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It is unheard of a person to be a reality TV star without making a single appearance in reality TV. Bute Yule Kilcher is one of those sole exceptions. The ancestor of the Kilcher family, Yule is the sole reason as to why the Kilcher family live in Alaska. And while his children and grandchildren have gone on to become reality TV stars, Yule was never recognized in such a way. He was, however, an Alaskan State Senator and the Alaskan State Constitutional Delegate. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Yule Kilcher and how he came to Alaska.

Early Life:

Yule Kilcher was born on the 9th of March 1913 in Laufen, Canton of Basel, Switzerland. Born and raised in Laufen, Yule spent much of his early life in Laufen alongside his siblings Linely Kilcher, Edwin Otto Kilcher, and Erna Kilcher. Both his parents, Lina and Edwin Otto Kilcher were into the idea of homesteads from a young age and tutored Yule accordingly. Yule attended the University of Berne, before graduating with a master’s degree from the University of Berlin.

Alaska State Senator Yule Kilcher
Alaska State Senator Yule Kilcher visiting his daughter

Heading towards Alaska:

In the early 1930s when the world was preparing for World War II, tensions were flying high in Europe. So, Yule decided to move to the USA and settle down. He first visited Alaska in 1936 before settling down permanently in 1940. In 1941, Yule was joined by Ruth Weber. He settled down in Homer and established a 660-acre homestead on the shores of Kachemak Bay. Soon after Weber arrived in Alaska, the pair tied the knot and started life as a married couple.

Professional Career:

Living in Alaska is not particularly easy. So, Yule’s priority was to learn the survival skills including hunting, trapping, tracking, and others. Even though he faced adverse conditions, Yule was not to be beaten. He would often welcome guests to his homestead and loved having people over. In the years, that followed Yule continued to build his homestead while also working as a journalist.

Ruth Weber Yule Kilcher


Yule was a popular man in Alaska and would often help his fellow peers in the time of need. As a result, Yule opted for a career in politics. He was one of the delegates who wrote the first constitutional convention of the new state of Alaska in 1955. In the years that followed, Yule worked as an Alaskan State Senator between 1963 and 1967. He was also the Alaskan State Constitutional Delegate and also worked at the Committee on Administration, and Committee on Ordinances and Transitional Measures of the town of Homer.

Personal Life:

Yule Kilcher married Ruth Weber way back in 1941.  In their years as a married couple, Yule and Ruth gave birth to eight children. The pair had two sons, Atz and Otto, and six daughters, Catkin Kilcher Bruton, Fay Graham, Mossy Kilcher, Stellavera Kilcher, Sunrise Sjoberg, and Wurtilla Hepp. His children and grandchildren followed his lifestyle and are now the stars of the reality TV series, Alaska the Last Frontier. Unfortunately, Yule died in 1998 due to complications from pneumonia. He passed away surrounded by his friends and family.

Yule Kilcher wife Ruth Weber

Yule and Ruth’s wedding was a marriage of convenience. They left the part getting to know each other after the wedding. In their time together Yule rose to the rank of Alaska State Senator meanwhile Ruth dazzled homestead with her beautiful voice and poetry. She performed around Alaska and went on lecture tours in Europe.

Yule Kilcher and his Ruth Weber with eight kids
Yule and his wife Ruth Weber with their eight kids

When Ruth first came to Alaska at 21 years of age she was propelled by the idea of living off the lands, as the time went on it was hard. And the marriage with Yule Kilcher could not work. She left Alaska and the homestead in 1970. Ruth married Charles Rodney Marriott, and they traveled around the Lower 48 before settling in Tennessee. In 1997 Ruth passed away surrounded by her family.

To this day Kilcher’s singing prowess is illustrated it is her granddaughter Jewel Kilcher who carries the family torch. Jewel is an international pop singer with many million albums sold worldwide.

Wiki Facts

Full nameYule Kilcher
Date of Birth09/3/1913
Place of Birth
Laufen, Canton of Basel, Switzerland
ProfessionTelevision Personality, Homesteader, Journalist, Senator
Net worthN/A
Wife Ruth Weber (divorced)
ChildrenAtz, Otto, Catkin Kilcher Bruton, Fay Graham, Mossy Kilcher, Stellavera Kilcher, Sunrise Sjoberg, and Wurtilla Hepp
Siblings Linely Kilcher, Edwin Otto Kilcher, and Erna Kilcher
ParentsLina and Edwin Otto Kilcher
Place of DeathHomer, Alaska, U.S

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