Courtney Skippon cast of Below Deck Mediterranean: wiki-bio, relationship.

Each season, Below Deck introduces fans to a bunch of new characters. In an attempt to keep the crew fresh, only the captain, head stew, and Bosun make constant appearances. Since the early days, Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain, and Ashton Pinear have made regular appearances in the series. But with Kate leaving, there are big shoes to be filled. One of the candidates for the position of Head Stewardess is Courtney Skippon. Even though Courtney was introduced as the third stewardess in the seventh season, she is well-qualified to fill Kate’s spot. In this article, we will take a closer look at the life of Courtney Skippon.

Personal Life:

As one of the newest additions to Below Deck, Courtney hasn’t had much time to talk about her personal life. Courtney Sayle Skippon was born and raised on the west coast of Canada. As a young kid, Courtney loved swimming and fell in love with the sea. After graduating from a local high school, Courtney moved to France to find something that moved her. She enrolled at the school of business but was soon out of cash to support her Parisian lifestyle. Luckily for Courtney, a friend of hers was looking for a second stewardess to work in a Charter Yacht.

Courtney Skippon, cast of Below Deck Mediterranean.
Courtney Skippon, cast of Below Deck Mediterranean.

Back at the sea:

During the first summer break of the University, Courtney started working on a Yacht. With only two girls working as stewardesses, Courtney had to pull her weight to make sure everything was top-notch. The two girls attended to over 12 guests for 6-course lunches and extravagant evenings. During her time there, Courtney became familiar with the ins and outs of stewarding. As the boat served intricate, multi-course meals, Courtney became well-versed in luxury service fairly quickly. When the season ended, Courtney abandoned her stint at the School of Business and set back to the sea.

Below Deck:

After abandoning her studies in favor of Yachting, Courtney was picked up by the reality TV series, Below Deck. She was asked to make an appearance as the third stewardess. Even though the third stewardess is a position assigned to greenhorns, Courtney was more than happy to take up the offer. Prior experience in Yachting became a major point for Courtney, who was quick to put inline any deckhands who made sexist comments directed towards her.

Disinterest in serving others:

Time and again, Courtney has mentioned that serving others is not her thing. For all her qualms, Courtney is a fine third stewardess and with Kate departing, sets to be promoted to the second stewardess. But Courtney’s apparent disdain to serving others can prove to be an Achilles heel in her way. Unlike most of the first-timer Yachties, Courtney is comfortable around the camera and doesn’t mind having one follow her around.

A lackluster romance on-board:

One of the major talking points of the seventh season was Courtney’s relationship with Brian de Saint Pern. The pair went on a few dates but never found the spark they were looking for. The pair also indulge in a twitter war and Courtney had to block Brian. Courtney is often categorized as a cold-hearted and icy, with few fans calling her names. Courtney went after her haters and responded,

“So sorry for deviating from the social script of how women should behave! We are expected to be warm, fun, friendly & nurturing. I am, but I don’t have to be to be lovable. We can also be smart, assertive, decisive & demanding of respect. If that makes me bitchy & icy, sign me up.”

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