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Tyler Mclaughlin is a name that many fans of reality TV and fishing enthusiasts are familiar with. He is the captain of the PinWheel crew, one of the most successful teams on the National Geographic show Wicked Tuna. The show follows a group of fishermen from Gloucester, Massachusetts, who compete to catch the elusive and valuable Atlantic bluefin tuna in the North Atlantic Ocean. Even though fishing is what Tyler does for a living, he is competitive in nature and seeks to prove he is the best by catching more and bigger Tuna than his fellow fishermen. Aboard his 35 ft single-engine fishing vessel “Pin Wheel,” Tyler has been crowned champion two times first in season two and later in season seven of Wicked Tuna.

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Early Life & Education

Tyler was born on December 22, 1987, in Rye Harbor, New Hampshire, U.S.A., and is 35 years of age now. He is one of two children from his father Marty Mclaughlin. He grew up in Rye, New Hampshire, alongside younger sister Marissa McLaughlin who is also passionate about fishing.

Tyler McLaughlin as a Kid with his younger sister and dad
Tyler McLaughlin as a Kid with his younger sister and dad

Growing up in his hometown everything was perfectly set up for a fishing career. As early as the age of two his father would take him on fishing trips to keep him away from crying. By the age of three, he was catching Tuna all by himself. Ever since a child, he has been fishing in Rye Harbour during summers.

Tyler McLaughlin
Wicked Tuna TV show star Tyler McLaughlin

Fishing was not the only thing that Tyler Mclaughlin enjoyed as a kid. He was also into tennis and played on his high school team. He continued to play tennis at Nichols College, where he graduated in 2011 with a degree in business administration. Right out of college, he bought a single-engine 35 ft fishing vessel named Pin Wheel which he uses for fishing to this day.


Tyler has been passionate about fishing since childhood however he is involved in the sport not just for fun but also for competition. From his time in high school, he participated in different fishing-related competitions and won awards. Of 75-boat tournaments, Tyler participated in Maine he won or got the second position in a number of them. Tyler credits his knowledge and excellence in fishing down to the opportunity as a youngster when he got to train under a few good captains. Also, his record for the biggest Tuna is quite impressive. Though not officially recorded if the words from man are anything to go by, he caught his biggest Tuna of 1,269 pounds and 124 inches in Massachusetts in October 2011. 


Tyler joined the cast of the National Geography TV show Wicked Tuna during season 2 in 2013. Tyler has faced challenges and rivalries with other fishermen, as well as unpredictable weather and water conditions. He has also shown his skills and strategies in catching prized fish, sometimes using unconventional methods such as harpooning or fishing at night. He has often been among the top earners of the season. Tyler claimed the winner’s throne in his debut second season with 16 Tuna worth  $100,861 which was enough to declare them as the winner of 2013. Losers of the season included more experienced and older captains like Dave Carraro, Dave Marciano, and Paul Hebert. He became the winner for the second time in season 7 by catching 19 tuna worth $103,936.

Wicked Tuna Cast Tyler McLaughlin, TJ Ott,Dave Marciano, Paul Hebert
Wicked Tuna Cast Tyler McLaughlin, TJ Ott, Dave Marciano, Paul Hebert (L-R)

Tyler is also a part of Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks (also known as Wicked Tuna: North vs. South), a spin-off series that features boats from the North and South competing for bluefin tuna on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. He has been on the show since the first season premiere on August 17, 2014. Even though Tyler had to charter new fishing grounds, he has shown the resilience and the mettle of a winner. In the premiere season, he secured runner-up position by catching 9 fish worth $47,917 just fell short of less than $2,000 from the winner Greg Meyer of Fishin’ Frenzy who caught 10 fish worth $49,634. After two more runners-up positions in season 3 and season 4, Tyler secured the first position in season five of Outer Banks.

Death of First Mate-Duffy

Tyler has braved many challenges in the sea but nothing can come closer to the tragedy of first mate Nicholas Duffy Fudge. Nicholas “Duffy” Fudge passed away on July 18, 2018. The cause of death was not made public, but some speculated that it was related to decompression sickness. 

Tyler McLaughlin and Nicholas Duffy Fudge were more than just fishing partners, they were best friends. They met when they were young and shared a passion for tuna fishing. They worked together on Tyler’s boat, the Pinwheel. They faced many challenges and adventures on the sea, but also had fun and enjoyed each other’s company. They had a strong bond that was based on trust, respect and loyalty. Tyler considered Duffy as his brother and mentor, and Duffy looked up to Tyler as his leader and role model. Their friendship was cut short by Duffy’s sudden death in 2018, which left Tyler heartbroken and devastated. Tyler McLaughlin honored his friend by dedicating his first catch of season 8 to him and by having his sister Marissa replace Duffy as his first mate. He also posted a tribute to Duffy on his Instagram account.

Net Worth

Tyler Mclaughlin created a small empire with his boat and Wicked Tuna. He has earned a lot of money from catching bluefin tuna, which can sell for more than $20,000 per fish. He has also made a fortune from his TV appearances, endorsements, merchandise, and social media presence. He also earns from personal chartering aboard Pinwheel which he offers to those seeking fishing and learning experience. He has an estimated net worth of $1,5 million as of 2023. But he is not just about making money. He is also generous and charitable. He has donated some of his tuna catches to food banks and homeless shelters.

Honors and Awards

Tyler Mclaughlin is not only a skilled fisherman, but also a brave and compassionate one. In October 2014, he rescued two members of a sinking fishing vessel called Miss Sambvca on a stormy night off the coast of Gloucester. He heard their distress call and rushed to their aid, pulling them out of the water and bringing them to safety. For his heroic act, he received the First Responder Award from the American Red Cross in 2015. He was honored at the Season 4 premiere of Wicked Tuna during the New England Boat Show in Boston.

Brushing with Law

This life-saving captain has also found himself on the wrong side of the equation. In April 2016, he was charged with misdemeanor assault on another fisherman. Allegedly Tyler punched the guy in the eyes multiple times causing both eyes to turn black, and a broken nose. He turned himself in weeks later but was immediately released on a $10,000 bond.

Personal life

Is Tyler McLaughlin married or dating a girlfriend? His kids.

As of now, Tyler McLaughlin is neither married nor single. He is in a relationship with Shannon Harris for over three years but do not have kids together. From time to time, Shannon joins him on fishing expeditions however she is in a different line of work. Shannon graduated from Framingham State University and worked as a branch manager in Worcester, Massachusetts. According to Tyler’s Facebook account, the two have been together since August 2019

Tyler McLaughlin new girlfriend Shannon Harris
Tyler McLaughlin and his girlfriend Shannon Harris

Tyler McLaughlin has had a few relationships in the past, but none of them lasted long enough. His first known girlfriend was Savannah Tapley, whom he met in 2015. They seemed to have a good relationship and often posted pictures of each other on social media. She joined Tyler in fishing and other outdoor activities. She would also spend time with his family and younger sister Marissa McLaughlin. Even though the relationship looked promising the two ended up going separate ways. After the breakup, Savannah has lived a low-key life without revealing her relationship status. As for Tyler, he moved on with his current girlfriend.

Tyler Mclaughlin and his girlfriend
Tyler Mclaughlin and his girlfriend Savannah Tapley

Wiki/bio Facts:

Name:Tyler McLaughlin
Place of BirthRye Harbor, New Hampshire, U.S.A
RelegionMarital Status
Age35 years old
BirthdateDecember 22, 1987
Height6ft 2in
College degreeNichols College (2011)
OccupationTV actor, Commercial Fisherman
AwardsAmerican Red Cross First Responder Award (2015)
Net Worth$1.5 million (estimated)
Boat NamePin Wheel
FatherMarty Mclaughlin
SiblingMarissa McLaughlin
Sexuality Straight
Marital Staus Unmarried
Relationship StatusDating a girlfriend
GirlfriendShannon Harris (together since 2019)
Ex-girlfriendSavannah Tapley
Other HobbiesTennis; Hockey


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