Glenn Guist wiki/bio shows family tragedies and Swamp People exit. His Net Worth & career.

Glenn Guist is a professional gator hunter and former cast member of the History channel’s reality show “Swamp People.” Unlike most, who want to get out of the swamp after making a fortune, Glenn has remained true to his roots and wants to stay in the swamp forever. Glen and his late brother Mitchell Guist come from a generation of gator hunters. The brothers were close to each other and made a dynamic duo on the reality show Swamp People and in the process got recognized as “Glenmitchell.” In this article, we take a closer look at the biography of Glenn Guist. Why he no longer appears on Swamp People? Is it because of death?

Who is Glenn Guist?

Glenn Guist is like most other people who work hard to make a living however his livelihood as a gator hunter puts him in the limelight. Glenn is an Alligator Hunter from Louisiana and appeared in the History channel reality show Swamp People from 2011-2018. 

Swamp People cast Glenn Guist
Alligator hunter and reality television actor Glenn Guist

How Old is Glenn Guist?

Glenn Guist was born on February 8, 1958, in Louisiana, United States. A lifelong resident of Brittany, the birthdate makes him 64 years old. He is American by nationality and Caucasian by ethnicity. And as an Aquarius-born Glenn possesses traits of being self-reliant, clever, exceptional, and optimistic.

Early life:

Born to Hubert Guist and Bonnie Albritton, Glenn was raised alongside four siblings in Louisiana. He comes from a family of fishermen and hunters, and gator hunting is a trait passed down like a rite of passage from generation. Growing up, he would often follow his father on fishing and gator hunting expeditions and learned tricks of the trade. Most of the things Glenn did or learned in childhood contributed to his adulthood lifestyles such as living off the bayou hunting and fishing. Glenn is not the only one, his younger brother Mitchell Guist also followed in Swamp Life. Glenn’s other three siblings are Hubert Guist Jr., Tonya Guist, and Daniel Guist.

Professional Career:

A talented hunter, Glenn depends on the swamp for his livelihood. Glenn has been a gator hunter all his life. Way before he made an appearance in Swamp People, Glenn worked with his family in the Conway Bayou in Louisiana. Glenn has spent all of his life in the swamp and doesn’t want a life elsewhere. Glenn was one of the regular cast members of the reality series, Swamp People. He made his show debut in 2011 during the second season episode entitled “Two Captains, One family.” Glenn is one of the few people who survived the management change in 2016. In addition to working on Swamp people, Glenn sold different items from his personalized merchandise store.

Swamp People:

The veteran hunter, Glenn Guist made the departure from Swamp People in 2018 after 73 episode appearances. Glenn never won or was nominated for any kind of award during his time on the show. His first large absence from the show came in 2016 during the seventh season but did return briefly for two episodes during the ninth season in 2018. After his departure, the show followed with new seasons and wrapped its 13th on May 19, 2022. Swamp People is set for brand season 14 this January however Glenn is unlikely to return.

Reason for the exit:

As a man with many years of experience in the Swamp and gator hunting, it is easy to say Glenn wouldn’t have minded giving a few more years even in the form of a guide to new generations of hunters.  However, it came down to the creators whether to keep or let go of Glenn. Eventually, he was let go from Swamp People, and following his exit, several new cast members including already popular Youtuber Zak Catchem were introduced. Also, the new generation of Gator hunters like Little Willie Edwards was welcomed in the show. As for the reason for Glenn’s exit neither the showrunner nor the man himself has gone on to speak. After leaving the show, Glenn made an appearance in “Go Fishin” in 2020.

Personal Life:

Is Glenn Guist Married? His wife and children?

Currently, in his 60s Glenn can look back at his youth and reminisce about the relationship he had over the years. However, Glenn has never shared anything and we can see he likes to maintain privacy regarding marriage and children. Since there is no available public record or flash news on his relationship, Glenn is believed to be unmarried and currently single. Also, Glenn is not known to have any children.

Losing family members:

Over the years, Glenn has suffered from a number of personal tragedies. He has lost all of his family members save for his sister, Tonya Guist. But the death that hit him the hardest was the death of his partner and brother, Mitchell Guist. Mitchell fainted while he was loading off items from his boat and was quickly rushed to the Morgan City Hospital. He was pronounced dead on the spot and after an autopsy, it was revealed that Mitchell had suffered from a heart attack. Since then, Glenn has been alone in his hunting endeavors and is very much dependent on the swamp for his livelihood.

What is Glenn Guist doing after death of his late brother Mitchell Guist?
Glenn Guist (L) &  Mitchell Guist (R)

How rich is Glenn Guist? His Net Worth?

An all-around proficient hunter, Glen is often seen scouring for rabbits, raccoons, and squirrels. He loves fishing, which has transformed into one of his daily routines. Glenn makes his money as a fisherman and alligator hunter. Glenn has a net worth of around USD 300,000.

How tall is Glenn Guist? His eyes?

Glen Guist is not exactly the tallest or the smallest, he stands at a height of about 5 feet 6 inches. Known for his bushy white beard and white mustache, Glen usually likes to cover his grey-white hair with a cap. Glen has two different colored eyes different from his later brother Mitchell who had blue eyes. Glen’s right eye is brown and his pupil on the left eye is covered with white and the cornea has a blue color. Glenn is said to have an eyesight problem in the left eye.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Name Glenn Guist
Nickname Glenn
Birthdate February 8, 1958
Age 65 years old
Birthplace Louisiana, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Religion Christian
Father’s name Hubert Guist
Mother’s Name Bonnie Albritton
Gender Male
Gay (yes/no) No
Sexuality Straight
Education N/A
Profession Television Personality, Fisherman & Hunter
Net Worth $300K (around)
Divorce (yes/no) N/A
Marital Status Unmarried
Relationship Status Single
Wife N/A
Children N/A
Siblings Hubert Guist Jr., Tonya Guist, Daniel Guist, Mitchell Guist
Eye Color Brown (Right Eye), Blue/white (Left eye)
Hair Color White
Height About 5 feet 6 inches
Weight N/A
Zodiac Aquarius
Social Media N/A


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