Travis Lane Stork married? His wiki bio, age, wife, kids, career facts.

Travis Lane Stork is not your average doctor. While he is good at what he does, he managed to make a name for himself in a somewhat different way. Travis first rose to fame following his appearance in the reality TV series, The Bachelor. The series follows a bachelor as he dates more than a couple of women to find the one he is most compatible with. On the other hand, women compete against a series of challenges to prove their compatibility with the bachelor. Travis was the bachelor in the 8th season of the reality series. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki bio of Travis Lane Stork.

Early Life:

Travis Lane Stork was born on the 9th of March 1972 in Fort Collins, Colorado, United States. Born and raised in Colorado, Travis is the only child of Roger Stork and Donna Stork. After graduating from a local high school, Travis enrolled at Duke University in California. He graduated from the university with an Honors degree in magna cum laude. He continued his education and enrolled at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

Travis Lane Stork
Travis Lane Stork

Working as a doctor:

Travis began his medical career with a medical residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. He also worked as an attending physician in a private hospital system in Colorado, before returning to Vanderbilt as a faculty physician. Now, Travis is constantly traveling between Los Angeles and Nashville to host the reality talk show, The Doctors.

The Bachelor:

While his medical residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Travis met the producers of┬áThe Bachelor┬áby chance. They invited Travis to audition for the series and in 2006 Travis as cast as the bachelor. The 8th season The Bachelors ended with Travis choosing school teacher, Sarah Stone. Coincidentally, Sarah lived only two blocks away from Travis’s residency. But instead of getting married as the winners usually do, Travis proposed a relationship. But the pair broke up as soon as the season ended.

The Doctors:

Travis’s second and only TV appearance came in the reality TV series, The Doctors. The show The Los Angeles-based daytime medical/talk show, produced by Jay McGraw. The series debuted in September of 2008 and was an instant hit. The series featured Travis and three other physicians from different fields, as the brainstorm several medical issues. The idea was generated from a similar segment on Dr. Phil.


Alongside his contribution in reality TV and his field, Travis has also written several books. He released his first book┬á┬áDon’t Be That Girl: A Guide to Finding the Confident, Rational Girl Within, on the 7th of October, 2008. Over the years, Travis has released two other books including┬áThe Doctor Is In: A 7-Step Prescription for Optimal Wellness (April 27, 2010),┬áand┬á┬áThe Lean Belly Prescription: The fast and foolproof diet and weight-loss plan from America’s top urgent-care doctor (December 7, 2010).

Personal Life:

For all his appearances in reality TV, Travis has revealed very little about his personal life. He broke up with Sarah Stone after the end of The Bachelor. In May of 2011, Travis got engaged to his girlfriend of two years, Dr. Charlotte Brown. The pair got married in 2012 and went their separate ways on the 25th of March 2015. Travis is now married to his long-term girlfriend Parris Bell. The pair tied the knot on the 3rd of August 2019 and are expecting their first child.

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