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David Baker is a man of many talents and passions. He is a swordsmith, a historian, a researcher, and an artist. He has spent decades mastering the craft of making some of the world’s rarest and most exquisite edged weapons, from ancient swords to modern firearms. He is also one of the judges on the hit reality TV show Forged in Fire, where he puts the skills and craftsmanship of aspiring bladesmiths to the test. But who is David Baker, and how did he become one of the most respected and renowned swordsmiths in the world? How did he go from being a Hollywood actor to a master weapon-maker? And what drives him to preserve and revive the art of weapon-making, which has been lost or forgotten by many cultures and civilizations? In this article, we will delve into the biography of David Baker, his remarkable journey, and his passion for history and weaponry.

Net Worth- How Rich is David Baker?

David Lain Baker is a renowned swordsmith and prop maker who has worked in various fields of entertainment. He was born on June 12, 1962, in Long Beach, California, and is a Gemini who loves to explore new challenges and express his creativity. He has a passion and skill for creating and transforming metal, which he has showcased in reality TV shows like “Forged in Fire” and movies like “Dragonball Evolution”, “Beowulf” (2007), and “Legion” (2010). He is one of the most respected professionals in his industry, with a net worth of $600 K as of December 2023. His work has been featured in many publications and exhibitions.

Forged in Fire star David Baker
Forged in Fire star David Baker

David Lain Baker: From Actor to Prop Maker to Forged in Fire Judge

David Lain Baker has always been a swordsmith, but he began his career as an actor in Hollywood. He moved there in 1980 and got his first role in the TV show Call To Glory. However, he was not satisfied with his acting career and decided to switch to prop-making. He became one of the best in the business, as his props were accurate and realistic. He worked as a prop maker for over 20 years, creating weapons and other items for movies and TV shows.

David also pursued his passion for sword-making and appeared in several shows related to weaponry. In 2011, he was featured in the TV series Deadliest Warrior, where he faced off against Joan of Arc. In 2015, he got his breakthrough role as a judge in the reality TV series Forged in Fire, where he evaluated the contestants’ blades based on their historical accuracy and aesthetic beauty. Forged in Fire has been airing since July 22, 2015, and has 10 seasons as of 2023.

David also made regular appearances in the spin-off Forged in Fire: Beat the Judges, which tests the skills and creativity of bladesmiths from all over the country. The spin-off series, which premiered on June 3, 2020, on History Channel, features a new twist: three former Forged in Fire champions return to the forge to compete against each other and one of the judges: J.NeilsonDoug MarcaidaBen Abbott, or David Lain Baker. The contestants have to forge signature blades and a specific weapon, such as a Khanda or a Short Sword, in order to advance to the final round, where they face off.

David Lain Baker: Expert Swordsmith Who Crafts Deadly Works of Art

David is an expert swordsmith who showcases his skills on the reality TV series Forged in Fire. He has been crafting blades since the 1980s, and he never stops learning new techniques and studying historical weapons. He specializes in making exact replicas of the Samurai Swords, and he ensures that every blade he makes is as authentic and functional as the original. Some of his creations are so rare that they can only be seen in museums.

But David is not just a master of his craft, he is also a lover of his art. He does not mind that the world has moved on from swords and knives to guns and bombs. He still sees beauty and meaning in forging deadly works of art. He shares his passion on his page, saying:

“What I love about swords, knives, weapons in general especially the historical pieces are they are deadly work of art. I got a great job in the world. I do what I love to do. One of the best things about my job is receiving messages on social media from a father who is saying their daughter wants to be on Forge and build knives. We as a show get to inspire somebody that’s the magic, that’s the best part of this job.”

David is also a generous mentor who inspires young people to follow their dreams. He is one of the best guys in the business, and he proves it every time he forges a blade.


According to IMDb, David Baker has appeared in several TV shows and movies as an actor and a weapons expert. Some of his credits include:

  • Dragonball Evolution (2009) as a weapons master
  • Beowulf (2007) as a weapons master
  • St. Elmo’s Fire (1985) as Jules’ date
  • Call to Glory (1984-1985) as Airman Tom Bonelli
  • Forged in Fire (2015-present) as himself
  • The Hunted (2015) as Harry
  • Deadliest Warrior (2009-2011) as a weapons expert and himself

Social media Presence:

David Lain Baker has a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. He has a Facebook page called David Baker Weaponsmaker where he posts about his weapons, his work on Forged in Fire, and his personal life. He has over 242K followers on Facebook as of December 2023. He also has an Instagram account @bakersblacde where he has over 242K followers. He shares similar content on Instagram as he does on Facebook.

Personal Life

First wife & divorce:

David Baker took his wedding nuptials in the late ’80s. He married Carrie Stewart a graduate of UCLA. During the time of marriage, both were indulged in the television industry, David worked as an actor while Carrie was a writer for television. The couple had their first and only child Casey Lain Baker in April 1988. After a rough patch in the marriage, the pair went separate ways in the ’90s however. Carrie took custody of their son Casey Baker who is a musician now.

After the divorce, David and Carry stayed on good terms. As for the relationship part, Carrie met her future husband Nicolas Nolan in 1998 and two years later in 2000, the pair exchanged the wedding vow. Carrie now goes by the name Carrie Stewart Nolan.

Second Marriage:

On the other hand, David Baker found love with Nancy MacKay Valentine. Nancy is a California native who attended South Mecklenburg High School.  Like David, Nancy is also a divorcee and had a son Mike Valentine from her previous relationship. Before getting together David and Nancy were friends for a long time.

David and Nancy have not given birth to any children during their time together. For more updates on David Baker’s current partner, you can check out her Facebook account which goes by the name Nancy MacKay Valentine.

Physical Traits

With a long white mustache and goatee that match his hair, David Baker has a big body build with a height of about 5 feet 9 inches. His hair was once black, but time has faded it to shades of grey and white. David was born with natural black hair which has turned grey and white with progressing old age. His eyes are grey. He has a signature style of dressing, often sporting a black leather jacket, a black t-shirt, jeans and boots on the show. Sometimes, he adds a pair of glasses and a hat to complete his look.

Likes and Interests:

David Lain Baker the swordsmith has many likes and interests related to his profession and passion. He likes to make historical and theatrical weapons and props for films and museums. He also likes to study weapons history and learn about different cultures and techniques. He is interested in samurai swords, submachine guns, axes, knives, and other bladed weapons. He also likes to share his work and knowledge on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. He is a fan of Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and The Office.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

NameDavid Lain baker
Age61 Yeas old
Birth DateJune 12, 1962
Birth PlaceLong Beach, California, United States
Relationship StatusCommitted
Marital StatusDivorced
First WifeCarrie Stewart
Current Spouse/PartnerNancy MacKay Valentine
ChildrenCasey Lain Baker
ProfessionActor, Propmaker, Swordsmith, Reality Competition Judge
Net Worth$600 K
HeightAbout 5 feet 9 inches
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorGrey

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