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Amber Rachdi is a remarkable person who has overcome incredible challenges and transformed her life. She is a former participant of the popular reality TV show My 600-lb Life, where she documented her journey of losing weight and gaining confidence. Amber was only 23 years old when she weighed 657.6 pounds and struggled with severe anxiety and food addiction. She decided to seek help from Dr. Nowzaradan, a renowned bariatric surgeon, who performed a gastric bypass surgery on her. Amber also changed her eating habits, moved out of her parents’ home, and started therapy to cope with her emotional issues. By the end of the show, she had lost 267 pounds and looked like a different person. But Amber’s transformation did not stop there. She continued to work hard on her health and happiness, became a social media influencer and an advocate for mental health and body positivity, and often offers advice and support to others who are going through similar struggles. Amber is now living a much healthier and happier life, and is an example of courage, resilience, and self-love.

Wiki/Bio Facts

NameAmber Rachdi
Birth DateJune 22, 1990
Birth PlaceOregon, USA
Current ResidenceTroutdale, Oregon, USA
Sexuality Straight
OccupationSocial media influencer, mental health and body positivity activist
Net WorthN/A
Relationship StatusUnknown
Previous PartnerRowdy
Zodiac SignCancer
Favorite BookUnknown
Favorite SongUnknown
Social Media AccountInstagram: @amberrachdi ( Over 271K followers as of 2023)
TV AppearancesMy 600-lb Life (2015)
Surgery Date2015
Surgery TypeGastric bypass surgery performed by Dr. Younan Nowzaradan
Pre-Surgery Weight657 lbs
Post-Surgery Weight Loss377 lbs (as of 2016)
Skin Removal SurgeriesYes, several times (dates unknown)
Current Weight Loss GoalUnknown, but likely to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle
Amber Rachdi My 600 lb life participant
Amber Rachdi 

Early Life

Amber Rachdi was born on the 22nd of June 1990, in Portland, Oregon. Born and raised in Portland, Amber had troubles with her weight from a young age. By the time Amber was five years of age, she weighed more than 160 pounds. When Amber was 23 years of age, she was told that she wouldn’t live to see past 30, unless she did something about her weight.

From a young age, Amber was unable to carry most of her weight on her legs. Not only was she unable to stand for more than 30-minutes at a time, but she also couldn’t shower and avoided leaving the house at all costs. Even if she did, she had to use a motor scooter. Due to her weight, Amber could not get behind the steering wheel of a motor car, and could not support herself.

Getting to My 600lb life

When Amber was told that she wouldn’t live to see 30, she decided that it was time for a change. So in 2015, Amber decided to relocate more than 2,000 miles, in hopes of shedding the pounds. In 2015, When Amber walked into Dr. Nowzardan‘s clinic, she weighed 657.6 lbs. At 23-years of age, Amber was one of the youngest ever patients to feature on the show.

Mixed experiences

After following a well-laid-out plan for a few months, Amber was ready for surgery. In twelve months, Amber lost 267 lbs and was weighed at 390.5 lbs. After her exit, Amber lost more than 200 pounds which brought her total weight loss to 467 pounds. After leaving My 600lb Life, Amber was given a chance to feature in the spin-off ‘My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?’. But Amber declined the offer, citing a bad experience with the producers. In a detailed interview, Amber revealed that she wasn’t comfortable around the camera. She later stated that one of the producers even threatened to cancel the surgery if she didn’t comply. Amber also revealed that she was asked to shot a nude shower scene to which she firmly said no.

Amber Rachdi now and then
Amber Rachdi now and then

Personal Life

For most of her time in the series, Amber was featured alongside her then-boyfriend, Rowdy. She realized that he was holding her back from recovering, so she broke up with him and moved on with a new man. In 2016, Amber announced on Instagram that she was getting married, but she has not shared any details about her marital status, relationship or children since then. She is presumed to be single as of 2023.

My 600 lb life Amber Rachdi separated from boyfriend Rowdy
My 600 lb life star Amber Rachdi separated from boyfriend Rowdy

Amber is well known on Instagram and has a massive amount of followers. She uses the medium to document her journey of weight loss and encourage others to do the same. She often experiments with different hairstyles, makeup, and outfits, expressing her personality and creativity. She is also an advocator for mental health and body positivity, spreading awareness and encouragement to others who struggle with similar issues.

Physical Traits

Physical TraitDescription
HairDark brown
Height5’3″ or 1.6m (approx.)
Weight280 lbs (approx.)
Body ShapeHourglass
PiercingOn nose, ears


Is Amber Rachdi still alive?Yes
Is Amber Rachdi married?No
Is Amber Rachdi in a relationship?Unknown
Is Amber Rachdi still with Rowdy?No
Is Amber Rachdi pregnant?No
Is Amber Rachdi a mother?No
Is Amber Rachdi a social media influencer?Yes
Is Amber Rachdi a mental health activist?Yes
Is Amber Rachdi a body positivity activist?Yes
Is Amber Rachdi from Oregon?Yes
Is Amber Rachdi living in Texas?No
Is Amber Rachdi still in contact with Dr. Nowzaradan?Unknown
Is Amber Rachdi still losing weight?Unknown
Is Amber Rachdi still following Dr. Now’s diet plan?Unknown
Is Amber Rachdi vegan?No
Is Amber Rachdi gluten-free?Unknown
Is Amber Rachdi diabetic?Unknown
Is Amber Rachdi a reader?Unknown
Is Amber Rachdi a cat lover?Yes
Is Amber Rachdi allergic to anything?Unknown
Is Amber Rachdi religious?Unknown
Is Amber Rachdi a Cancer zodiac sign?Yes
Is Amber Rachdi a Horse in the Chinese zodiac?Yes
Is Amber Rachdi tattooed?Unknown
Is Amber Rachdi pierced?Yes
Is Amber Rachdi a fan of Harry Potter?Unknown
Is Amber Rachdi a fan of Star Wars?Unknown
Is Amber Rachdi a fan of Disney?Unknown

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