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Win once, and many will think it was a fluke, but win twice, and no one will ever doubt your mastery. That’s exactly what Ben Abbott did. An expert swordsmith, Ben bagged the prize of the reality TV series Forged in Fire, not once but twice. Ben first bagged the prize in 2016. He won the ninth episode of the second season and was also crowned the champion in the champion’s only episode. Impressed by his skill, Ben was also invited to work as a judge replacing Neilson in some episodes during the fifth and sixth seasons. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki bio of Ben Abbott.

Finding his ways:

Like most of the professional swordsmiths of his time, Ben Abbott never had a master he could refer to. The man taught himself from scratch, which is why his style seems all over the place. But upon closer examination, Ben efficiently uses a series of techniques to make some of the best weapons. Ben first began making blades when he was 13 years of age. Around this time, Ben was engrossed with arms and armor featured in museums and castles around England. Since not being able to buy a sword at the time, Ben started making one on his own.

Forged in fire star Ben Abbott
Forged in fire star Ben Abbott

Path to the blade master:

Ben may have started making blades at the age of 13, but his road to mastery was not an easy one. During his early days, Ben worked on an old file and an outdoor fireplace. After a series of trials and errors, Ben started getting the hang of things. In the years that followed, Ben read a series of historical books, attended online classes, and also frequented the village’s blacksmith. At the age of 17, Ben started making knives and has been working with them ever since. Over the years, Ben started working with knives, tools, ornamental ironwork, jewelry, furniture, and everything else. But for all his exploits, Ben never made a sword. His first-ever sword was the Khanda, which bagged him a first-place on the show.

Forged In Fire:

Ben’s first mounted a challenge for the title in the ninth episode of the second season of Forged In Fire. He built his first-ever blade and bagged the first position. Immediately after, Ben was invited back to the first episode of the third season. Entitled Champions Edition, the episode pitted champions of the second season. Once again, Ben stood to the task and won with his Scottish Claymore.

Ben Abbott

After his two-time win, Ben was promoted to a judge on the series. He replaced the ailing J. Neilson during the show’s fourth and fifth seasons. Since he has been an ever-present figure and continues as a judge in the seventh season. As a judge, Ben brought a fresh perspective to the series. A competitor himself, Ben would often dish out pointers as to what it took to become the winner. As a result, competitors often sought advice from Ben to overcome several challenges they faced in the series.

More television endeavors:

Ben can be said one fish pond as his television career is represented by Forged in Fire and its spinoff. Ben appeared in Forged in Fire: Beat the Judges in 2020 and Forged in Fire: Best Of from 2021-2022.

Personal Life:

Ben Abbott & Mandy Abbott divorced

Ben has revealed very few details about his first wife. Before his current relationship with Heather Rabun, Ben was married to Mandy Abbott. The pair lived in Pasadena, California. The exact timeline of their relationship is not known even though Ben and Mandy were together back in 2009.

Ben and Mandy were together in a relationship for over a decade including in 2017. However, during their relationship, no children are said to be born. After the divorce Mandy goes by the name Mandy Henderson.

Ben Abbott’s current wife & children:

While little is known about Mandy’s current relationship, Ben has found solace in the arm of Heather Rabun who he calls wife. Ben and Heather started dating in 2019 and it turned into a living relationship. The pair welcomed their first child, Alden James Abbott on October 22, 2022. The baby boy was born healthy weighing 7 lb. 8 Oz.

Ben Abbott partner Heather
Ben Abbott & Heather Rabun while she was expecting her baby 

Talking a notch forward Benn asked Heather Rabun to be his fiancée in February 2021 in Richmond, Virginia. The pair took the wedding vows on October 1, 2022, in a nature-themed ceremony in White Stone, Virginia.

Wiki/Bio Facts

A reality tv actor, swordsmith, and metal worker, Ben was born in Jan of 1972. Born in England, Ben moved to America in his early years. While Ben spent most of his childhood in America, he did visit England every few years to meet his family in England.

Name Ben Abbott
Age 51 years old
Birth Date January 1972
Birth Place England, United Kingdom
Ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality British American
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Gay (yes/no) No
Relationship Status Committed
Divorce (yes/no) Yes
Marital Status Married
Ex-Wife Mandy Henderson
Current Wife Heather Rabun
Children Alden James Abbott
Profession Reality TV actor, Metal Worker, Swordsmith
Net Worth Under Review
Social Media Handle Instagram, Facebook


Who are Ben Abbott’s Parents?

Ben Abbott was born to Peter Abbott and Renee Abbott. The family line traces Ben to European origin. Ben’s mother Renee lived until she was 86 years old, and during her final years, she suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

Is Ben Abbott Educated?

Born in England, Ben did most of his schooling in the United States. He attended Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland. After matriculation, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and attended Binghamton University graduating in the class of 1993. After a few years, Ben decided to change his line of work and pursued technical education. Ben once again joined Bachelor to gain a degree in Electronics Engineering. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2000.

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