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One of the youngest of the Robertsons, Cole Robertson is still finding his feet around the house. But despite his age, Cole is not fazed by a lot of things and is quick-witted as he is innocent. Alongside his brother Reed, Cole is looking to carry on the family business as the new generation of Robertsons. And while Reed is undoubtedly the leader when it comes to the business side of things, Cole is not too far away and has much to offer when it comes to duck hunting. And despite the fact that Cole was not around much during the shooting of the series and popped up every now and then, he is still an important part of the Robertson household.

Early life, upbringing, and family:

Cole Foster Robertson was born on the 4th of December, 1997, in West Monroe, Louisiana, United States. He is the middle child of Jase and Missy Robertson.

Cole Robertson

As a young kid, Cole followed his father and grandfather around and picked up on the tricks of duck hunting at a very young age. While Cole had an easy life growing up, things changed for him after the birth of his sister, Mia Robertson. Since Mia was born with special needs, both Reed and Cole needed to adapt to the changes in the family and make sure they take care of their sister. Cole, in particular, is close to his sister and Missy believes that it has made him a better person.

“My boys’ characters has grown, and I see things in them that would, most likely, not have been in their personality — in their character — had they not had a sister who had some major medical problems in her life. … I can say that I think we’re a better family because of it.”

Duck Hunting:

Like his brother Reed, Cole is helping out in the family business and looks to be in it for the long term. The man is as smart as he looks innocent and has mastered the tricks of the trade from the very best.

Cole is also close to his cousin Sadie Robertson and the pair attended their senior prom together. The event got everyone a bit teary-eyed and Sadie’s mother, Korie couldn’t hold back the tears. She posted the photo of the pair together and stated how she was proud of both of them.

Feels like yesterday that these two were building forts in the yard. Last night was their senior prom. What an awesome man of God you have become. So proud of you, and [Sadie] I love every single thing about you! You were drop dead gorgeous last night, and your sweet spirit is even more beautiful than what we see on the outside. Your inner beauty shines through.”

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