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The dynamic and resourceful lady, Tela O’Donnell is a sports personality who hails from Alaska. She is a certified fitness trainer and a former Olympic wrestler. She is also popular for her part in the reality TV show “Alaska The Last Frontier.” In the show, she has featured alongside the famous Kilcher family. Follow with us to learn more about this sportsperson such as her net worth, married life, family and more interesting facts about her life.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameTela O’Donnell
Date of birthJuly 16, 1982
Place of birthHomer, Alaska, U.S.
Zodiac signCancer
Marital statusMarried
HusbandPaul Bacher
Husband occupationLocal contractor
Height1.62 m (5 ft 4 in)
Weight55 kg (121 lb)
ClubDave Schultz Wrestling Club
College teamPacific University
CoachTerry Steiner
Olympic GamesAthens 2004
Olympic result6th place in women’s 55 kg category
National ChampionshipsRunner-up in 2003
High SchoolHomer High School in Alaska
High School sportsFootball, volleyball, wrestling
High School achievementSecond female wrestler to place in the state wrestling tournament
University degreeUndergraduate degree in Psychology from Trinity College and her Mind Body Eating Certification from the Institute for The Psychology of Eating
OrganizationWrestle Like a Girl
ResidenceHomer, Alaska 
ProfessionalThe reality TV star, former wrestler
TV show appearanceAlaska: The Last Frontier on Discovery Channel
Former Wrestler Tela O Donnell
Former Olympic Wrestler Tela O’ Donnell

Getting to Know Tela O’Donnell

Tela O’Donnell was born on the 16th of July, 1982 in Homer, Alaska. The birthdate makes her age 41 years presently. Interestingly her mother Claire decided to offer a simple life to her and moved to Alaska while pregnant with her. 

As a young girl, Tela was always active. Besides a hardworking mama’s girl, she loved sports. In high school, she played football and volleyball with boys but her competitive nature led her to follow more intense and physical sport such as wrestling. 

It may sound unusual but during an interview, Tela opened she learned her first wrestling move sheering family sheep. 

Her official learning began in the high school wrestling team during junior years. She was hardworking and dedicated and continued the sport after graduating from Homer High School in 2001.

She showcased herself as a growing power by becoming only a second female athlete to place in the state wrestling tournament. As an ambitious player, Tela had sight competing in world wrestling. However, her ambition was cut short following a startling loss to Tina George during nationals.

Tela O Donnell

Later she participated in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens in the women’s 55 kg class. She will always be remembered for her legacy of winning the sixth position in the competition.

Tela O’Donnell Alaska The Last Frontier and association with Kilcher family

Everything thing we talk about Tela’s life mostly includes wrestling and her achievement. However, we cannot hide the fact she is a homesteader and lived a fair share of life in a cabin. She is a strong and dynamic person who knows how to cut woods, make fire, rare animals such as sheep, deal with the freezing below zero temperature of Alaska.

Such attributes are down to her mother who raised her well. Her mother, claire build a cabin by her hand during the pregnancy and made their living in Homer, Alaska. 

Atz Kilcher & Bonnie Kilcher supporting women wrestling in Alaska
Atz Kilcher & Bonnie Kilcher supporting women wrestling in Alaska

Tela’s connection with the Kilcher family began before her birth. Indeed Kilchers and her mother Claire were friends. Jewel Kilcher, a famous American singer and TV personality personally looked after her and babysit when she could barely remember. 

Tela joined the cast of Alaska the last frontier in 2018. 

Tela O’Donnell is married and mother of three children

Besides shining in professional stage Tela leads a wonderful family life. The down to earth lady is married to Paul Bacher. The couple mostly keeps secrets about their personal life. After thorough research, we found the couple is the parent of three children. 

Net Worth

Tela O’Donnell’s net worth and sources of income are not publicly disclosed, but we can estimate them based on some available information. As a wrestler, she earned money from her competitions and sponsorships. As a reality TV star, she earned money from her appearances on the show. According to sources, the cast of Alaska: The Last Frontier earns a salary of $7,000 to $10,000 per episode. She is also married to Paul Bacher, who has a landscape business in Homer, Alaska. Therefore, we can assume that Tela O’Donnell has a decent net worth and income from her various endeavors.

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