Dual Survival Matt Graham Wiki-Bio: age, wife, kids, net worth.

For a brief time, Matt Graham shared lovely on-screen chemistry with Joseph Teti. A hardcore survivalist, Graham feature as the survivalist in the reality TV series, Dual Survival. While the series has received its fair share of criticism, it was discovery’s premier take on the survival genre. The series which wrapped up in October of 2016, featured a hardcore survivalist alongside a trained military man, the series was well-received by fans around the world. But over the years, rating plummetted and the series was canceled after its ninth season. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Matt Graham.

On-screen beef:

It is well-known that the hardcore survivalist community doesn’t have that many members. Everyone knows each other and often stays out of each other’s way. However, Matt Graham did some serious lobbying when Cody Lunding was fired from the show. Cody may have been fired after getting on the bad side of the producers, by the man also has a bone to pick with his successor, Matt Graham.

Dual Survival Matt Graham
Dual Survival star Matt Graham

In the fourth season fo the series, Graham and Cody starred alongside each other. However, this was an intricate ploy on Graham’s part to get some business out of Cody. Graham attempted to get an endorsement from a company, by claiming that he was the one who taught Lunding everything he knew. When the company reached out to Cody he denied the claim and the pair have been on bad terms ever since.

Graham’s mysterious book of matches:

More often than not, fans are often trying to find the plot hole in the survival genre. Be it something staged or some item which makes the job easier, fans are always trying to discover new secrets. Back when the series was in its peak, fans spotted a book of matches in Graham’s hands. The matches seemingly changed colors when they were handed to Teti. This caused outrage amongst the fans, who asked for an official explanation.

His impact was felt:

When Matt Graham left the show in its seventh season, the rating took a nosedive. This was also in part due to Jospeh leaving the show, but his absence was felt. He was replaced by Bill McConnell who lasted only a single season. While Graham was still on the show, it averaged around 1.5 million viewers. When the seventh season started airing in January of 2016, it struggled to even reach one million viewers.

Dual Survival Matt Graham

A bit on the man himself:

Matt Graham was born on the 8th of August 1974 in Pierre, South Dakota. Born and raised in Pierre, Graham has always been a hard-core wildlife survivalist, and signs were there to see. He became a triathlete and rock climber at the age of 15. According to discovery bio, at the age of 23, Graham ran the Pacific Crest Trail – 1,700 miles crossing the length of the California crest – in 58 days.

Over the years, Graham has made notable appearances in several series including, Dude, You’re Screwed (2012-2014), Dual Survival (2014-2015), Live Free or Die (2016), and Bushcraft build off challenge (2017). A primitive survivalist expert, Graham has not revealed much about himself. It is difficult to find out of the man is married or has a girlfriend. Similarly, Matt’s net worth remains a complete mystery and is yet to be known.

Wiki/Bio facts

Full name Matt Graham
Age 45
Date of Birth August 8, 1974
Place of Birth Pierre, South Dakota, USA
Profession Survival expert, Reality-TV Personality
Net worth Not Available
Wife Not Available
Children Not Available
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Leo
Social media handle

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