Who are Kidd and Harry Youren on Mountain Men? Wiki-Bio, facts.

The Youren brothers are last in the line of a generation of frontiersmen stretching back to the pioneer days. Even though the life of a frontiersman is slowly edging out of fashion, the Youren brothers would not have it any other way. Not only that but the brothers hope to inspire a new generation of people to learn the tricks of the trade. While life as a frontiersman is filled with dangers, challenges, and many life-and-death situations, the Youren brothers thrive in such adrenaline-filled contests. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Kidd and Harry Youren.

A family of hunters:

The men in the Youren family line have always been frontiersmen. Harry and Kidd are the 6th generation of hunters. The Youren family came to Idaho and began hunting in the 1860s. From a young age, both Kidd and Harry Youren were taught the ways of frontiersmen. Harry has been out hunting ever since 1 year of age. Their father Dusty took young Harry to hunt even before he could walk. A hound hunter, Harry is a houndsman, cowboy, and a big game guide. However, for all his success as a frontiersman, Hary is proud of his dogs and can work with them.

Harry Youren Kidd Youren
Mountain Men cast Harry Youren & Kidd Youren(R)

Not the only brothers in the family:

While Harry and Kidd rose to fame following their appearances in the reality TV series Mountain Men, the two are not the only brothers in the family. Besides the two brothers, there is Matt Youren who is not a big fan of reality TV. However, the three brothers made regular appearances in the reality TV series, Way Out West. All three brothers were featured on the show. The series which ran for two seasons featured three boisterous, fun-loving families of outfitters who have been living, laughing, and competing with each other for three generations. The series aired on TruTv but was canceled eventually.

Mountain Men:

The Youren brothers are the latest generation of frontiersmen to have been featured on the reality TV series, Mountain Men. The series focuses on people who have been living completely off-the-grid lifestyles. The Youren brothers joined the cast in the 8th season which aired in 2019. Kidd appeared in 26 episodes whereas Harry appeared in 24 episodes until 2021.  On September 1, 2022, Mountain Men season 11 premiered and both brothers returned as the cast member meanwhile veteran bladesmith and outdoorsman Jason Hawk was left out following the conclusion of season 10 due to health issues. Not just Jason over the years several big names left the show including Rich Lewis, Morgan Beasley, Marty  Meierotto, and Preston Roberts. The show features some well-known mountain men such as Tom OarEustace Conway, Jake Herak, and Mike Horstman.

The Youren Experience:

The Youren brothers are committed to providing a professional hunting experience. The brothers own Youren Outfitters and Youren Hunting, where they offer to take hunters into the Sawtooth Range to hunt bears and cougar. As their website reads,

“The Youren experience is not about fancy lodges, five-star cuisine, or recreational activities at a ranch; it’s all about hunting and filling your tag.”

While both the Youren brothers have battle scars from the hunt, they are proud of it and are often seen flaunting their experience. While Harry is one of the best hunters in all of Idaho, Kidd is the youngest licensed outfitter in all of Idaho.

Personal life:

Harry Youren has not been associated with any relationships and continues to remain single. On the other hand, Kidd is married to Kelsey Brooke Helfrich, who comes from a family of river outfitters. Kelsey was raised in Oregon and Idaho learning the traits of river outfitting from her parents. Alongside getting accustomed to the family ways Kesley followed a path of her own graduating with a major in Forestry Recreation Resource Management and a minor in Cultural and Geologic Studies of the Pacific Northwest. She gained her degree from the College of Forestry at Oregon State University.

Kesley, a river outfitter, whereas Kidd, a hunter outfitter, pair do share similarities in the sense both have an affinity towards nature however what brought them together is not known for now. The pair had their wedding in September 2013.

In the years of togetherness as a married couple, they have given birth to two daughters. Their first one Fallon Youren is 5 years old born in January 2017. The couple recently welcomed their second child a baby girl in February 2022.

A quick bio on Kidd & Harry Youren:

Kidd Youren was born to parents Dusty Youren and Debra Youren on August 31, 1986, in Garden Valley, Idaho, United States. His little brother Harry Youren is three years younger born on September 14, 1986. The duo grew up in the country setting of Garden Valley experiencing an outdoor lifestyle. The pair began hunting in their early childhood as they would explore the wild in the presence of their father who also showed them the rope. On the education side of things, there is no information on Kidd’s formal education whereas Harry attended Fernie Secondary School.

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