Who is Duck Dynasty Reed Robertson? His Wiki-Bio, wife, career facts.

As the eldest grandson of Kay and Phil Robertson, Reed Robertson is the first of the new wave of Robertsons who has since taken over the family business. Appreciative of his culture and heritage, Reed doesn’t need to be told that he leads a unique life different from the kids of his age. Despite being born after the early struggles that circled the family business, Reed is incredibly grounded and is leading the charge of the new generation of Robertsons. Not only is he appreciative of the family’s duck hunting endeavors but also understands the family’s faith in Christ and is looking to carry it. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Reed Robertson.

Early Life:

Reed Silas Robertson was born on the 15th of May, 1995, to Jase and Missy Robertson. As the eldest child of the pair and the eldest of the cousins, Reed was the first one to be introduced to the family business. From a very young age, Reed has understood the values and importance of heritage and has since carried on most of the principles he got from his father and grandfather. On the education side of things, Reed graduated from a local high school before going off to Harding University. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts.

Reed Robertson

Professional Career and Marriage:

For Reed, there is no better profession than the family business. Since he graduated from University, Reed moved back to the family farm and to help out his uncles and cousins to take care of the family business. A good shot at hunting, Reed has always enjoyed the family’s way of life and looks to be primed for more.

Reed Robertson is happily married to his wife, Brighton Thompson. The pair got engaged in December of 2015, during a trip to New York. Reed popped the question atop a bridge in Central Park as the pair were gazing into the sunset. Reed took to social media to disclose the news and couldn’t contain his happiness.

“I couldn’t be more excited to marry this amazing woman. My fiancé is a babe in every way,”

The pair tied the knot a year later on the 29th of October, 2016, and have been married for four years. While the duo is yet to have any children, they upload regular pictures of their travels on social media.

Music Career:

Following marriage to Thompson, Reed Robertson moved to Nashville, Tennessee to focus on a music career. Meanwhile, Thomson is an emergency nurse. In 2017, Reed released his first Gospel album The Crimson Gospel featuring his mother Missy Robertson.

Problems with mental health:

In 2013, Reed opened up about how he suffered from suicidal thoughts during the early 2010s and how it has changed his life forever. Reed admitted the fact in the movie, I am Second. Talking to the camera Reed revealed,

“A couple years ago, I started to get real cynical and looking at everything like ‘That’s wrong,’ or ‘They are looking at that wrong’ because I thought I had it all figured out. I guess I got really caught up in thinking that I was better than everyone else because of who my family was. No one wanted anything to do with a cynical person like me. I told my youth minister that I was, I pretty much told him that I wanted to kill myself.”

It got to a point where Reed wrote a suicide note for his family but had a change of heart after speaking to his family. Reed has since found his corner store in his faith in God and is more than happy to be alive.

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