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For all the times the debate between Skip and Shanon looks like boiling over, Jenny Taft is there to calm things down. The three have formed an incredible trio over the years. From taking on hot debates on the NBA to finding the truth behind rumors in the NFL, the trio doesn’t shy away from exploring the world of sports. Equipped with his years of experience as a sportswriter, Skip takes on the football Hall of Fame inductee Shanon. And while the discussion may move around Skip and Shanon, Jenny’s presence in the table can be felt. Quipping in with witty remarks from time to time, Jenny keeps the debate light-hearted and make sure nobody takes anything negative from the discussion.

Early Life:

Jenny Taft was born on the 5th of September 1987 in Edina, Minnesota. Jenny was born into a sporting family and her parents are well-known figures in their respective sports. Her mother Mary did Ice Skating during her early years while her father John Taft played hockey for the US Men’s National Team during the 1976 Winter Olympics. Jenny finished her schooling at the Edina High School before setting off to Boston University. She graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism and started working for the Fox Network soon after. 

Jenny Taft
Jenny Taft

Professional Career:

Jenny joined the FOX network in 2011 and served as the sideline reporter for the Minessota Lynx’s. After covering several Minessota based teams for over two years, Jenny was promoted to Fox Sports 1. During her initial years, Jenny worked as a track reporter for the supercross event. Having worked in college football since 2014, Jenny’s name was first on the list to cover the journey of US Women’s National Soccer Team in the FIFA World Cup. She was later given the position of lead college football sideline reporter in 2017. Throughout 2018, Jenny appeared on numerous shows and was Fox Sports’s got to person whenever they needed someone to fill in. 

In the summer of 2018, Fox announced that Jenny would be the new moderator of Skip and Shannon: Undisputed. This came after the previous moderator Joy Taylor decided to leave the show. Her chemistry with Shanon and Skip was on point. She was later given the green light for her show, CFB: Inside Slant on the 5th of September, 2018. 

A happy married life:

Jenny is currently married to her long-time beau, Matt Gilroy. Matt is a professional hockey player and the pair met due to their love for Ice Hockey. During their early days at Boston University, the pair would often accompany each other to several Ice Hockey Events. The passion for sports soon turned into romance and the pair got married in 2106. Even though the couple is currently living in California, Matt spends an awful lot of time in Europe. He is currently associated with the SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers hockey team. 

Net Worth:

Jenny is a sports person through and through. From her early days as a player to making her career as a spokesperson, Jenny has come a long way. She also has a big heart and focuses on charities mostly on the ones that work for endangered animals. As of 2020, Jenny has a total net worth of USD 2 million. 

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