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For the Molinere’s, Gator hunting runs in the family. From R.J. to Jay Paul, the Molinere household is the practitioner of traditional Native American hunting tactics. The father-son duo appeared as gator hunters in the reality show Swamp People from 2011 to 2019. Even though they no longer feature in the show we can not argue the two are the best in the business. RJ is one of the best trackers in the whole of Louisiana, and his son Jay Paul is increasing his caliber as a sharpshooter. One of the strongest men, RJ’s arm seems to be made of steel, something that comes in handy while hunting gators. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of RJ Molinere.

Early Life:

Ronald Molinere was born on September 21, 1961, in Louisiana, United States. Born and raised in the swamps of Louisiana, RJ has spent most of his life on the swamp. A natural hunter and swimmer, RJ developed strong tracking skills from a young age. His family follows the Native American techniques of gator hunting, the first step of which is tracking. After picking up the skills from his father, RJ decided to strike out on his own and worked as a solo hunter for quite a while. He ultimately partnered with his son.

RJ Molinere Jay Paul Molinere
Swamp People stars RJ Molinere and son Jay Paul Molinere

Professional Career:

RJ Molinere joined the reality TV series Swamp people in 2011. Over the years, RJ polished his skills to the extreme which made him one of the best gator hunters in the business. RJ’s tracking ability and physical prowess are second to none. He lives and breathes the swamp and is usually the first to sense danger or opportunity.

Always on the lookout, RJ hunts with his son Jay Paul. The pair is quick to cover each other’s weaknesses and make an effective pair. RJ, who is at the helm of the boat, is responsible for tracking and close combat, while his son likes to keep his distance. From 2011-2019, R.J. made 105 appeareances on Swamp People before his exit from the show.

In addition to Swamp People, R. J. has one more television credit for his appearance in “Pulling John” in 2009.

A champion arm wrestler:

Alongside his immense physical presence, RJ also has an arm strong enough to put gators to shame. When it comes to Arm Wrestling, RJ is a four-time world champ, 11-time national champ, two-time GNC champ, and two-time Arnold Classic champion. His accolades should give you a summary of how absurdly strong RJ is.

Arm Wrestler R.J Molinere

Trouble Along the way:

While RJ and Jay have always been civil and humble, they did have a brush with the law in 2013. In a fit of road rage, the pair assaulted a man with a beer bottle at a gas station convenience store. Both RJ and Jay were arrested on assault and battery charges. However, both parties agreed and the pair were released on bail.

Personal Life:

RJ Molinere is happily married to his longtime wife Stacey Emma. The pair have one son Jay Paul and two daughters Natasha and Brittany Molinere. Jay Paul is the most popular of the three siblings while it is not known if the other two are involved in gator hunting.

R. J Molinere Wife and Kids
R. J Molinere, Stacey (Wife),  Brittany, Natasha, Jay Paul (L-R)

Net Worth

During gator hunting seasons, R.J. and his son gear on to pursue the hunt in the deep swamps. Legally they are issued to hunt to a fixed quota. Though the business lasts for a short period, it is enough to earn them impressive money. RJ is also the owner of Rising Sun Bowfishing and Swamp Tours. He runs the company alongside his son, Jay. The pair take visitors to the bayou and give them a tour of the swamp. As of now, R.J. has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Full name Ronald Molinere II
Age 62 years old
Date of Birth September 21, 1961
Place of Birth Louisiana, United States
Profession Television Personality, Gator Hunter, Arm Wrestler
Net worth $500,000
Wife Stacey Molinere
Kids Jay Paul Molinere, Natasha Molinere, Brittany Molinere
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Siblings  Deanna (RJ’s oldest sister)
Parents N/A

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