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Meet Mia Robertson, a young woman who is the daughter of Jase and Missy Robertson, stars of the hit reality show Duck Dynasty. But Mia is more than just a celebrity’s kid. She is a survivor, a fighter, and a leader. She was born with a cleft lip and palate, a condition that affects the development of the mouth and face. She has undergone 14 surgeries to correct her condition and improve her quality of life. She has also used her experience to help others who face similar challenges. She has a foundation called Mia Moo Fund that raises awareness and funds for the treatment of cleft lip and palate. She also travels around the world with her parents to speak at various events and share her story of faith and courage. Mia is a remarkable young woman who has overcome many obstacles in her life. She is a role model for many people who struggle with adversity or hardship.

Early Life:

Mia Robertson was born on September 12, 2003, with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. While still in Missy’s womb, Mia was diagnosed with a cleft lip and possible cleft palate. Following the birth of her daughter, Missy took Mia to the International Craniofacial Institute in Dallas, Texas, when she was just 17 days old. During her time in Dallas, Mia was fitted with a palatal appliance that gave a fake roof to her mouth.

Duck Dynasty Robertson Family: Jase & Missy Robertson along with their three children Cole, Mia & Reed (L-R)

Battling with surgeries:

After Mia was strong enough to undergo her first surgery, she was enrolled at the hospital. At just 3 months old, Mia underwent her first corrective surgery. As the scars of her first surgery began to fade, Mia had to get ready for her second surgery. At 7 months old, Mia underwent palate correction surgery which gave her a natural palate. In need of much care and attention, Mia accompanied her mother to work at The Duck Commander and was a constant source of joy for the Robertson family.

At 5 years old, Mia underwent a second lip correction surgery to straighten the lip from her last 5 years of growth. While still in surgery, the doctors noticed that Mia’s nasal passages had begun to collapse due to scar tissue from the first surgery. The doctors decided to operate around the nose area and Mia was required to wear a nose stint for a few weeks to open and stabilize her nasal passages.

The youngest Robertson kid Mia Robertson

At the age of she had her fourth surgery in 2012 when she had a bone graft surgery which was essential to add bone to the cleft in her upper jaw where there was no bone, to begin with. But during her routine checkup, it was found that a large amount of scar tissue from her previous surgeries had ensured that her upper jaw had not grown at the same rate as her lower jaw, which caused an underbite of 15 mm. After using a special headgear for 12-18 months, Mia was ready for the bone graft surgery which was successful. In total Mia has undergone 14 surgeries and had several minor surgeries between her fourth and fourteenth surgeries. 

Mia had her fourteenth surgery in July 2022, when she was 18 years old. This surgery was to remove some hardware from her mouth that she no longer needed. She also had some cosmetic work done on her lip and nose to make them look more symmetrical.

Proud Parents:

Mia has been brave and resilient throughout all her surgeries. She has also been an inspiration to many people who have similar conditions or face other challenges in life. She has a foundation called Mia Moo Fund that helps other children with cleft lip and palate which Missy and Jase started following her fifth surgery. Talking about the foundation, Missy revealed,

“The reason Jase and I started it was because we’re able to bring attention to this diagnosis. Before, it had so much of a stigma because it is about the face and it is a facial deformity. People kind of don’t want to talk about it or they just don’t know much about it, and we wanted to bring Mia’s face to this because we think she’s beautiful.”

Mia Robertson along with her parents Jase & Missy Robertson

Television Career:

Mia’s television career is mostly based on Duck Dynasty which is a reality TV show that aired on A&E from 2012 to 2017. The show followed the lives of the Robertson family, who run a successful business called Duck Commander that makes products for duck hunters, such as duck calls. Mia was not a regular cast member but she made appearances from time to time along with her family.

ShowRoleYearEpisodesFactMia Robertson Fact
Duck DynastySelf2012-201722The show won four Critics’ Choice Television Awards for Best Reality SeriesMia shared her story and inspired many viewers with her courage and optimism
The DoctorsSelf20151The show is a spin-off of Dr. Phil and features a panel of medical expertsMia talked about her condition and her foundation, Mia Moo Fund
Unashamed with Phil & Jase RobertsonSelf20211The show is a podcast that covers topics such as faith, family, politics, and cultureMia joined her father and grandfather to discuss her latest surgery and recovery


Mia Robertson is also a writer who co-authored a series of books called Princess in Camo with her mother Missy Robertson. The books are based on her experiences as a young girl living in a hunting family and dealing with her cleft lip and palate condition. The series has four titles: Allie’s Bayou Rescue, Running from Reality, Dog Show Disaster, and Finding Cabin Six. The books are part of the Faithgirlz brand, which aims to empower girls to joyfully explore, grow and proclaim their Christian faith.

Family and Siblings:

Mia is part of the Duck Dynasty family tree, which is a reality show that follows the lives of the Robertson family, who run a successful duck call business called Duck Commander. Mia’s grandfather is Phil Robertson, the founder of Duck Commander. Mia’s father, Jase, is one of Phil’s sons and works as the COO of the company. Mia’s mother, Missy, is Jase’s wife and helps with the family business. Mia has two older brothers, Reed and Cole, who are also involved in the show.

Reed Robertson: He is a singer and the eldest of the three, born on May 15, 1995. Following his marriage to Brighton Thompson, Reed moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2016 to pursue singing. He has released several songs under the album The Crimson Gospel.

Cole Robertson: The second child Cole was born on December 4, 1997. Born and raised in Louisiana Cole began schooling in his hometown. Later he moved to Malibu, California in pursuit of further education and attended Pepperdine University.

Social Media Presence:

Mia is active on Instagram @miarobertson1 which has over 77,000 followers. Her Instagram shows glimpses of her life as a high school senior, a cheerleader, a public figure, and a daughter of Duck Dynasty stars Jase and Missy Robertson. She also shares her faith, her travels, her friends, and her hobbies in her posts. She celebrated her 18th birthday in September 2021.

She has also faced some challenges in her life, such as the death of her longtime surgeon Dr. David Genecov, who helped her with her cleft lip and palate surgeries. 

Wiki/Bio Facts:

NameMia Robertson
BirthdateSeptember 12, 2003
Age19 years old
Birthplace Louisiana, United States
ParentsMissy Robertson, Jase Robertson
SiblingsReed Robertson, Cole Robertson
ProfessionTelevision Personality

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