. They welcomed their first child, a son named Grayson Lane Stork, on June 17, 2020. A year later, they expanded their family with a daughter named Dylan Avery Stork, who was born in June 2022.

Travis Lane Stork seems to be enjoying his role as a father and a husband. He often shares adorable photos of his wife and children on his Instagram account, expressing his gratitude and love for them. He also continues to inspire and educate people through his work on The Doctors and his books on health and wellness.

Physical Traits

Dr. Stork has a tall and athletic physique, standing at 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m). He has brown hair and blue eyes, and often sports a short beard. He dresses in a smart-casual style, wearing suits, shirts, jeans, and jackets. He has a friendly and confident demeanor, and a warm and soothing voice. He is also known for his bright smile and his passion for health and wellness.

Zodiac and Personality Traits

Dr. Travis Stork was born on March 9, 1972. This makes him a Pisces, the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac. Pisces are known for being affectionate, empathetic, wise, and artistic. They are also intuitive, sentimental, compassionate, and protective, making them natural empaths and nurturers. Pisces are drawn to the mystical and spiritual realms, and often have a deep connection with their emotions and dreams.

As a Pisces, Dr. Dtork has a strong intuition and a creative imagination that help him in his work as a physician and an author. He is also a loyal and protective friend, who cares deeply for the well-being of others.

Wiki/Bio facts

Full nameTravis Lane Stork
Date of birthMarch 9, 1972
Place of birthFort Collins, Colorado, U.S.
Height6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
OccupationTelevision personality, emergency physician, author
EducationDuke University (B.S.), University of Virginia (M.D.)
ResidencyVanderbilt University Medical Center
TV showsThe Bachelor, The Doctors
AwardsDaytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Informative (2010)
BooksDon’t Be That Girl, The Doctor Is In, The Lean Belly Prescription, The Doctor’s Diet
ParentsRoger Stork and Donna Stork
Spouse(s)Charlotte Brown (m. 2012; div. 2015), Parris Bell (m. 2019)
Children2 sons (one with Bell)
Net worth$12 million (estimated)

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