Paul Hebert Wicked Tuna, Wiki, Age, Married life, children, net worth.

Paul Hebert blends his commercial fisherman occupation with natural acting personality to star in National Geography TV show, Wicked Tuna. He commercially fishes all year, but his passion lies in Bluefin Tuna. Hebert owns and captains a 30-foot boat named  Wicked Pissah, every year he boards his ship off the coast of  Gloucester, Massachusetts, and fishes Bluefin Tuna for three to four months. The reward of a single Bluefin Tuna can go as high as $20,000.

Wicked Tuna Cast Paul hebert

Wicked Tuna Cast Paul Hebert

Besides professional life, Hebert is a family man and has two children from his married life. In this article, we have uncovered major aspects of his biography like his age, career, family, children, net worth.

Paul Hebert Career and Progression

This TV star is the third generation Tuna Fisherman in the family. His parents ran lobster and fishing boat, and the generation before was also involved in fishing.

Growing up in the Marshfield, Massachusetts, Hebert would spend his time fishing with his father. Although family trade influenced him, there was no doubt about the talent in the boy. He caught his first bluefin tune at the age of eight which was 1,100 pounds.

Paul Hebert Childhood

Hebert holds the record of catching world’s biggest mako shark of 1,530 pounds. The event was also published in a 1997 edition of the Old Colony Memorial newspaper.

In addition to fishing, Hebert worked as a carpenter. During one of his carpentry job he suffered a terrible fall from Elevator Shaft and broke both legs and back. It threatened him with none of the careers to pursue. Once recovered, he obtained the captain license and started a charter fishing business.

Paul Hebert career in reality TV show Wicked Tuna

Paul Hebert is TV actor of National Geography reality TV show. The show is about the Glochester, Massachusetts based fisherman who commercially hunt bluefin tuna meanwhile they take on the competition to catch more fish than other boat captains.

In 2012, Hebert joined the cast of Wicked Tuna as the first mate of his longtime friend, Captain Dave Carraro of After a rocky run, he was fired from the job. Instead of getting discouraged this competitive person stepped as captain of Lisa & Jake for the remainder of the 2012 season. He took his older brother Bruce Hebert as the first mate. He has been commanding Wicked Pissah since the fifth season. Before that, he captained Miss Sambvca in season 3, Kelly Ann in season 4.

Wicked Tuna also features fisherman based Glochescher including TJ Ott, Dave Marciano, Dave Carraro, Tyler MacLaughlin.

Paul Hebert Net Worth

The is no clear data on how salary is distributed among the cast of Wicked Tuna. However, considering the popularity, Paul makes around $7,000 to $10,000 per episode. His earning from commercial fishing varies with how a season Plans out. In a good season, he receives above $100K per year. Among the earning, he invests a significant sum of money in running the boat and salary of the employee.

Paul Hebert Wife and Children

This TV star as well a competitive fisherman has not given much about his married life. He has chosen to share a few information about personal life. Among them are his two children. Hebert has a son Adam Hebert, 23 years of age and a daughter Ashley Hebert, nine years of age.

Paul hebert with his daughter Ashley Hebert

Paul Hebert with his daughter Ashley Hebert

Hebert has a disadvantage of being a boat captain and commercial fisherman which mostly keeps him away from the family. This loving father adores his children, when free from the profession he makes the most of his time with them. Hebert wants his kids to pursue a career other than Tuna Fishing. Although it is a natural thing in family Hebert thinks the job is too hard and wants his kids to do jobs that require mind work.

Paul Hebert Wiki/Bio, Age

Paul Hebert was born on February 15, 1965, in Marshfield, Massachusett and is 53 years of age. He is youngest of six children from his parents Estelle and Don Hebert. Paul was exposed to the fishing world as early as the age of four. His dad would set him up next to him in a chair while he went harpooning. Paul and his older siblings Donald, Bruce, Danny, Kenny, Gary Hebert, all are fishermen. This TV actor attended Marshfield High School for formal education. There is no data to say if he attended college. Paul has been fisherman all his life, he has been fishing Bluefin Tuna for 36 years.


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