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Grady Powell seemingly got the worst end of the stick during his time at the reality survival series, Dual Survival. The army veteran succeeded Joseph Teti in the series and was the first true Army veteran to get into the series without lying about his credentials. But for all his good work, Grady entered the series at the wrong time. After Matt Graham and Joseph Teti had left the show, the series took a serious hit regarding rating. Where each episode gathered around 1.5 million views, the new season struggled to reach even 1 million views. As a result, the producers were in a sort of quick fix. They changed up things that didn’t have much impact on the ratings. In this article, we take a closer look at the Wiki bio of Grady Powell.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameGrady Powell
Date of birthSeptember 15, 1987
Zodiac signVirgo
BirthplaceSt. Louis, Missouri, USA
HometownSt. Louis, Missouri, USA
Height6’ 2½” (189 cm)
WeightBetween 180 and 216 lbs (Between 80 & 97 Kg)
Hair colorGolden brown
Eye colorHazel Green
OccupationReality TV star, former US Army Green Beret, graphic designer
Net worthEstimated at $1.5 million (as of 2023)
EducationUniversity of Missouri, Columbia (Mizzou) (dropped out)
Military serviceUS Army Special Forces (2007-2012)
Military rankSenior Detachment Weapons Sergeant
ParentsBob Powell (father), Judy Powell (mother)
SiblingsTyler Powell (brother), Wesley Powell (brother)
GrandfatherServed in the 11th Airborne Division during WWII
FatherGreen Beret during the Vietnam War
WifeMeg Powell (married in 2019)
ChildrenNash Powell (Born January 25, 2021)
TV showsStars Earn Stripes (2012), Ultimate Survival Alaska (2013-2015), Dual Survival (2016-2017), Forged in Fire (2020-present)
TV show debutStars Earn Stripes in 2012
TV show hosting debutForged in Fire in 2020
TV show co-starsDean Cain, Wil Willis, Dave Canterbury, Bill McConnell, Joseph Teti, Matt Graham, Jeff Zausch, EJ Snyder, Sean Burch, Dallas Seavey, Marty Raney, Tyler Johnson, Brent Sass, Jared Ogden, Rudy Reyes, Ben Jones, Eddie Ayoob, David Baker, Doug Marcaida, J. Neilson
HobbiesBackpacking, traveling, hunting, fishing, shooting
Dual Survival star grady powell
Dual Survival star Grady Powell

Not the Best Part of Life

When Grady Powell was cast as the military man in season seven of Dual Survival, fans were hyped. Grady trained himself in hopes of killing it, but things went astray for him. On the series, Grady was shown repeatedly butting heads with the hippie survivalist, Bill McConnell. The pair would often butt heads and were at odds for most of the season. The series portrayed McConnell as an overall chatty and a literal ‘tree hugger’. On the other end, Grady was described as a tough-as-nails military man. As a result, fans perceived Grady to be a man of few words. Their relationship on-screen was so bad that the producers had to remove McConnell from the series.

But when asked if there was any truth to the fight, Grady mentioned that it was all a bit of TV magic. In fact, the pair had completely different personalities as shown on the screen. Grady made his first appearance on the series on January 13, 2016, and his final on August 3, 2016. In the 7th season, he worked alongside Josh James and Bo McGlone.

Never Burdened by Service

A former U.S. Army Green Beret, Grady Powell passed the selection at only 21 years of age. This made him one of the youngest soldiers to have cracked into the elite brotherhood of Special Forces Operators. In his time in the army, Grady toured Iraq and northern Africa. A small arms and mobility expert, Grady abandoned his passion for graphic designing to follow his family members into the army.

A generation of veterans

Grady L Powell was born on September 15, 1987, in St. Louis, Missouri, and raised there. Growing up as a military brat he was heavily influenced by his parent’s and grandparents’ military service. His grandfather fought in the second world war as a part of the 11th Airborne Division. His father followed suit and was a Green Beret during the Vietnam War. When Grady had a chance to serve the nation he did not have a second opinion. He even dropped a college scholarship to the University of Missouri, Columbia to join the Army in 2007. After serving five years in the military, Grady left the army and started training military, law enforcement, and civilians in tactical skills, such as defensive firearm implementation. Apart from that, Grady also runs protection details for high-level U.S. dignitaries overseas. While Grady is an authority on anything related to the army, the man’s skills are centered around shooting, evasion, field medicine, and urban survival. His incredible skill set is what attracted the producers of Dual Survival.

Grady Powell

Television Career

After leaving the Military, Grady Powell found his way into the television industry and has appeared in several reality shows. He started his entertainment career in 2012 when he participated in Stars Earn Stripes, a NBC production that paired celebrities with military operatives to compete in various challenges. He was the operative for actor Dean Cain, and they finished in third place. In 2013, he joined the cast of Ultimate Survival Alaska, a National Geographic show that followed four teams of survival experts as they faced the harsh conditions of Alaska. He was part of the military team, along with Jared Ogden and Rodolfo Reyes. He returned for the third season in 2014, and came third in the competition.

In 2016, he became one of the hosts of Dual Survival, a Discovery Channel show that featured two survivalists with different backgrounds and skills as they survived in various environments. He co-hosted the show with Bill McConnell, a primitive skills expert. In 2017, he was one of the cadre members of American Grit, a Fox show that tested the physical and mental strength of civilian contestants under the guidance of military veterans. He represented the Army branch and mentored four contestants. In 2020, he joined Forged in Fire in its eighth season, replacing Wil Willis, who had hosted the show for its first seven seasons.

Net Worth

Grady Powell’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million as of 2023. He earned this amount of wealth from his primary career as a reality star, as well as from other ventures. One of his main sources of income is his role as the host of the History Channel’s Forged in Fire, a competition show where bladesmiths create historical weapons. Another source of income for Grady Powell is his involvement in the firearms industry. He worked as chief instructor of Asymmetric Solutions, a company that provides tactical training and security services to civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel. He also served as brand manager for Ursack Incorporated. Additionally, Grady Powell earns money from his social media presence. He uses these platforms to promote his shows, his sponsors, and his personal life. He also engages with his fans and shares his opinions on various topics.

Marital Status- Grady Powel Wife & Kids

Grady Powel is a married man. His wife is Meg Powell. The couple tied the knot with a wedding ceremony on November 16, 2019. And while there is no available information on Meg or their affair prior to marriage we do know that Meg is from his hometown St. Louis, Missouri. In the years of togetherness, they have given birth to one child. Their baby boy Nash Powell was born on January 25, 2021.

Grady Powell wife Meg Powell
Grady Powell & his wife Meg Powell


Who is Grady Powell?Grady Powell is a former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier, firearms instructor, survivalist, and TV host.
Where was Grady Powell born and raised?Grady Powell was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.
What did Grady Powell do in the Army?Grady Powell joined the U.S. Army in 2007 and served in the Middle East and Africa. He became a Green Beret in 2009 and was part of the U.S. Army Special Forces.
When did Grady Powell leave the Army?Grady Powell left the Army in 2012 and went on a backpacking tour in Europe for a few months.
What TV shows has Grady Powell been on?Grady Powell has been on several TV shows, such as Stars Earn Stripes, American Grit, Dual Survival, Ultimate Survival Alaska, and Forged in Fire.
What is Grady Powell’s current occupation?Grady Powell is currently a host of Forged in Fire, a reality show that features bladesmiths competing to create historically edged weapons. He previously worked as a firearms instructor and survivalist at Asymmetric Solutions, a training facility that offers courses for civilians and military personnel
What is Grady Powell’s Instagram handle?Grady Powell’s Instagram handle is @gradypowell. He has over 20k followers and posts pictures of his wife, his work, and his travels.
What is Grady Powell’s net worth?Grady Powell’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million as of 2023.
What kind of weapons does Grady Powell use?Grady Powell uses various types of weapons, such as pistols, rifles, shotguns, knives, axes, and swords. He is proficient in both firearms and edged weapons skills.
What kind of vehicle does Grady Powell drive?Grady Powell drives a Ford F-150 FX4 truck. He keeps his keys, phone, lighter, cash, cards, and Glock 43 pistol in his everyday carry kit. He also has a bugout kit in the back of his truck that contains more survival gear.
What are some of the charities that Grady Powell supports?Grady Powell supports several charities that help veterans and their families, such as the USO, Wounded Warrior Project, Fisher House Foundation, and Special Operations Warrior Foundation. He also won $100k for the USO on Stars Earn Stripes.
What are some of the hobbies that Grady Powell enjoys?Grady Powell enjoys various hobbies, such as hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, scuba diving, skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, martial arts, yoga, cooking, reading, writing, drawing, painting, photography, videography, music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, video games, board games, card games, puzzles, trivia, and more.
What are some of the podcasts that Grady Powell listens to?According to his Instagram stories, Grady Powell listens to some podcasts that he finds interesting or informative, such as Joe Rogan Experience, Jocko Podcast, Tim Ferriss Show, Hardcore History, Stuff You Should Know, Freakonomics Radio, TED Radio Hour, Radiolab, Serial, and S-Town.
What are some of the movies that Grady Powell likes?According to his Instagram stories, Grady Powell likes some movies that he has watched or is watching, such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit trilogy, Star Wars saga, Marvel Cinematic Universe films, DC Extended Universe films, The Matrix trilogy, John Wick trilogy, Die Hard series, Lethal Weapon series, Indiana Jones series, Jurassic Park series, Mission: Impossible series, James Bond series, Bourne series, and Fast & Furious series.


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