Todd Chrisley’s son Chase Chrisley: Wiki, Family, Controversy.

The Chrisley’s are having quite a rough year, to say the least. Both Todd and Julie Chrisley have been accused of tax fraud and are facing an ongoing legal battle. On the other hand, their eldest son, Chase Chrisley recently cleared a USD 16,000 bill for backlog taxes. Besides, both Todd and Chase have been sued by Lindsey Chrisley, claiming that the pair tried to extort her with a sex-tape. Being a celebrity kid certainly comes with its fair share of troubles. This might be one of the reasons, why Chase Chrisley has maintained his silence in social media and is not seen as often.

Early Life:

Chase Chrisley was born on the 1st of June 1996 in South Carolina. Born to Julie and Todd Chrisley, Chase is the first-born child of Julie and Todd. Not the first Chrisley kid, Chase is younger to his step-siblings, Kyle Chrisley and Lindsey Chrisley. While his step-siblings faced their share of troubles during their early life, Chase Chrisley was born into the money. By the time Chase was born, his father, Todd had already made a name for himself as a real estate agent. Following his high school graduation, Chase set off for college. Always up for sports, Chase wanted to pursue a carer in baseball but called things off after diverting in the entertainment industry.

Professional Career:

Chase has been with the reality TV series Chrisley Knows best ever since it first started on March 11, 2014. Since then, Chase has been making regular appearances on the show and is one of its main stars. Apart from his time on the series, little is known about Chase’s career.

Chase Chrisley with his father Todd Chrisley.
Chase Chrisley with his father Todd Chrisley.

Always the trouble maker:

Chase and Todd make a perfect pair. While the latter gets more riled up with every argument, Chase tackles his father’s headstrong nature with a calming demeanor. Not to say, that Chase is the perfect poster child. In more instances than one, Chase has been shown trying to outsmart his father. While he often ends up getting caught, it doesn’t stop him from trying again.
While most of the things that Chase does is well within Todd’s limitations, things got out of hand when Chase came home with a tattoo. The tattoo was of a bible verse and Todd took a strong stance against it. Todd made his feelings about the tattoo abundantly clear and went on record to say,

“We’ve got one child failing bible and another one who has gone and branded himself with it. Both of those things are heartbreaking to me,”

Todd wanted Chase to get rid of the tattoo ASAP and even offered to buy him a rover in return. Realizing the error of his ways, Chase removed the tattoo, which was quite painful.

Tax Evasion:

Just a few hours before his parents were taxed for tax evasion and fraud, Chase was charged for backlog taxes. The case was filed for a total of $16,886.64 backlog taxes of 2014. Chase was handed a lien earlier in 2019 stating that if he didn’t pay up his properties would be seized.

Chase Chrisley is currently dating Kayla Puzas, but the pair are not yet married. Before dating Kayla, Chase was involved in two different relationships with Lindsey Merrick and Brooke Noury.

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