Jack Hoffman “Gold Rush” death, net worth, wife, children, biography.

Jack Hoffman is a living example of the fact that age is just a number. The 72-year-old who is the founder of the Hoffman Crew is hellbent on finding gold in Alaska. Even though the man once came close to losing everything, he didn’t give up. Ever since then the Hoffman crew has pulled over 6000 ounces of gold. Today, Jack may spend much time out of the mine, but the man is still as committed to his craft as he was all those years ago. 

Early Life:

Jack Hoffman was born on the 15th of September 1947. Details on his early life, education, parents, and siblings have not yet been disclosed to media as of date. The man has given almost all of his life to mining. A perfect example of the self-made man, Jack served his time in the military. He later moved to Alaska and started working as a gold miner. 

Gold Rush star Jack Hoffman
Gold Rush star Jack Hoffman

He once lost it all:

Back when Jack was starting in the field of mining, he came very close to losing it all. This incident led Jack to believe that he had failed his family. But 25-years-later in 2010, Jack alongside his son Todd went back under the earth in search of gold. This proved to be a life turning point for Jack.

Overcoming Adversary:

Coming back to the field he once lost everything on, Jack persevered. Alongside his son Todd, he formed the Hoffman crew and worked tirelessly as a part of it. He is strict on himself and his crew and often operates by his gut instinct. He often claims that he would do whatever it takes to reach the goal, even if it ends up killing him. Even though as of late Jack has spent much time in the gold room than the mine, he has not lost his work ethic. The Hoffman crew now led Todd to adhere to the same principals and ethics set by Jack. Today, Jack enjoys an amazing net worth of USD 250,000. 

A strong marriage:

Jack has always claimed that his family has had his back in the worst of times. And leading the line is his wife Georgia Hoffman. Although tales of the pair’s relationship hasn’t been documented by the media, we know for a fact that their love is as strong as ever. They are proud parents to a son Todd Hoffman and a daughter Tamra Hoffman. Grandparents now, both Jack and Georgia are enjoying life as they go. 

Young Jack hoffman and his wife
Young Jack Hoffman and his wife Georgia

Rumors on death:

Some time back, rumors circulated that Jack Hoffman had died. As a young 7-year-old boy named Jack Hoffman had died during the same time frame, people confused him with the Gold Rush star. As we know it, Jack is alive and well.

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