Craig Tester wiki/bio shows the death of his son. His net worth, wife, and kids.

He is a man of many talents: an engineer, a businessman, a producer, and a treasure hunter. He has a passion for solving mysteries and exploring the unknown. He is not afraid to take risks and face challenges. He is Craig Tester, one of the key figures behind the popular reality show “The Curse of Oak Island”.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the life and work of Craig Tester, from his early days as a wrestler and a college roommate of Marty Lagina, to his involvement in the oil and energy industries, to his quest for the legendary treasure buried on Oak Island. We will also learn about his personal tragedies and triumphs, and how he copes with the loss of his son Drake, who died in 2017.

Craig Tester is more than just a TV personality. He is a visionary, a leader, and a seeker of truth. Join us as we uncover the story of this remarkable man, and what drives him to pursue his dreams.

Who indeed is Craig Tester?

Craig Tester is an American reality television personality, treasure hunter, business owner, and engineer by profession. He rose to fame following many appearances in “The Curse of Oak Island.” Capricorn-born Craig is said to possess qualities such as being an overachiever, persistent, practical, and sensitive according to horoscope reading.  Craig has light brown eyes and comes from a Caucasian household.

Craig tester
Craig Tester from The Curse of Oak island

Birthdate & Age:

Craig was born in January 1956 in Michigan United States. The birthdate makes him 67 years old. He is the son of Robert Tester and Eleanor Tester. He has two siblings Scott and Eric Tester.

Early Life & Education:

Growing up in Michigan with two siblings, Craig Tester had a passion for wrestling. He dreamed of becoming a professional wrestler and competed in several matches. However, he changed his mind and pursued engineering instead. He enrolled at Delta Upsilon College, where he met Marty Lagina. They became lifelong friends and even shared a dorm room. Together, they run a wind turbine company and hunt for treasures.

Professional Career:

Craig Tester is a successful businessman and treasure hunter. He graduated from Delta Upsilon College and partnered with Marty Lagina to start an oil company. They made a fortune from their venture and later invested in Heritage Sustainable, one of the largest wind turbine companies in the Mid-Western United States and the largest in Michigan.

Craig Tester alongside “The Curse of Oak Island” co-stars

Craig and Marty also shared a passion for exploring the mysteries of Oak Island, a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia that is rumored to have a hidden treasure. Marty joined his brother Rick Lagina, who had been fascinated by Oak Island since he was a child, and Craig followed him. Together, they formed the Lagina team, a group of experts and enthusiasts who use various methods and technologies to search for clues and artifacts on the island. Craig is a founding member of Oak Island Tours Incorporated, the company that owns 78% of the island and operates the exploration and tourism activities. Craig’s skills in drilling and resistivity are invaluable for the team, as he helps them locate potential sites and tunnels under the surface. Craig is determined to solve the mystery of Oak Island and find the treasure that has eluded many before him.

The Curse of Oak Island & Television Appearances

Craig Tester is a treasure hunter, producer, and energy entrepreneur. He is best known for his role in The Curse of Oak Island, a reality TV series that chronicles the search for the legendary treasure buried on Oak Island, Nova Scotia. He has been a member of the Oak Island team since the first season and has appeared in 159 episodes. He is also a regular guest on The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down, a companion series that offers behind-the-scenes insights and interviews. In addition, he has made one appearance on Beyond Oak Island, a spin-off series that investigates other historical mysteries and legends around the world. Despite his long and successful career in reality television, Craig Tester has never received any awards or nominations for his work.

Net Worth:

With his various ventures, Craig Tester has amassed a fortune over the years. His net worth exceeds $5 Million.

Personal Life: Wife & Kids

Craig is married to his longtime wife Rebecca Tester but this is not Rebecca’s first marriage. She had two children, Jack Begley and Madeline Begley, from her previous relationship. Craig and Rebecca also had a son, Drake Maxwell Tester, who was born on July 17, 2000, with a seizure disorder. Drake, who attended Traverse City Central High School, appeared on the TV series a few times. Sadly, he died on March 26, 2017, at the age of 16. His obituary said:

“Drake was someone who saw the best in all of us despite our flaws; the only flaw that we ever saw in him as he grew into a young man with the strength of Achilles was that he was born with a seizure disorder that even though it only appeared once every few years for a few minutes-was the ultimate cause of his death.”

Craig Tester & his son Drake Tester

Having lost a son of his own, Craig went through tough times nonetheless he did not forget to give a shoulder to his wife and family. Talking about his late son, Craig revealed:

“I think of him every day — I think of him always out here. I wish he could be here helping us, so it’s been a tough year. It’s time for me to head on home and help my wife who’s struggling through this too.”

Measurement and Physical Traits:

Craig has a standing height of  5 feet 8 inches (approx). He was born with light brown eyes and with old age catching up, his hair color has turned into white and grey. His other measurements like chest, waist, and show size are not available.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

NameCraig Tester
BirthdateJanuary 1956
Age67 years old
BirthplaceMichigan, United States
MotherEleanor Tester
FatherRobert Tester
High SchoolCentral Montcalm
CollegeDelta Upsilon College
ProfessionTelevision Personality, Treasure Hunter, Businessowner
Net WorthOver $5 Million
Relationship StatusCommitted
Marital StatusMarried
WifeRebecca Tester
ChildrenDrake Tester (2000-2017)
Step-ChildrenJack Begley and Madeline Begley
 Height5 feet 8 inches (approx)
Eye ColorLight Brown
Hair ColorWhite/Grey
Social MediaInactive

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