Life Below Zero Andy Bassich Wiki-Bio: Age, Wife, Divorce, Family, Net Worth.

The wilderness of Alaska is unforgiving; the place holds the danger of wild creature and the freezing winter is another challenge to test the mettle. Regardless, Andy Bassich lives off the land along the Yukon Riker of Eagle, Alaska. His main source of food comes from hunting and fishing. He has sled-dogs for the companion who often joins him in hunting.

Life Below Zero Andy bassich

Life Below Zero Andy bassich

As a part of National Geography deal, Andy Bassich’s life is documented for the TV show “Life Below Zero.” Before the divorce, he lived with his ex-wife Kate Bassich who was also the part of the show. In this article, we will bring everything about this TV star like his age, net worth, wife, family, and kids. Also, you will be curious to learn the reason he got divorced. Answers below.

Andy Bassich Wiki/bio, Age

Andy Bassich was born on 25th January 1958 in the Washington D.C. His birthday makes him 60 years of age now. Growing up in Wheaton, Maryland Andy always knew he wanted to explore the nature. After graduating from John F. Kennedy High in 1976, he traveled across the country. Though Andy wanted to visit Alaska, the same year his sister was getting married, so he returned and did carpentry jobs for quite a few years.

He gets to realize the dream of living and working in the wilderness of Alaska once he moved there in the 80’s. He spent two years in  Anchorage, Alaska before moving to Eagle, Alaska in 1984. The first thing he did after arriving (Eagle) was trade a truckload of wood for his first dog, Muzzle. There Andy learned trapping and mushing from a local trapper. He acquired Coast Guard Merchant Marine Captain License and served as Yukon riverboat captain for 20 years.

Andy Bassich love affair and married life with Kate Bassich. What caused the divorce?

Andy met his ex-wife Kate Bassich at Dawson City back in 2003 then he was a riverboat captain, and Kate was a tourist from Canada. As the circumstance brought them closer after dating for a short while, the two got married. They lived an adventurous life in Calico Bluff. Together the couple worked hard heating with wood, feeding the dogs, hunting, gathering or growing, processing and preparing every meal from scratch. They hunt moose, black bear, caribou, wolf, salmon.

Kate and Andy Bassich

Andy Bassich and his ex-wife Kate Bassich

Even the couple became the partner in the business. Together they rared 26 sled dogs for survival and dog mushing School.

The work ethic between the couple was praiseworthy. However, the serious questions raised about Andy’s marriage commitment. Allegedly, Kate suffered a lot of verbal and emotional abuse. Also, odd their family dispute made into TV show “Life Below Zero.” Fans showed their discontent due to Andy’s aggressive behavior toward his then-wife Kate Bassich.

Despite they tried to reconcile relationship the marriage could not work out. The final nail in the coffin was in January of 2015 when Kate Left her home in Calico Bluff. The divorce finalized in later part of 2016.

After the divorce, both individuals have their own set of troubles as Andy was left alone to survive and make a living in Alaska while Kate had no home and had to live with her friends. She now lives in British Columbia, Canada near her youngest daughter.

Andy Bassich Children

There is no information about Andy and Kate Bassich having any children together. Neither the show  “Life Below Zero” have coverage of their kids and other reasons support they do not have kids together.

Andy bassich and Kate Rorke Bassich

Andy and Kate Bassich do not have kids together

In 2009, during the period when the ice breaks indicating warm weather of spring and beginning of the most suitable period for hunting and gathering food. Andy Bassich and his wife were hit by one of the most dangerous floods in the history of Eagle, Alaska. The couple and their 21 sled dogs had to be rescued by a chopper. Well, there were no kids to be rescued.

Kate has children from her previous marriage. Though it is not known how many her youngest is a daughter.

Andy Bassich Net Worth

Andy Bassich has an estimated net worth of $250,000. His main source of income is from TV show, “Life Below Zero” deal with National Geography Channel. The show includes other casts like Sue Aikens, Chip Hailstone, Agnes Hailstone, Glenn Villeneuve, Eric Salitan, Jessi Holmes.

Andy Bassich Facts

Name:Andy Bassich
Place of BirthWashington D.C, United States
BirthdateJanuary 25, 1958
OccupationReality TV Star, Musher
Net worth$250,000
Spouse/PartnerKate Bassich (ex)

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