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With male Gold Miners occupying the profession largely only a handful of female has been able to survive. And during times when things could not look bleaker Tyler Mahoney a gold prospector from Australia has taken the profession by storm and achieved remarkable success in Gold Mining. She is inspiring women not just in her home country but around the world and is a role model for many young girls who aspire to pursue their dreams and passions. In this article, we will explore the wiki-bio of Tyler Mahoney.

Tyler Mahoney is a public figure, a professional gold digger, a published author, and a reality TV star from Australia. She is a fourth-generation gold prospector who has appeared in shows like Aussie Gold Hunters and Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. She is also the director of The Prospectors Club, a platform for gold enthusiasts.

Australian Gold prospector Tyler Mahoney
Tyler Mahoney

Early Life:

Tyler was born on December 9, 1995, in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. She is the daughter of Ted and Lecky Mahoney, who run a gold shop in the famous mining town. She grew up surrounded by gold and learned the skills and passion of her parents. She attended a local high school and then studied geology at university.

Professional Career:

After graduation, Tyler wasted no time helping her parents with the family business. A genius prospector, Tyler often frequented the family-owned mine sites. With time Tyler became so good at prospecting that she was able to geographically pinpoint a nugget’s origins. Also, her skills were on display for all to see as she joined the cast of the TV series, Aussie Gold Hunters, a reality show that follows the adventures of gold miners in Australia. Tyler made her television debut in 2018 when she appeared in the third season of Aussie Gold Hunters. She impressed the viewers with her knowledge, confidence, and charisma. She also joined her parents in the show, who were featured in the second and third seasons.

Gold Rush Parker’s trail:

For all her skills in pinpointing the location of a nugget, Tyler’s greatest attribute lies somewhere else. The young prospector can see through the tall tales spun by other prospectors. She only believes what the nuggets tell her and is never shy to say what she thinks.

Parker Schnabel Tyler Mahoney
Parker Schnabel along with his crew Tyler Mahoney

In 2020, Tyler was invited by Parker Schnabel, a famous gold miner from Alaska, to join him in his quest for gold in Australia. Parker needed her expertise to navigate the harsh terrain of the outback and to find potential business opportunities. Tyler accepted the offer and starred in the fourth season of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, a spin-off of the popular Gold Rush series. She had great on-screen chemistry with Parker and his crew and showed her skills and courage in facing the challenges of the Australian wilderness. She has appeared in 20 episodes of the show so far.

Gold Rush:

Tyler also made her appearance in Gold Rush: The Dirt, a talk show that discusses behind-the-scenes stories and secrets of Gold Rush. She debuted in 2020 and has been in seven episodes until 2022. In 2022, Tyler was cast in Gold Rush season 13 during which she made 8 appearances.


In addition to being a gold miner, Tyler is a published author. She signed a book deal with Australian publisher Affirm Press in January 2020 and started writing her first book. She balanced her gold mining and business activities during the day with her writing at night. It took her two years to finish her book, titled “Gold Digger: Chasing the mother lode in a man’s world.” In her own words, Tyler says, “The book is about the four generations of gold mining in my family and the wild stories that come with the underbelly of the gold world. It also covers my journey with bipolar disorder, my recovery from an eating disorder, my relationships in my 20s, the businesses I’ve run and my life on TV!”

More endeavors:

Additionally, Tyler is an entrepreneur, podcast host, and model. She is the director of The Prospectors Club, a platform that aims to educate, collaborate, and inspire people who are interested in gold prospecting. The club has a strong membership from across Australia and provides access to a network of miners and experts.

Tyler is also the host of the podcast “Let’s Unpack That” where she discusses various topics with guests. She is also a professional model who is currently represented by Scene Model Management. She used to have boutique jewelry and a sustainable swimwear label called MaeByTyler, but she decided to focus on The Prospectors Club in 2019.

Net Worth:

Tyler Mahoney has multiple sources of income from her various ventures and projects. She has also gained fame and popularity from her appearances on the Discovery Channel’s shows Aussie Gold Hunters and Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. Tyler Mahoney’s net worth is estimated to be between $400K to $1 million as of 2023. However, these figures are not confirmed by Tyler herself and may vary depending on her current earnings and expenses. Tyler Mahoney has not disclosed her exact salary or income from her gold mining or TV career.

Personal Life:

Married to a husband or dating a boyfriend?

Tyler is neither married nor single, she is currently dating Australian boyfriend Jake Bennett. In past, there were some rumors of Tyler dating co-star Parker Schnabel which was largely due to their on-screen chemistry, and also Parker made it frequently on her social media posts. However, in truth, the two never were in a relationship. Meanwhile, Tyler was secretly dating and kept the relationship under wraps for most of the part. In 2021,  Tyler revealed Jake as her boyfriend and began to post pictures of them together on her Instagram. Interestingly, Tyler and Jake have a matching tattoo which he had only 24 hrs after meeting her.

Tyler Mahoney & her boyfriend Jake Bennett

Eating Disorder & Changing life around:

Tyler Mahoney struggled with body image and eating disorders in the past. Tyler had insecurity about her body and went on a weight loss journey to achieve a bikini body when she was 19 years old. She began to starve her body and continued the process until the age of 23. While she did lose weight and achieve a significantly smaller size it also had negative impacts on her health. She had painful bloating and other different gut issues. Tyler learned from her experience and decided to change her lifestyle. She now follows a balanced diet and exercises regularly. She also shares her story and advises others not to repeat the same mistakes as her. She wants people to love themselves and their bodies regardless of their size or shape. She believes that beauty comes from within and that confidence is the key to success.

Social Media Presence:

Tyler Mahoney has a strong social media presence, especially on Instagram. She has over 100K followers on her account @tyler_m_mahoney where she posts photos and videos of her gold mining adventures, her personal life, her advocacy for mental health and LGBTQ+ rights, and her merchandise.


Physical Traits and Style:

Tyler Mahoney is a young and attractive woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a slim and fit physique, which she maintains by working out regularly and eating healthily. She has a standing height of 5 feet 8 inches and a body measurement of 33-23-34.  She also has several tattoos on her body.

Tyler Mahoney has a casual and comfortable style that suits her adventurous lifestyle. She often wears jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and boots. She also likes to accessorize with sunglasses, earrings, necklaces, and rings. She sometimes wears dresses and skirts for special occasions or photoshoots.

Tyler Mahoney is not afraid to experiment with her hair color and style. She has dyed her hair various shades of blonde, brown, pink, and purple over the years. She also likes to change her hairstyle from long to short, curly to straight, or braided to ponytailed.

Public Appeareances:

Tyler Mahoney has made several public appearances as a gold miner, a reality TV star, and a public figure. Some of her public appearances include:

  • Attending various events and interviews related to her gold mining career, such as the Diggers and Dealers Mining Forum in Kalgoorlie, the Australian Mining Prospect Awards in Sydney, and the ABC Radio National Breakfast show with Fran Kelly.
  • Participating in various social media campaigns and collaborations with other influencers and brands, such as Stan Australia, The Naked Farmer, The Prospectors Patch, and Stage Addiction.
  • Supporting various causes and charities that she is passionate about, such as mental health awareness, LGBTQ+ rights, environmental conservation, and animal welfare.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Name Tyler Mahoney
Age 27 years old
Birthdate December 9, 1995
Birthplace Kalgoorlie, Australia
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Parents Ted Mahoney, Lecky Mahoney
Education College
Career Television personality, Model, Gold Miner
Net worth  $400k -$1 M (estimated)
Relationship Status  Commited
Boyfriend Jake Bennet
Marital Status Unmarried
Height 5 feet 8 inches (12 cm)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Body measurement 33-23-34
Weight Around 56 kg

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