What happened to Charlie Tucker from Mountain Men? His wiki/bio shows concealed personal life.

Over the years, the reality show “Mountain Men” has hand-picked various Americans living secluded and off-the-grid lifestyles and making them a household names. No matter the territory, Alaska, North Carolina, Idaho, or Montana if there is Mountain there will always be a mountain man. As a result, viewers got familiar with many mountain men from different territories such as  Rich LewisEustace ConwayTom OarPreston RobertsJake HearakKidd YourenHarry YourenMike HorstmanJason HawkMorgan BeasleyMarty Meierotto, and Josh Kirk. Some left the show and some are still documenting their lifestyle. In this article, we are focusing on former cast member Charlie Tucker.

Who is Charlie Tucker?

Charlie Tucker is an American logger, reality television personality, trapper, and lifelong northern Maine resident. Charlie rose to fame following his television appearance on History channel original show Mountain Men. He never won any kind of awards or nominations for his part in television.

Former Mountain Men cast Charlie Tucker

Early Life & Childhood:

Charlie grew up in Northern Maine where his father served as a District forest ranger. Although not born in Northern Maine, Charlie was brought in when he was 1 month old. And while growing up in a family with a work commitment to the forest, Charlie was bound to be influenced by the lifestyle. Charlie’s father worked as a district forest ranger and a generation before, his grandfather used to work as a Maine guide. If the words from the man himself are anything to go by, Charlie has been in the woods all his life which implements during his time in childhood too. At this point, it won’t be wrong to say outdoors and the forest has been Charlie’s biggest teacher. However, the information regarding his formal education is totally unknown. Growing up Charlie did learn logging and fur trapping.


Charlie worked as a logger and logger contractor in the forest of Northern Maine for 25 years. Once showrunners came looking for a mountain man in Maine, the person tasked was Jim Dumond who recommended Charlie Tucker. At this point, Charlie traded his former profession for the off-the-grid lifestyle. He constructed a cabin home by himself with no access to the modern world relying on his skills for food and survival. Tucker lived a secluded life without using technology (Wifi, TV, Refrigerator).

Mountain Men:

The mountain man joined the show for its Second season in 2013. He taught the audience much about his way of life. Charlie led the audience to view the practice of catching food by trapping the prey. Once, he single-handedly built a shelter in the show to save himself from hypothermia. He appeared in the show for 33 episodes until the conclusion of season 3 in 2014. The reason for his exit from the show has yet to adequately be disclosed. Nonetheless, after leaving the show, he opened up about his experience including the showrunner’s emphasis on drama compromising the authenticity. Charlie did say, “I hate when you don’t have reality.” This might have been the reason for his departure from the Mountain Men.

Life as a fur trapper:

Living without technology in this Era seems impossible. Taking up a profession like fur trapping feels stranger. Fur trappers live close to nature, just like the name; some face the dangers of the wild alone. The profession demands a rigorous amount of time, effort, and an exceptional understanding of wild animals. And who could know about trapping better than the man himself? Charlie has first-hand experience as a trapper in Northern Maine Woods. At one point he only ate meat acquired from trapping.

According to the History channel bio, Charlie long believed that humans were intended to live a more primitive existence. And with the skills in his hands, no surprise Charlie decided to trade his logger life for an off-the-grid lifestyle of nature which had been a hobby most of his life.

Life after the show:

It has been reported that Tucker tried his hand at a new business after the show. In addition, he currently owns a private lease in the recreational area in Maine’s wood.

So has he officially said goodbye to his life on TV and followed his new-found passion for business?

Net Worth:

It has been estimated that Charlie has a net worth of around $500 thousand. The previous Mountain Man star is doing fairly great for himself.

Family Life:

The mystery man has never disclosed any family detail about himself. His personal life on camera has always remained hushed. For now, we are not sure if Charlie is a married man or single. The same goes for his children if he had any in the past.

Social Media:

It is fairly agreeable to say that the primitive fur tapper is not persuaded by social media or fame as he still chooses to remain mysterious without any social media presence.

Body Traits:

Charlie Tucker has beautiful blue eyes which suggest he is from a family line descended from Europe. Tucker has an estimated height of 5 feet 8 inches and his hair color is dark brown/ grey/white and possesses a grey/white beard.

How old is Charlie Tucker?

Charlie Tucker looks like someone in his 60s however for now we do not have records of his birthdate to confirm any facts on his age.

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