Kate Bassich [a.k.a Kate Rorke] wiki/bio, divorce, net worth, ex-husband Andy Bassich.

Life is an adventure those who believe tends to travel and realize the beauty beneath every blade of grass and the adrenaline that rush with the sound of the flowing river. While this might not sound true for everyone, there are people Like Kate Bassich [A.K.A Kate Rorke] who flourish in the lap of wild nature.

Kate lived a subsistence lifestyle with her ex-husband, Andy Bassich on the Yukon River, 12 miles from Eagle, Alaska at Calico Bluff. She had no roads to connect, no close neighbors and still, she loved every bit of hardship.

Kate Bassich
Life Below Zero star Kate Bassich

Also, she became the part of National Geography documentary TV show “Life Below Zero.“Kate appeared as the cast of the show from its premiere in 2013. However, after her marriage dissolved with Andy, she left Alaska and the TV show with a bit part role in 2015. So what happened to her, Where is she now? In this article, we will bring everything about this TV star.

Kate Bassich [Kate Rorke] love affair and married life with Andy Bassich

Kate is not an Alaskan native; she is from Canada. She met her ex-husband Andy Bassich at Dawson City back in 2003. At the time she came to explore Alaska as a tourist while Andy was a riverboat captain. As the circumstance brought them closer after dating for a short while, the two got married.

They lived an adventurous life in Calico Bluff. Together the couple worked hard heating with wood, feeding the dogs, hunting, gathering or growing, processing and preparing every meal from scratch. They hunt moose, black bear, caribou, wolf, salmon. The couple rared 26 sled dogs for mushing business. Kate and her ex-husband also ran survival school.

Kate and Andy Bassich
Kate and her ex-husband Andy Bassich

In public eyes, their life seemed so perfect hardly anyone would have thought they would divorce in future. Then again here we are witnessing a sad reality. After over ten years of married life, Kate separated from her husband in 2015. She alleges Andy was verbally and emotionally abusive toward her. She left her home in Calico Bluff in January of 2015. In an interview with dailytwocents.com, she opened about her time with Andy Bassich,

“The hardest part is understanding why I stayed so long in an abusive relationship. I do know I love the land, I loved the lifestyle but I could not love the man he really is. I lived in a fairytale belief that someday he would become a kind, faithful, loving person. That fairytale was not to be mine.”

Their divorce was finalized in the latter part of 2016. Since Kate has been vocal about an abusive relationship and providing support to such case. She shared a post on her blog indicating nobody need to suffer in an abusive relationship.

Kate Bassic in support of women facing abusive relationship
Kate Bassich in support of women facing abusive relationship

Where is Kate Bassich now [ Kate Rorke]?

After separating from Andy Bassich, Kate lived with her friends and family for a while. As of now, she has returned to her home country Canada and lives in a town in British Colombia.

Kate Bassich Kids

There is no information about Kate having any children with her ex-husband Andy Bassich. Before Andy, she was married and had children from the relationship. Though it is not known how many, her youngest is a daughter.

Kate Bassich Net Worth

Before leaving Alaska, she ran dog mushing school with Andy. Also from being part of the TV show “Life Below Zero,” she earned a significant amount of salary. Though exact figure has not come out her net worth is around $100,000. The show also involves other casts; Sue Aikens, Chip HailstoneAgnes HailstoneGlenn Villeneuve, Eric Salitan, Jessi Holmes living a subsistent life in remote Alaska separated by several miles apart.

Kate Bassich Net Worth
Kate Bassich Net worth

Kate Bassich facts

  • She was born in Canada.
  • She is good at sculpting.
  • In 2009 Kate along with Andy and 21 sled dogs were rescued by a chopper after the flood hit their home by Yukon river.
Name:Kate Bassich
Place of BirthCanada
OccupationReality TV Star
Net worth$100,000
Spouse/PartnerAndy Bassich (ex)

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