Tyler McLaughlin Wicked Tuna, Wiki/Bio: Age, girlfriend, family, net worth.

Tyler Mclaughlin is the youngest captain featuring in National Geography TV show Wicked Tuna. Do not be fooled by his youth and charming looks, Tyler is a competitive fisherman. Although Tyler does fishing for a living, he seeks to prove he is the best fisherman by catching more and bigger Tuna than the fellow fishermen who also strive to catch Blue Fin Tuna in the Atlantic Ocean.

Commercial fisherman as well TV actor, Tyler is the owner and captain of a 35 ft single-engine fishing vessel named Pin Wheel. He has been running the boat since 2011. In this article, we will bring major details on Tyler McLaughlin’s life like his age, net worth, career, family. Also, know if he is married or having a relationship with a girlfriend.

Tyler Mclaughlin Wiki/Bio, Age

Tyler was born on December 22, 1987, in Hollis, New Hampshire, U.S.A, and is 32 years of age now. He is one of two children from his father Marty Mclaughlin. His younger sister is Marissa McLaughlin who is also passionate about fishing. This tall man stands with a height of 6 ft 2in.

Tyler McLaughlin as a Kid with his younger sister and dad
Tyler McLaughlin as a Kid with his younger sister and dad

Growing up in his hometown everything was perfectly set up for a fishing career. As early as the age of two his father would take him on fishing trips to keep him away from crying. By the age of three, he was catching Tuna all by himself. Ever since a child, he has been fishing in Rye Harbour during summers.

Tyler McLaughlin
Wicked Tuna TV show star Tyler McLaughlin

Tyler attended high school in Bridgton Academy and graduated in 2007. After high school, he joined Nicholas College where he was active in Tennis. However, his main passion lied elsewhere in fishing. He maintained academics and fishing side by side. In 2011, Tyler graduated from Nicholas college with a major in management. Right after getting out of college, he bought a single-engine 35 ft fishing vessel named Pin Wheel.

Tyler Mclaughlin career and progression

The fishing prodigy, Tyler joined the cast of National Geography TV show Wicked Tuna in 2012. The show is about the commercial fisherman who fishes in the Atlantic Ocean for Bluefin Tuna. Also, at the end of the season, the show declares the winner who catches Tuna’s worth most.

Tyler claimed the throne in his debut second season of Wicked Tuna. Tyler and his crew of Pin Wheel caught Tuna worth  $100,861 which was enough to declare them as the winner of 2013. Losers of the season included more experienced and older captains like Dave Carraro, Dave Marciano, and Paul Hebert. Since debut, Tyler has continuously been part of the show which has completed nine seasons as of 2020.

Wicked Tuna Cast Tyler McLaughlin, TJ Ott,Dave Marciano, Paul Hebert
Wicked Tuna Cast Tyler McLaughlin, TJ Ott, Dave Marciano, Paul Hebert (L-R)

In addition to the main show, Tyler joined the cast of spin-off show ” Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks” from the first season premiere on August 17, 2014, and continuously has been part with its fourth season already completed.

Tyler has an impressive fishing record even before the TV show. He was either winning or getting the second position in a number of 75-boat tournaments he participated in Maine. Also, his record for the biggest Tuna is quite impressive. Though not officially recorded on the basis of what Tyler said during an interview, he caught his biggest weighing 1,269 pounds and 124 inches long Tuna in October 2011 in Massachusetts. Tyler credits his knowledge and excellence in fishing down to the opportunity as a youngster when he got to train under a few good captains.

Besides fishing, he also spends time in ocean chartering for Tuna, Shark, striped bass, bluefish as well as ground Fishing.

His Net Worth

Reality TV personality and fisherman Tyler accumulates his wealth through commercial fishing, TV show, endorsement, and cloth merchandise. As of 2020, Tyler’s net worth is estimated at $1M.

Personal life: Tyler McLaughlin dating Girlfriend yet to marry

Although Tyler spends a lot of time in the sea that does not shy away from commitment. This star fisherman was in a relationship with a girl named Savannah Tapley starting from 2015. Besides joining Tyler in fishing and other outdoor activities, Savannah would spend time with his family and younger sister Marissa McLaughlin. Although the relationship looked promising for some reason the pair ended their relation and went separate ways. Since break up not much about Savannah’s surface in the media.

Tyler Mclaughlin and his girlfriend
Tyler Mclaughlin and his girlfriend Savannah Tapley

As of 2020, Tyler has moved on, he is currently dating Shannon Harris. Shannon is in a different line of profession as she works as a branch manager in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Tyler McLaughlin new girlfriend Shannon Harris
Tyler McLaughlin new girlfriend Shannon Harris

Honors and Awards:

In 2015 Captain Tyler McLaughlin was honored by American Red Cross First Responder Award for his heroic life-saving effort a year earlier. He rescued two crew members from sinking Miss Sambvca fishing vessel in October 2014.

Brushing with Law:

This life-saving captain has also found himself on the wrong side of the equation. In April 2016, he was charged with misdemeanor assault on another fisherman. Allegedly Tyler punched the guy in eyes multiple times causing both eyes to turn black, and a broken nose. He turned himself in weeks later but was immediately released on a $10,000 bond.

Tyler McLaughlin Wiki Summary:

Name:Tyler McLaughlin
Place of BirthHollis, New Hampshire, U.S.A
BirthdateDecember 22, 1987
Height6ft 2in
OccupationTV actor, Commercial Fisherman
FatherMarty Mclaughlin
SiblingMarissa McLaughlin


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