Preston Roberts cause of death, survived by wife & Kids, his wiki-bio.

The increasing encroachment by technology in our day to day lives has been documented by various media. For all the benefits of technology, many claim it has been hampering our lifestyle. Following a similar idea, several people of late have opted for an out-of-the grid lifestyle. While many have taken to the jungles, there have been few who have gone towards the mountains. Eustace Conway, Tom Oar, and Marty Meierotto are three such men. Their adventures are carefully documented by the reality series, Mountain Men. As the trio conquer treacherous situations, they feel more at home. And while the life they lead may be far off from an ideal life, it is an ideal life for them. One of the notable admissions from the cast of Mountain Men, as we know of them now, is Preston James Roberts who lost his life in 2017. 

Early Life:

Preston James Roberts was born on the 17th of July 1957, in Westfield, New Jersey, USA. Preston studied at the Atlantic Christian College before graduating with a degree in Art Education from the Appalachian State University. He began his career as a teacher and worked at the Wikes County School for 25 years. 

Mountain men Preston James Roberts

Meeting Eustace Conway:

In the later years of his life, Preston was often associated with his friend and partner Eustace Conway. The pair met back in 1982 and bonded by riding horses. They were soon the best of friends and started working for the series, Mountain Men. Preston was not only talented in the mountain way of life but also was good-natured and would often hold his silence unless he needed to speak. 

Turtle Island Preserve and Mountain Men:

Preston loved nature above everything. The man always worked for the preservation of the environment and his work at the Turtle Island Preserve is often highlighted. Preston first came to know about the initiative from Eustace and was soon interested to work for it. The preserve was featured in an episode of Mountain Men which showed Eustace and Preston doing normal chores. Both Eustace and Preston also served as educators at the reserve while also working on the board of directors. 

A simple lifestyle:

Back in 1975, Preston married his then-girlfriend Kathleen DuPont McGuire. The pair were blessed with three lovely children and all of them were boys. The family lived a happy life in a quaint log cabin by the banks of the East Fork River. 

What happened to Preston Roberts? Cause of death?

In 2017, Preston was handed the news that he had an outgrowth in his liver that couldn’t be operated. Thus began Preston’s battle with cancer. Even though Preston tried everything on the market, he couldn’t stop the tumor. And three weeks after his diagnosis, on 24th of July 2017, Preston took his last breath. 

Following his sudden demise, tributes honoring Preston poured from around the world. His life was celebrated by fans, family, and closest friends. Eustace Conway poured his grief on twitter after losing his closest friend and aid. Both Turtle Island Preserve and Wikes County School, issued official statements celebrating Preston’s life and his achievements. 

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