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He is a third-generation fisherman, a gator hunter, and a reality TV star. He is the “Creole Patriarch” of the Swamp People cast, a popular seafood company owner, and a grandfather who hunts with his grandson Dorien. He is Daniel Edgar, and he has a story to tell.

Daniel Edgar has lived a life full of adventure, challenge, and passion. He has faced the dangers of the swamp, the threats of hurricanes, and the struggles of running two businesses. He has also experienced love, loss, and family drama. He has been married twice, divorced twice, and fathered three children. He has seen the highs and lows of life, and he has never given up.

Swamp People cast Daniel Edgar
Swamp People cast Daniel Edgar

In this article, we will explore the fascinating life of Daniel Edgar, from his humble beginnings as a fisherman’s son, to his rise to fame as a Swamp People star. We will learn about his fishing, his gator-hunting, and his family relationships. We will also discover what drives him, what inspires him, and what makes him happy. Daniel Edgar is not just a swamp person. He is a legend. And this is his story.

A Creole Fisherman

Daniel Edgar was born on April 17, 1949, in a rural area near Jeanerette, Louisiana, United States. He belongs to the Creole ethnic group, which has its origins in the Acadian region of southern Louisiana. This is where many French Acadians from Canada settled after being expelled by the British in the 18th century. Daniel’s grandparents spoke fluent French, a testament to his Francophone heritage. Daniel was the third of six children born to Rufus and Bertha Edgar, who were both fishermen like their ancestors. Daniel followed in their footsteps and became a commercial fisherman at a young age. However, he also valued his education and attended Jonas Henderson High School.

Professional Career

Daniel got into the commercial seafood business by following his family tradition of fishing and trapping in the Louisiana swamps. He and his father, Rufus Edgar, expanded their fishing operations and founded St. Mary’s Seafood Incorporated in 1986, a popular seafood company that offers fresh and frozen seafood, crabs, soft shell crabs, crawfish and bait wholesale to the trade. Daniel also co-founded Louisiana Bait Products with his son Joey Edgar in 2011, which manufactures individually quick frozen (IQF) menhaden bait product for all fishermen, including crawfishermen, catfishermen, crabbers and sports fishermen. He has been fishing the waters of Louisiana for over thirty years and has built a successful fishing empire from his humble origins.

Daniel is also one of the later additions in Swamp People, a reality show that follows the lives of alligator hunters in Louisiana. The show premiered on the History Channel in 2010 and has been running for 14 seasons. Daniel was one of the people wanted by the showrunners since the beginning, but he kept declining their offer. He finally agreed to join the show in 2016, after veteran swamper Troy Landry persuaded him. Daniel brought his family along, his two sons Joey and Dwaine and grandson Dorien, to help him with the gator pursuit. Daniel is known as the “Creole Patriarch” on the show, a steady presence who is cool and calm in the face of fierce alligators. He is a guiding light to his family and a respected leader among the swampers.

Net Worth:

Daniel Edgar is not only a gator hunter, but also a successful seafood and bait entrepreneur. His love for fishing and hunting has earned him a fortune over the years. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be $4 Million.

Personal Life

Daniel’s personal life has been a roller coaster of highs and lows. He was first married to Juanita Thomas Broussard, with whom he had two sons, Joey Edgar and Dwaine Edgar. Joey followed his father’s footsteps and became a commercial fisherman at a young age, while Dwaine pursued his dream of playing professional baseball. He was drafted by the New York Yankees in 1994 but had to quit after a year due to an injury. Later, both sons rejoined the family business of seafood. Daniel and Juanita’s marriage fell apart because of Daniel’s work commitment. They divorced, but Daniel still cared for Juanita and their sons and visited them whenever he could. Juanita passed away on March 17, 2018. She was married to Russell Broussard at the time of her death.

Daniel Edgar extended Family
Daniel Edgar alongside his extended Family

Edgar married Mandy, a Cajun woman, after divorcing his first wife. They had a daughter, Danielle Edgar, together. However, Edgar’s second marriage also suffered from his lack of time and attention. Mandy decided to end the relationship and leave him. Since then, Edgar has been single and focused on his career.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Daniel Edgar, born on April 17, 1949, is a 74-year-old American fisherman of Creole descent. He comes from a family of fishermen and trappers who have passed down their skills and traditions for three generations. His sons, Joey and Dwaine Edgar, are both commercial fishermen and gator hunters, as well as reality television actors. His grandson, Dorien Edgar, also works in the family business and has proven to be a talented gator hunter. His granddaughter, Caylin Edgar, is not afraid to join him on his fishing trips in the Louisiana swamp. The Edgar family has a strong legacy of fishing and hunting that lives on in their young ones.

Full Name: Daniel Edgar
Birth Date: April 17, 1949
Birth Place:  Louisiana, United States
Mother’s name: Bertha Edgar
Father’s name: Rufus Edgar
Siblings: Bertha Ann, Albert, Cathelia, Rose, and Janice
Nationality: American
Zodiac: Aries
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
First Wife: Juanita Thomas Broussard
Second Wife: Mandy
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: Joey Edgar, Dwaine Edgar, Danielle Edgar
Education: Basic education from high school
Profession: Commercial Fisherman, Reality Television personality
Net Worth: $4 million
Social Media: Facebook, Linkedin


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