Joseph “Big Tee” Richard” untold truth, bio, net worth, age, girlfriend?

Big Tee is back on the set of Swamp people and is eager to prove himself. One of the most recent additions to the series, Big Tee is a sharpshooter who works for the veteran swamper, Daniel Edwards. Tee joined the series in season 9 and has been on set ever since. Tee is a cajun swamper and depends on the swamp to get by ins his daily life. Even though Tee was a novice gator hunter when he first joined the series, he is now eager to prove himself. A deckhand, Tee is one of the best when it comes to a gun. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Big Tee.

Getting the nickname:

There was a time when Big Tee was not known by his nickname but rather his real name. Born Joseph Richard, Tee got the nickname from his big brother who was 27 years older than him. Tee is a french word which means petite and while Tee hated his nickname it stuck with him for all his life. As soon as Tee started growing up they started calling him Big Tee.

Big Tee Swamp People
Big Tee Swamp People

Knowing Daniel Edgar and his family:

Tee’s dad and Daniel Edgar were the best of friends. The pair grew up together, hunted together, and were close as family. Daniel was always around when Tee was born and Edgar often helped Tee learn the tricks of the trade. Tee is fond of Daniel and often states his influence growing up. As Daniel would often take Tee for hunting, most of the things he did for the first time were with Daniel. As a result, Daniel became like a father figure to Tee and in the swamp, there’s nothing better than family.

Getting good with the gun:

Tee has one of the most accurate hands on the show. One of the best sharpshooters in the business, Tee is often asked for his secrets with guns. But when it comes to shooting, Tee has a simple formula, practice, practice, and practice. As his family lived off the land, it nurtured Tee’s skills and helped him progress as a shooter.

Appearing on Swamp people:

Big Tee made an appearance on swamp people during its ninth season. He joined Daniel’s crew as a deckhand and has been with him ever since. The ninth season aired in 2018 and Tee recently wrapped up shooting his third consecutive season.

Daniel Edgar  Big Tee
Gator hunting duo Daniel Edgar and Joseph “Big Tee” Richards

Even before making an appearance in Swamp people, Tee knew most of the cast members including Troy (Landry) and his sons, Jacob and Chase, Bruce (Mitchell), RJ, and Jay Paul (Molinere).

An injury on his way:

In 2019, Tee had to undergo surgery for a scratch he received from an air-conditioning vent. The wound flared up due to Tee’s existing diabetic condition. He had to undergo surgery to clear the debris on his wound. But a week later, Tee was back in the hospital because a bone in his toe was infected. He had another surgery and Tee was out of the game for at least four months. Tee is worried that his gator hunting business will take a serious hit due to the surgery.

Personal Life

The reality TV star  Big Tee has not addressed much about his personal affairs to media houses. As for our knowledge and research, Big Tee is not married currently. But this can change anytime in the future since he has found someone to rely on.

Big Tee Girlfriend
Big Tee girlfriend Lesley Faverino Wills

Big Tee is currently in a relationship with Lesley Faverino Wills. His girlfriend Lesley is the resident of Lafayette, Louisiana. Despite being aware of the danger associated with the Swamp Lasley is supportive of Big Tee and his TV career.

Net Worth

The down to earth reality TV star collects his wealth from hunting and fishing in the Swamp of Louisiana. After being called to feature in Swamp People has helped him boost his net worth. Big Tee earns a salary somewhere between $10,000 to $30,000 per episode from Swamp People. However, his net worth is not publicly revealed.

Wiki Facts

NameJoseph Richard
Date of BirthN/A
Place of BirthLouisiana, U.S.
ProfessionHunter, Reality TV star
Net worthN/A
Social Media HandleFacebook

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