Who is Jewel’s mother Lenedra Carroll? A relationship downed by embezzlement & deception.

Lenedra Carroll is a woman who has lived a life of fame, drama and controversy. She married Atz Kilcher, a reality TV star and singer, and gave birth to three children, including Jewel Kilcher, who would become a world-renowned singer-songwriter. But Lenedra was not happy with her family life and abandoned them when Jewel was only 8 years old. She reappeared in Jewel’s life years later, offering to be her manager and promising to help her achieve her dreams. However, Lenedra had a hidden agenda and reportedly embezzled more than $100 million from her daughter, leaving her in a financial and emotional mess. Lenedra is not only a mother and an ex-wife, but also an author, artist, singer, and the founder of Higher Ground for Humanity, a non-profit organization that supposedly supports humanitarian and environmental causes. But how much of her work is genuine and how much is a cover-up for her greed and selfishness? Lenedra Carroll is a woman who has exploited her family’s fame for her own benefit, but has also lost their love and loyalty.

Early Life:

Lenedra Carroll was born on September 5, 195o in Alaska, USA, to a modest farming family of Mormon faith. Her parents were Jasper Jewel Carroll and Arva Carroll. She had three siblings, whose names and ages are unknown. Lenedra grew up in different Alaskan villages including Wrangel and Seward, before settling in Homer as a teenager. She attended a local high school in Alaska.

Lenedera Carroll

Career & Progression:

Lenedra Carroll is a woman who has explored various fields of work and has shown her talents and skills in different domains. She is a singer, author, artist, businesswoman, and philanthropist.


Lenedra Carroll started her singing career when she married Atz Kilcher in the late 1960s. They both shared a passion for music and performed together as a duo. They also taught their children to sing and play instruments. Lenedra released some albums of her own, such as “Beyond Words” and “Daybreak Song”. She also sang with her daughter Jewel on some occasions. She also performed at the State of the World forum, at the Vatican for Pope John Paul, and at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Norway. At the peak of her career, she made guest appearances in a variety of reality television shows including The Oprah Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Regis & Kathy Lee & The View.


Lenedra Carroll became a businesswoman when she opened a global entertainment enterprise and performed in the CEO position. She took over the role of managing her daughter Jewel’s career. She helped her launch her career as a singer-songwriter and negotiated deals with record labels, producers, and promoters. She also handled Jewel’s finances and investments. On the production side of things, Lenedra served as executive producer of documentaries featuring Jewel entitled Jewel – The Making of Intuition, Jewel – The Making of Break Me, and Jewel – The Making of This Way.


Lenedra Carroll is also a philanthropist and the founder of Higher Ground for Humanity, a non-profit organization that claims to support humanitarian and environmental causes. She has donated money and resources to various projects and initiatives around the world, such as building schools, providing clean water, promoting peace, and protecting wildlife.


Lenedra has shown versatility in her career including getting involved in writing. In 2001, she published a memoir, “The Architecture of All Abundance” reflecting on her journey from her early days in Alaska to getting head-to-head with big sharks of the entertainment industry. The memoir also shares her struggles including the escape from a life-threatening illness.

Net Worth:

As of 2023, Lenedra Carroll has an estimated net worth of $3 million which she earned from her professional endeavors over the years.


Some of the controversies that Lenedra Carroll has been involved in are:

  • She allegedly embezzled more than $100 million from her daughter Jewel Kilcher, leaving her in debt and betrayed. Jewel
  • found out about Lenedra’s theft when she was 34 years old and cut off all ties with her.
  • She was sued by Jewel’s former manager Inga Vainshtein for $10 million in 1998, claiming that she was wrongfully fired and owed millions in commissions on Jewel’s earnings.
  • She was accused by Jewel of being abusive and neglectful towards her and her brothers, as well as lying about her past and her identity.
  • She was questioned by some critics about the legitimacy and transparency of her nonprofit organization Higher Ground for Humanity, which claims to support humanitarian and environmental causes.

Personal Life:


Lenedra Carroll was married to Atz Kilcher. Reportedly, the pair tied the knot in the late 60s.  Lenedra and Atz both lived in Homer, Alaska and both were interested in singing. After marriage, Lenedra collaborated with Atz in music on different occasions.

Atz Kilcher first wife Lenedra Carroll
Atz Kilcher & Lenedra Carroll

The pair had their first child who passed away immaturely in the crib. The pair go on to have three more children Shane Kilcher, Atz Lee Kilcher, and Jewel Kilcher. Off three, Jewel had a near-death experience in the hospital as a nurse forgot to turn on the oxygen leaving her suffocation only for Atz Kilcher to step up and take the situation under control.

Divorce & relationship with Jewel:

Lenedra Carroll and Atz Lee divorced in 1982. Their youngest daughter Jewel was only 8 years old when she left. Atz took parenting responsibility for but the departure had a devastating impact on her children, especially Jewel, who later revealed that her father became an alcoholic and abusive towards them. In order to escape Jewel moved out of home and started living in a cabin at the age of  15. She moved to San Diego California when she was 18 to be closer to her mother. Later Lenedra served as her manager however, as a grown-up Jewel is no longer on talking terms. She has opened up about her rocky relationship with her mother whom she claims stole millions of dollars from her.

Jewel said that her mother lied to her about her childhood and her identity, and created a false reality for her. She also said that her mother was abusive and neglectful towards her and her brothers, and left them when she was 8 years old.

“I mean, it’s a complex issue, but my mom used to [be] this heroic figure. My mom and dad got divorced when I was 8, and we went to live with my dad,” Jewel said. “Nobody told me it’s because my mom didn’t want to be a mom. She left us, and so my dad took over raising us. I didn’t know that at the time. I would hitchhike 500 miles to go see her. I’d show up on her doorstep. She was the opposite of my dad. My dad was this volatile alcoholic that hit me, very easy to identify [as a] ‘bad guy.’ My mom seemed like the opposite. She was calm, she was soft, she never yelled, obviously never hit me.”

What happened to Lenedra Carroll?

After divorce from Atz Kilcher, Lenedra lived in different cities including New York, Washington( Lopez Island and Custer), and California (San Diego, Carlsbad). Lenedra is rumored to have remained unmarried after divorce from Atz Kilcher although she has never come forth to confirm or deny her relationship status. As to what she is doing now? Lenedra is currently retired and living a lavish lifestyle. She occasionally contributes to charity and social causes. She has also tried to mend her relationship with her children and ex-husband, but with little success. She is still estranged from Jewel, who has accused her of being abusive and neglectful towards her.


Lenedra Carroll is a woman who has achieved a lot in her life, but has also lost a lot. She has been involved in many scandals and controversies that have tarnished her reputation and damaged her relationships. She has been praised for her talents and achievements, but also criticized for her greed and selfishness. She has been loved by many fans, but also hated by many others. She is a woman who has lived a life full of drama and deception.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Name Lenedra Jewel Carroll
Age 72 years old
Birthdate September 5, 1950
Birthplace Alaska, United States
Nationality American
Parents Jasper Jewel Carroll, Arva Carroll
Siblings 3
Career Author, Artist, Singer, and Businesswoman
Net worth $3 Million
Gender Female
Religion Christianity
Lesbian (yes/no) No
Relationship Status Divorced
Husband Atz  Kilcher (ex)
Children Jewel Kilcher, Shane KilcherAtz Lee Kilcher
Height N/A
Zodiac Virgo

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