Willy McQuillian divorced?, his wiki-bio, age, wife, net worth.

Even though the reality TV series Mountain Monsters is heavily scripted, what’s not scripted is Willy’s hunting skills. An expert hunter and trapper, Willy has known the jungle all his life. Over the years, Willy gathered all the skills required to survive in the mountains. Not only is the man good at hunting, but is also an expert trapper, carpenter, and an expert on everything mechanical. A part of the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings, Willy has always been good friends with late John Tice and Jeff Headlee. The trio is the major reason for the show’s popularity and is the heart and soul. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Willy McQuillan.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameWilly McQuillian
NicknameTrap Setter
Date of birthAugust 15
Agelate 60’s or early 70’s
Place of birthSaint Marys, West Virginia, USA
Sexual orientationStraight
Zodiac signUnknown
EducationSt. Mary High School, Saint Marys, West Virginia, USA
OccupationReality TV star, hunter, trap builder
Net worth$600,000
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-wifeBonita Rymer
DaughterWhitney McQuillian
Grand childrenLendon, Lola, Lucy & Lexi Summers
Current residenceWest Virginia, USA
TV debutMountain Monsters (2013)
Hunting skillsTrap setting, tracking, shooting, survival
Hunting weaponsGuns, knives, ropes, nets, cages, snares, etc.
Hunting teamA.I.M.S. (Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings)
Most hilarious hunting experienceGetting pranked by his co-stars with fake monster noises and footprints
Most emotional hunting experiencePaying tribute to his late friend and team leader Trapper John Tice
Most controversial hunting experienceBeing accused of staging and faking their hunts by some critics and viewers
Willy McQuillian
Trapper and Mountain Monsters cast Willy McQuillian

Willy McQuillian Introduction

Willy McQuillian is an American arborist, hunter, expert trapper and a reality television actor. He is co-founder of Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings. Before fame, Willy worked fulltime as woodcutter and made his living by cutting trees.


Willy McQuillian was born on August 15 in Saint Marys, West Virginia, USA. He was born under the star sign “Leo,” the fifth zodiac. Although Willy looks like someone in late 60’s or early 70’s, there is no exact information on his age. Willy is American by nationality, and if ethnicity is concerned he is Caucasian.

“AIMS” man of the hour

One of the best things about Willy is the traps he makes. An expert trapper, Willy is not only good at setting up traps but is also creative. Willy is seldom idle, during the days he is making living as arborist and at night he is most busy creating and setting up traps for the group’s protection. For someone like Willy who has been hunting all his life, making and setting traps is second nature. But the best thing about Willy’s traps is that they are seldom empty. During the time of need, the traps also work to provide an emergency source of food supply for the group.

One of the original three

Willy McQuillian is the co-founder of Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sighting. While Jacob, Joseph, and William are the new blood, Willy, Trapper, and Jeff have known each other for decades. The trio met during their early years and shared individual experiences, which turned them into believers. Over the years, the trio founded the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings. The group of hunters worked towards finding the truth behind the mysterious sightings reported around the  Appalachian Mountains.

Bits and pieces

Willy McQuillan has never shared complete information about himself. The man rarely gives interviews and follows the other cast members in keeping secrets. Very little is known about the man, and what is known is neither here or there. Born and raised in Saint Marys, West Virginia, Willy began his schooling in his hometown. He attended St. Marys High School. Outside curriculum, he followed hunting- it was his father that taught him all the necessary skills to pass as an expert hunter. Over the years, Willy honed the skills to the maximum and found out that his true skills lie in trapping. Even though Willy is grateful for his father, he rarely talks about his early life.


Willy McQuillian made living cutting trees for a long time. Even after joining the cast of “Mountain Monsters” in 2013, Willy continued to work as tree trimmer during the day. Willy’s acting portfolio is limited to one television show, nonetheless it has garnered him a huge success. Willy has been big part of “Mountain Monsters,” and featured in eight seasons so far. He has appeared in 80 episodes from 2013-2022. On the show, Willy is often the one to make plans. Equipped with immense knowledge about the mythical animals, nothing escapes Willy’s brilliance.  In a television career spanning nearly a decade, Willy is yet to receive any kind of nominations or awards.

Willy McQuillan wife and children

Willy was married to his girlfriend Bonita Rymer. Willy and his wife, Bonita, both attended St. Marys High School in Virginia. And we can only assume the two first met during those days. The affair which started as love indeed turned into a relationship bounded by religion known as a “marriage.” In the years as a married couple, the pair gave birth to offspring. Their daughter’s name is Whitney McQuillian.

Ex-couples: Bonita Rymer (L) and Willy McQuillian (R)

Willy and his wife Bonita Rymer after years of togetherness dissolve their marriage. What caused the marriage to fall through is still a mystery except for the couple. The date of divorce is also a secret held close to their chest.


Willy’s daughter, Whitney McQuillian is all grown up now, indeed she is a married women. After marriage to Nathan Summers, Whitney goes by the surname “Summers” making her  “Whitney Summers.” Whitney extends the family line with four biological children of own- Lendon, Lola, Lucy & Lexi Summers making Willy McQuillian a proud granddad.

Willy Mcquillian daughter Whitney McQuillian
Willy McQuillian daughter Whitney Summers

Net Worth

Willy makes a considerable sum of money for his appearances in the TV series, Mountain Monsters. As of 2022, his net worth is presumed to be USD 600,000.

Physical Traits

Physical TraitDescription
Height5 feet 10 inches (approx.)
Eye colorGrey
Hair colorBrown
Facial hairBeard and mustache
Skin toneFair
Body typeMuscular and stocky
Clothing styleCasual and outdoorsy, often wears hats, jackets, jeans, and boots
TattoosNone visible
ScarsNone visible
AccessoriesSunglasses, hunting gear, and weapons
VoiceDeep and gruff

Willy McQuillian FAQs

Is Willy McQuillian his real name?Yes
Is Willy McQuillian married?No, he is divorced
Does Willy McQuillian have any children?Yes, he has a daughter named Whitney
Is Willy McQuillian a professional hunter?Yes, he has been hunting since he was a child and has a lot of experience in the field
Is Willy McQuillian a reality TV star?Yes
Is Willy McQuillian the leader of his hunting team?No, he is the co-founder and the trap builder of his hunting team, A.I.M.S. (Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings)
Is Willy McQuillian the strongest member of his hunting team?Yes, he is considered to be the strongest and most muscular member of his hunting team
Is Willy McQuillian the smartest member of his hunting team?No, he is not the smartest member of his hunting team, but he is very creative and skilled in designing and building traps for various monsters
Is Willy McQuillian afraid of any monsters?No, he is not afraid of any monsters, but he respects them and their abilities
Has Willy McQuillian ever killed any monsters?No
Does Willy McQuillian have any allies besides his team members?Yes
Does Willy McQuillian have any hobbies besides hunting?Yes, he has some hobbies besides hunting, such as fishing, camping.
Does Willy McQuillian have any pets?Unknown
Does Willy McQuillian smoke or drink alcohol?Unknown
Does Willy McQuillian have a favorite monster?Unknown
Does Willy McQuillian have a favorite weapon?Unknown
Does Willy McQuillian have a nickname?Yes, he has a nickname, which is Trap Setter, which reflects his role as the trap builder of his team
Does Willy McQuillian have a social media account?Yes
Does Willy McQuillian have a fan base?Yes, he has a fan base, which consists of many viewers and followers who admire his hunting skills and personality


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