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Daniel Edgar is a man of the swamp, a master of gator hunting and fishing who has lived by the bayou all his life. He is a star of the reality series Swamp People, where he showcases his skills and courage in the face of deadly reptiles. But behind his tough exterior, Daniel has a softer side that has been wounded by failed marriages and family struggles. Daniel has been married twice, but both relationships ended because of his busy schedule and dedication to his work. His first wife, Juanita,gave him two sons, Joey and Dwaine. His second wife, Mandy, gave him a daughter, Danielle. Both women left him because they couldn’t handle the long hours and hard work that came with being a commercial fisherman. Daniel has tried to balance his personal and professional life, but he has always put his family first. He runs a successful seafood company called St. Mary, and he works with his sons and grandson Dorien on the swamp. He is a respected and well-known figure in the swamp community, who has faced many challenges and dangers in his career. Daniel Edgar is a man of the swamp, but he is also a man with a heart. In this wiki like biography we will bring everything about this television star.

Early Life:

Daniel Edgar was born on Apr 17, 1949, in the countryside near Jeanerette, Louisiana, United States. He has a Creole ancestry that traces back to the Acadian region of southern Louisiana, where many of the displaced French Acadians from Canada resettled after the British took over Canada from France. As the the third born of six children from his parents Rufus  Edgar and Bertha Edgar Daniel is preceded by Bertha Ann and Albert Edgar and followed by Cathelia, Rose, and Janice. He grew up hearing his grandparents speak fluent French, a reflection of his Francophone roots.

Swamp People cast Daniel Edgar
Swamp People cast Daniel Edgar

Daniel comes from a family of fisherman as his parents and grandparents were the fishermen of Southern Louisiana. Third-generation in the line, Daniel got into commercial fishing at a young age while he also did not turn blind eye to his academics. He attended Jonas Henderson High School.

Professional Career

Daniel Edgar got into commercial seafood business by following his family tradition of fishing and trapping in the Louisiana swamps. He and his father, Rufus Edgar, expanded their fishing operations and founded St. Mary’s Seafood Incorporated in 1986, a popular seafood company that offers fresh and frozen seafood, crabs, soft shell crabs, crawfish and bait wholesale to the trade. Daniel also co-founded Louisiana Bait Products with his son Joey Edgar in 2011, which manufactures individually quick frozen (IQF) menhaden bait product for all fishermen, including crawfishermen, catfishermen, crabbers and sports fishermen. He has been fishing the waters of Louisiana for over thirty years and has built a successful fishing empire from his humble origins.

Swamp People:

Daniel Edgar is one of the later addition in Swamp people, a reality show that follows the lives of alligator hunters in Louisiana. When Swamp People started in 2010, Daniel was one of the people wanted by showrunners. However, Daniel kept declining their offer. But when the management changed hands in 2016, veteran Swamper Troy Landry was sent to convince Daniel who then agreed to work on the series. Not just himself, Daniel brought in Edgar clan, his two sons Joey and Dwaine and grandson Dorien to help with the gator pursuit.


After joining the series in 2016, Daniel has been a regular cast member. Even though a late entry Daniel is one of the most respected and well-known faces of the series. He was one of the first name when plan for Swamp Poepl season 14 was drwan which premiered on January 5, 2023. 

Net Worth:

His passion for fishing and gator hunting has helped Daniel make more than just a living. Besides being a gator hunter, Daniel find himself busy with his seafood and bait business. As of 2023, Daniel Edgar has an estimated net worth of $4 Million.

Personal Life

First marriage & kids:

Daniel has faced some serious ups and downs in his personal life. His first marriage was with Juanita Thomas Broussard. The pair married at an unspecified date and gave birth to two boys, Joey Edgar and Dwaine Edgar. Both boys are grown up and extends the Edgar clan with their family of own. Joey got in family busines right from a very young age while Dwaine had aspiration in professional baseball, was even drafted by New York Yankees in 1994 but quit after a year due to injury. Eventually both son returned to family roots as commercial fisherman heeding to seafood business alongside their father.

Daniel Edgar extended Family
Daniel Edgar alongside his extended Family

Reason for Divorce:

Things did not work out between Daniel and Juanita, one of the major reasons for their split was Daniel work commitment. He found himself increasingly busy with his career as commercial fishermen and could not heed more to his wife. After the divorce, Daniel continued to look out for Juanita and their sons and would often visit between work. Juanita  sadly passed away on the 17th of March 2018. She was married to Russell Broussard until the time of her death.

Second wife & Divorce:

After the split from his first wife, Edgar tied the knot with Mandy who comes from a Cajun family. In the years of togetherness, the pair had birth to a baby girl, Danielle Edgar. Similar to his first marriage, Danielle could not give time to his second marriage as well. Mandy couldn’t see past it and ended the marriage. Since then, Daniel has not been associated with anybody and is looking to focus on his career.


Bor April 17, 1949, Daniel Edgar is 74 years old third-generation fisherman. He is American by Nationality and belongs to Creole ancestry. He learned fishing and trapping from his father and grandfather which has continued in his children and grandchildren. His sons Joey and Dwaine Edgar both are involved in commercial fishing and gator hunting, and doubles down as reality television actor. His grandson Dorien Edgar also involves in family business and has shown immense potential as gator hunter. Not just boys, his granddaughter Caylin Edgar does not mind joining him on the fishing trip down the Louisiana swamp. Looks like family tradition secured and in the hands of fine youngsters.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Full Name: Daniel Edgar
Birth Date: April 17, 1949
Birth Place:  Louisiana, United States
Mother’s name: Bertha Edgar
Father’s name: Rufus Edgar
Siblings: Bertha Ann, Albert, Cathelia, Rose, and Janice
Nationality: American
Zodiac: Aries
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
First Wife: Juanita Thomas Broussard
Second Wife: Mandy
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: Joey Edgar, Dwaine Edgar, Danielle Edgar
Education: Basic education from high school
Profession: Commercial Fisherman, Reality Television personality
Net Worth: $4 million
Social Media: Facebook, Linkedin


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