Erik Salitan wiki/Bio including his life after Life Below Zero. Net Worth?

The tale of people getting famous overnight is not unheard of. We have seen many people living their usual day-to-day lifestyle minding business of their own and one day out of nowhere they are famous, it’s like the stuff of dreams. Today we are talking about one such case, Erik Salitan who rose to fame for his lifestyle in Alaska. He was relatively unknown figure until he became part of a reality television show. He appeared in the National Geography show “Life Below Zero” from 2013-2016. In this article, we will bring everything to know about this television star including his life since leaving the show.

Who indeed is Erik Salitan?

He is a registered guide, outdoorsman, pilot, hunter, trapper, fisherman, business owner, and former reality television actor. Erik comes from a Caucasian household and holds American citizenship. Embodying dark brown eyes and a stature of 5 feet 9 inches, Erik is Aquarius born. According to the horoscope reading, Erik possesses qualities like progressive, independent, intelligent, unique, and idealistic.

Erik Salitan

Early Life & education:

Erik Salitan was born on February 9, 1984, in Upstate New York, United States. The birthday makes him 38 years old.  He grew up in the rural area of the lower 48 states in Upstate New York, right upon the Quebec Order. During his early days in his hometown, Erik got to explore nature where hunting and fishing were the most common ways to acquire meat. However, the place lacked job opportunities and available options were to be a logger, factory employee, or enroll in the military. Wanting to explore options, Erik left the place right after the last days of his twelfth grade. Erik graduated high school from Finger Lakes Community College. He went on to attend the University of Alaska Fairbanks for his bachelor obtaining a degree in Applied Arts & Science.

Moving to Alaska & subsistence living:

Erik came to Alaska at the age of 18 and since has never looked back. During his first two years, he spent in a tent with no floor and turned to subsistence living. The early years also shaped him in a way he could survive the harshest environment. He lived year-round in Wiseman, Alaska only 67 miles away from the Arctic Circle. He ate meat that he killed or caught in the trap and used the parts of the hunt as fur or clothes and turned to nature to gather water or food.


With years of experience as a hunter and knowledge of geography like no other, Erik became an outfitter. He opened a hunting guide business called Bushwack Alaska Guiding & Outfitting in 1998.

Eric Salitan and his wife Martha Mae Salitan
Eric shares his lifestyle with his Alaskan wife Martha Salitan

Over the years he explored other fields too. Erik invested in Blanchard Family Funeral Home in Fairbanks which he co-owns. He also turned to the hospitality business and bought ‘Talarik Creek Lodge” in 2014, which is located in  Iliamna, Alaska. Also, at some point in his career, Erik took the private pilot certification exam and passed the test. Erik has many years of flying experience in Alaska. 

Life Below Zero:

Erik Salitan is the original cast member of the National Geography reality show Life Below Zero. The show documents several people living in Alaska as they survive the sub-zero-degree environment with the technique and skills they developed over the years. Erik made his debut in season 1 episode 1 “End of the Road” which aired on May 9, 2013. He appeared until 2016 appearing in a total of 36 episodes. He did not win any awards or nominations during his time as a television actor meanwhile the show garnered positive responses from viewers and critics winning eight Primetime Emmy Awards in different categories given to reality television shows. 

Life after the show:

There is no official explanation from the showrunners neither the man himself come forward to explain the reason behind the exit from Life Below Zero. Since leaving the show, Erik has not pursued a television career instead put more focus on his business endeavors.

Salitan family now lives full time at lake Iliamna on the Alaska peninsula tending to their Talarik Creek Lodge and hunting guide outfitting “Bushwack Alaska Guiding & Outfitting.” Erik is also a member of numerous hunting and conservation groups including the Alaska Professional Hunters Association, Pope & Young Club, Safari Club International, Dallas Safari Club, and the Northwest Sportsmans Club.

During the off-season from his business, Erik can be found year-round hunting, flying, fishing, and trapping the Alaskan bush.

Net Worth:

The former reality television actor has made quite a fortune over the years. As of now Erik and his wife Martha have a combined net worth of over $400,000. 


Personal Life:

Wife & Kids:

Erik Salitan is married to Martha Mae Salitan who is second generational sport fishing operator. Born and raised in Iliamna, Alaska, Martha grew up picking the traits of hunting and fishing and helped her parents run a fishing lodge. 

Delving into how Erik and Marth got together, the pair met each other in her hometown. They have been together for some time before Erik proposed to her with an engagement ring. He had been carrying the ring for weeks and finally decided to ask her hand during an Ice Fishing outing.

Erik had put the engagement ring at the tip of the fishing reel. After she failed to notice in the first two attempts, Erik made her realize in the third. Thereafter the pair decided to get married however the date of their wedding is not available for now.

Erik Salitan Son Lucas Salitan
Erik Salitan Son Lucas Salitan

In the years of togetherness as a married couple, the pair has given birth to a son Lucas Salitan who is about 12 years old.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

NameErik Salitan
BirthdateFebruary 9, 1984
Age39 years old
BirthplaceUpstate New York, United States
ResidentIliamna, Alaska
High SchoolFinger Lakes Community College
CollegeUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks
DegreeApplied Arts & Science
ProfessionTelevision Personality, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Trapper, Businessperson, Hunting Guide Outfitter
Net WorthOver $400,000
Relationship StatusCommitted
Marital StatusMarried
Wife Martha Mae Salitan
ChildrenLucas Salitan
 Height5 feet 9 inches
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBrown
Social MediaInactive

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