Mountain Monsters William “Wild Bill” Neff a married man, death? wiki/bio, net worth, height.

William Neff only has eyes for the big game. An expert tracker, Neff is backed by his years of experience in the marines. One of the cast members of the reality TV series Mountain Monsters, Will is often the one doing the heavy lifting. Onset, Will pairs up with the expert trapper Willy McQuillian. The pair form an incredible team that is ready to take on anything and anyone. Even though Will is one of the later addition to the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS), he gets along with the original trio/ founder John Trapper Tice, Jeff Headlee & Willy McQuillan. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of William Neff.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameWilliam Neff
NicknameWild Bill
Date of birthNovember 23, 1950’s
AgeNearly 63
Place of birthClay County, West Virginia, USA
Marital statusMarried
ParentsWilliam Neff Sr.
Military serviceUS Marine Corps
EducationHigh school graduated
OccupationReality TV star, former marine, former truck driver
Net worthEstimated at $500,000
TV showsMountain Monsters (2013-present)
Personality Loud, energetic, tough, fearless, loyal, and humorous
Hobbies and interestsHunting, fishing, trapping, riding motorcycles, and spending time with his family and friends
William Wild Bill Neff Mountain Monsters
William Neff AKA Wild Bill is a former marine

Who is William Neff? Age?

William Neff better known by his nickname “Wild Bill,” is former American marine turned reality television actor. Will was born on November 23 under the star sign of Sagittarius. Will is of Caucasian origin. Born and bred of Clay County, Will is current resident of Summersville, West Virginia. And when it concerns age, William Neff is in his 63’s close to middle than early limit.

Life in the Marine

William Neff, also known by nickname Wild Bill is a former US Marine and his experience is there for all to see. An expert in wilderness survival Will draws relevant experience from his time with the marines. Born and raised in Clay County, West Virginia, Will spent six years in the U.S. Marine Corps. He joined the marines, just after eight days of graduating high school. Since then, Will was stationed all around the United States and was deployed to Thailand, Japan, and the Philippines. During his time in the Navy, Will had several supposed encounters with the mythical creatures which are said to occupy the mountains.

Mountain Monsters

After retiring from the Navy, Will took on a normal job and had been at it for 27 years. But when Will was invited by the producers of Mountain Monsters, he could not turn them down. Will joined the cast of the Mountain Monsters in 2013 during its first season. Since, the show has completed 8 seasons, and Will has been a big part of the show. Will has appeared in 80 episodes until now. Often seen as jolly personality and characterized by his signature sound “Hoorah,” Will is said to be an expert tracker and helps the AIMS teams in their pursuit of Mountain creatures.

Getting the role in Mountain Monsters

With no prior experience working with the camera crew or acting credits, Bill is an unlikely breakthrough in the reality TV world. Speaking about his selection process Bill explains.

“They called me. They wanted to come to interview me. They wanted someone hyper, had a lot of energy and was tough as nails so they called West Virginia Trappers Association who said ‘we know just the person.’”

William Neff

The producers flew from Los Angeles, Calif. to Columbus, Ohio, before driving to Summersville. Bill fondly recalls that the interview went so well, that the producers were calling him back within 30-minutes.

“It wasn’t 30 minutes and they were calling me back. Thirty minutes and they wanted me to sign a six-year contract. I told them ‘no, no, no.’ So, I signed a two-year contract and it’s been five years and I’m still here. Evidently, I am doing something right.”

Since then, Bill has been a regular part of the reality TV series, Mountain Monsters. For all the dangers involved with the show, Bill is glad to be on reality TV and is thankful to god.

“It’s awesome. How many people can even say they have been on TV? I never dreamed. The only reason I got this position is the radical old Marine that I am, that Almighty God made me. If I was doing this on my own, I can assure you I would screw it up.”

William Neff Mountain Monsters

Even though, Bill left his stable job for 16 and 18-hour workday, he is happy to be on national television. After all, Bill was selected as part of the original six from a selection pool of 700 people.

“This has been one of the awesomest things I have ever done in my life to be on a national TV show. Out of millions of millions of people, they could pick, they interviewed 700 and they chose me as one of the six.”

More acting roles

Not just content to reality show, Will has ventured into movie world that actually requires acting. Will plays the role of TV Zookeeper in 2021 independent comedy/drama “The End Of Us.” Will also appears in 2019 short dram “Barking” , and in Peak Season (2023) as well.

Awards and Nomination

Although, Will has been active for nearly a decade in reality Television world, he has not received any kind of awards or nominations.

Personal Life

Will is available on social media especially on Instagram as William Neff (Wild Bill). A quick scroll mostly likely take you through photos alongside his professional buddies from Mountain Monsters, and one can guess how close they are. Apparently, Will is the man to keep his personal life under the vault of secrecy. As a result, the information on his wife and children is almost nonexistent. So, it begs question who is William Neff AKA Wild Bill’s wife? Does he have any children?

Mountain Monsters’ Wild Bill indeed is a married man and has been so for a sometime. In an interview in 2017, Bill revealed that he had a wife and children and misses them due to work. The family lives in Nicholas County, West Virginia.

William Neff Death

Reality television actor William “Wild Bill” Neff  is alive. Those wondering  where the rumors of his death comes from?, we have some idea. Indeed, a man named William Byrne Neff from his hometown Clay County died on September 14, 2016. Byrne Neff was 86 years old. For now, we can not confirm if Wild Bill is related to Byrne Neff. However the confusion surrounding Bill’s death is because he shares same name and same hometown  as of the departed one. May the soul rest in peace.

Net Worth

Wild Bill main source of income is the earning from “Mountain Monsters.” As of 2022, William Wild Bill Neff has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Physical Traits

HeightAbout 6 feet 4 inches 
Weight80- 100 kg or 176-220 pounds
Hair colorBrown 
Eye colorBrown
Facial hairMustache and goatee 
Skin toneFair
Body typeMuscular and athletic 
Tattooson arm
ScarsNone visible
Clothing styleCasual and outdoorsy, often wears camouflage, hats, and sunglasses 
AccessoriesCarries a gun, a knife, and a walkie-talkie 
VoiceLoud and energetic, with a West Virginian accent

William Neff FAQs

Is William Neff his real name?Yes 
Is he a former US Marine?Yes 
Is he married?Yes, but he has not revealed any details about his wife 
Does he have any children?Unknown, he has not mentioned anything about his family 
Does he have any social media accounts?Yes
Is he from West Virginia?Yes 
Does he have any tattoos?Yes 
Does he have any scars? none visible 
Does he have a nickname?Yes
Is he the loudest member of the team?Yes, he is known for his loud and energetic voice 
Is he afraid of anything?No, he is fearless and adventurous 
Does he carry any weapons?Yes, he carries a gun, a knife, and a walkie-talkie 
Does he have any hobbies?Yes 
Does he believe in cryptids?Yes 
Is he still on Mountain Monsters?Yes
Has he ever been injured on the show?Yes 
Has he ever caught a cryptid on the show?No
Has he ever seen a Bigfoot on the show?Yes , he claims
Does he have a catchphrase on the show?Yes, he often says “Hoo-rah!” or “Let’s do this!” when he is excited or ready for action 
Does he have a rival on the show?Yes 
Does he have a best friend on the show?Yes 
Does he have any regrets on the show?No
Does he have any fears on the show?No
Does he have any special skills on the show?Yes 
Does he have any pets on the show?No


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